A Quick Study - Books 16-30 (Set 2) - Act I People Lore Book Location Guide - "Diablo 3"

Updated on February 20, 2020
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This guide will cover the second set of the People Lore Books found in Act I of Diablo 3 for the "Quick Study" achievement. There are 43 books to find in the group altogether with this section of the guide covering books 16-30 found in terms of natural quest progression.

**Spoiler Warning**
Some of these journal entries may give away certain plot points or secrets of the game. Proceed with caution.


Diablo 3 Achievements


  1. Mira's Letter to Haedrig
  2. Deckard Cain's Journal, Part 2
  3. Lachdanan's Scroll, Part 4
  4. Lachdanan's Scroll, Part 5
  5. Leoric's Journal, Part 1
  6. Leoric's Journal, Part 2
  7. The Skeleton King
  8. Leah's Journal, Part 4
  9. Farmer's Journal
  10. Adenah's Jottings
  11. Wandering Tinker's Diary
  12. Leah's Journal, Part 5
  13. Kingsport Bill
  14. Leah's Journal, Part 6
  15. Priest's Contemplations, Part 1

Mira's Letter to Haedrig
Mira's Letter to Haedrig

Mira's Letter to Haedrig

After completing the quest the Shattered Crown, you will find that a small box appears next to Haedrig at his craft shop. Open the Blacksmith's Belongings to make the letter fall out. You can grab it from this box at any time afterwards.

Deckard Cain's Journal, Part 2
Deckard Cain's Journal, Part 2

Deckard Cain's Journal, Part 2

Once you have started the quest Reign of the Black King, head back into Cain's house and click on the book that sits on his living room table to receive the next and final part of his journal.

Lachdanan's Scroll, Part 4

Part four of Lachdanans Scroll along with the next will most likely be found in the Cathedral levels 2 and 3 as you make your way to the Skeleton King from one of the Scribe's Lecterns. If you search enough you will probably find enough lecterns that you can also pick up some of the earlier entries if you still need them by the time you make it to he boss fight.

Lachdanan's Scroll, Part 5

The final scroll you'll receive from the lecterns in the Cathedral, after which will start just dropping gold.

Leoric's Journal, Part 1

Part one of Leoric's journal can be found from another one of the Scribe Lecterns, however this time only upon entering the Royal Crypts. Check to the sides of the rooms, the little walkways that stick out to each side, as this is where the lecterns usually are.

Leoric's Journal, Part 2
Leoric's Journal, Part 2

Leoric's Journal, Part 2

You may need to make a new game to find a second lectern in the Royal Crypts, however you can hit the checkpoint right before entering the Crypt of the Skeleton King and remake your game from there. There is a pretty high chance of a lectern spawning right nearby for a quick farm.

The Skeleton King
The Skeleton King

The Skeleton King

This journal is an impossible to miss, automatic reward for killing the Skeleton King during the Reign of the Black King quest in Diablo 3.

Leah's Journal, Part 4

Check Leah's room again after completing Reign of the Black King and starting Sword fo the Stranger to find part four of her journal.

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Swickard's CorpseThe Farmer's Journal
Swickard's Corpse
Swickard's Corpse
The Farmer's Journal
The Farmer's Journal

Farmer's Journal

This journal can be found on the body of Swickard's Corpse which is a random spawn object at the Sheltered Cottage in the Fields of Misery. The cottage is a small piece of land that sticks out of the top of the region and takes the same place every time. It can spawn as one of three different versions at random, one being Tinker's Hovel (see below), a house of slaughtered townsfolk, or the barred door cottage which has Swickard's Corpse out front.

Adenah's Jottings
Adenah's Jottings

Adenah's Jottings

Adenah's Jottings are a journal which can be found inside a small box, much like the Old Keepsake Box, which is found inside a randomly spawning location in the Fields of Misery named House of Curios. See the linked guide for more information on finding the house.

Wandering Tinker's Diary
Wandering Tinker's Diary

Wandering Tinker's Diary

As mentioned above with the Farmer's Journal, this is found in one off the three possible spawns of the Sheltered Cottage. If you uncover the Tinker's Hovel version, you will see a sack lying outside that can be searched for this journal. Don't forget to go inside to meet the merchant for the market research achievement.

Leah's Journal, Part 5

You can head to Leah's room at the back of the Inn in New Tristram after starting the quest The Broken Blade to find the fifth part of her journal.

Scoundrel's Journal

You will find the Scoundrel's Journal in an object named the Stolen Sack. The sack will spawn in the Fields of Misery, pretty close to the entrance to the Old Mill where you first meet the Scoundrel.

Kingsport Bill

After aquring the Scoundrel Lyndon into your group as a follower during the quest The Broken Blade, you will be able to talk to him in town or by right clicking his portrait while he follows you. Start the conversation Lyndon's Origins with him. After the conversation is over, you will be given the Kingsport Bill journal.

Leah's Journal, Part 6

This journal will be back in Leah's room again after completing the Broken Blade and starting The Doom in Wortham.

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      for the Kingsport bill journal you have to talk to him while in town not as a follower or you will not be given the journal automatically like you should be.


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