A Quick Study - Books 31-43 (Set 3) - Act I People Lore Book Location Guide - "Diablo 3"

Updated on February 20, 2020
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This guide will cover the third set of the People Lore Books found in Act I of Diablo 3 for the "Quick Study" achievement. There are 43 books to find in the group altogether with this section of the guide covering books 31-43 found in terms of natural quest progression.

**Spoiler Warning**
Some of these journal entries may give away certain plot points or secrets of the game. Proceed with caution.


Diablo 3 Achievements


  1. Priest's Contemplations, Part 1
  2. Leah's Journal, Part 7
  3. Priests Contemplations, Part 2
  4. Hermit's Ravings
  5. Notes of Urik the Seer, Part 1
  6. Notes of Urik the Seer, Part 2
  7. Notes of Urik the Seer, Part 3
  8. Scabbard of Talic the Defender
  9. Leoric's Journal, Part 3
  10. Leoric's Journal, Part 4
  11. A Prisoner's Journal
  12. Queen Asylla's Journal
  13. Leoric's Journal, Part 5

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Priest's Satchel
Priest's Satchel
Priest's Satchel

Priest's Contemplations, Part 1

During The Doom of Wortham, or just when traveling through the area, look for the Priest's Satchel right by were you enter the area when taking the ferryman from New Tristram. The journal will be in this sack, which seems to be in this spot consistently. If not, look around the rest of Wortham as it's a rather small area and free of enemies on top of that if not on the quest.

Leah's Journal, Part 7

You can pick up part seven in the series of Leah's journals after starting the Trailing the Coven quest from her room at the back of the Slaughtered Calf Inn.

Priests Contemplations, Part 2

For this journal, you must have collected the first part and finished the quest The Doom In Wortham. Once you've started Trailing the Coven, make a new game, then take the Wortham Chapel Cellar waypoint and find the Priest's Satchel again. There is only ever the one, which is why you must make a new game. Open it up to find part 2 of the Priest's Contemplations.

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Dusty BagHermit's Ravings
Dusty Bag
Dusty Bag
Hermit's Ravings
Hermit's Ravings

Hermit's Ravings

Search around the Caverns of Araneae for Dusty Bags, which are small brown sacks lying on the ground, usually in out of the way places. The Hermit's Ravings will be the first of three journals which can come out of these bags in the caverns, the other two being for the Historian of Tristram achievement.

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Urik's Satchel
Urik's Satchel
Urik's Satchel

Notes of Urik the Seer, Part 1

This journal is the first of three parts, all three of which drop from a special bag labeled Urik's Satchel which can only be found in the dungeon Cave of the Moon Clan which spawns in the Southern Highlands area. It may take two runs of the cave for all three, since there sometimes is only 2 bags inside.

Notes of Urik the Seer, Part 2

You will probably have found the second part of Urik's notes, which is the second of the three journals to come out of his satchels in the Cave of the Moon Clan, on the second level of the cave, as there is usually one bag in each level.

Notes of Urik the Seer, Part 3

This will probably be on your second run of the cave unless you're lucky and found more than one bag in one of the levels of the cave. The final journal of the three in a series and the last one to also drop from the cave.

Scabbard of Talic the Defender

There is a randomly spawning dungeon in the Northern Highlands known as the Watch Tower, which typically, if its there, is on the west side of the map, right by its edge. Find this dungeon and head to its second level, where you should find Vendel the Armorsmith. Help him by completing the Scavenged Scabbard event and the journal will fall upon completing it.

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Leoric's Journal, Part 3

In all three levels of the Halls of Agony, you will find lecterns in various out of the way locations, at least one on each level and usually a couple on level 3. This is the first of four total journals that can come out of these lecterns.

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Leoric's Journal, Part 4

You will probably be at the second level of the Halls of Agony by the time you pick up part 4 of King Leoric's journals. If you are just looking to pick up books you may have missed the first time around, you can just use the waypoint here to find lecterns since all levels give the same journals, just in a specific order.

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The Tormented BehemothA Prisoner's Journal falls out.
The Tormented Behemoth
The Tormented Behemoth
A Prisoner's Journal falls out.
A Prisoner's Journal falls out.

A Prisoner's Journal

There is a special event named A Stranger in Need which can spawn right by the exit of the Halls of Agony level 2. It can be kind of rare sometimes, so the best way to farm it would be to hit the checkpoint outside the exit during the quest The Imprisoned Angel, making new games and heading back inside until you run into it. Activate the event and kill the unique monster that eventually spawns to make the journal drop.

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Queen Asylla's Journal

Upon entering the Cursed Hold, check the room directly to the side of the entrance that the Queen's ghost comes out of during the Imprisoned Angel quest, when she asks you to free prisoner's remains. Check by the bed in this room for a special crate named Queen Asylla's Chest for the journal.

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Leoric's Journal, Part 5

Can potentially drop from any of the lecterns in any of the levels of the Halls of Agony, but most likely to be encountered in level 3 if progressing naturally. This is the third journal to drop, with the fourth being Reply from Cultist Grand Inquisitor for the Taking Notes achievement.

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      tower lies in the Southern Highlands as of patch 1.0.5


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