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"Saints Row: The Third" Assassination: To Hell With Urban Morality...


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One of the more disturbing moments in Saints Row 3.

One of the more disturbing moments in Saints Row 3.

This guide will cover the Agnes "To Hell With Urban Morality..." assassination mission, given to the player by the contact Shaundi, within the video game Saints Row: The Third, covering everything you need to know to complete this hit.

  • Target: Agnes
  • Contact: Shaundi
  • Subject: To Hell With Urban Morality...
  • Location: Ashwood
  • Cash: $1,000
  • Respect: 225

Message: "There's a group in town called the Crusade for Urban Morality. They're a modern-day Inquisition run by some chick named Agnes. A little streaking by her HQ near the church in Ashwood oughtta bring that repressive bitch out."

To Hell With Urban Morality...

In order to get Agnes to show up, you will have to perform the streaking mini-activity within her district of Ashwood, which basically involves getting your character naked and running about in public with little blur censor boxes covering the naughty bits. Probably the quickest way to get two birds with one stone, since you have to find a clothing store or crib to change your outfits at, is to drive to the Planet Saints in Burns Hill which is within your target's district area. Enter the store, choose the outfits tab, save your current outfit to get your current attire back easily later, then choose the remove all current clothing option to get into your birthday suit.

Once sufficiently exposed, you will see the censor boxes covering your character's junk, which means its time to leave the store and start running about in public. You do not actually need to start the mini-activity itself by pressing any buttons, as a prompt will notify you about, as Agnes should spawn as soon as you are running about in the nude. Just run over to her marker and look for her bright yellow dress suit. She should be just walking about without any transportation, making taking her down relatively easy with whatever weapons you have, though she may be armed with a taser.

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