How to Find All Great Fairy Fountain Locations in "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild"

Updated on December 27, 2019
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Oh yes, Great Enhancer of Clothing.
Oh yes, Great Enhancer of Clothing. | Source

The Great Fairy Fountains

Finding all of the Great Fairy Fountains in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is important for armor upgrades. They are gigantic ladies living in submerged pools of water who sort of remind you of Bette Midler. Note that you will need a large number of rupees to “free” them and restore their powers (and who says money isn’t power?). The first Great Fairy will require 100 rupees. The price then jumps to 500 for the second, 1,000 for the third, and finally a whopping 10,000 for the fourth. Each time you free a Great Fairy, you will have the opportunity to increase your armor strength by one star (provided you have the required materials). After you free all four Great Fairies, you can then upgrade your armor to maximum strength.

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Kakariko Village Fairy Fountain
Kakariko Village Fairy Fountain
Kakariko Village Fairy Fountain | Source

Kakariko Great Fairy: Cotera

The easiest Great Fairy Fountain to locate is just outside of Kakariko Village. You are also most likely to encounter it first. Once you get to Kakariko Village, head to the shrine on the hill overlooking the village (Ta’loh Naeg Shrine). From the shrine, continue uphill into the forest to meet up with Great Fairy Cotera.

Kakariko Village Great Fairy Location
Kakariko Village Great Fairy Location | Source
Gliding to the Akkala Fairy Fountain
Gliding to the Akkala Fairy Fountain | Source

Akkala Great Fairy: Mija

The Great Fairy Mija is located in the Akkala region (northeast corner of the map). You will spot a grove of trees to the southeast of Lake Akkala and the round “future Tarrey Town” located in the middle of the lake. There is a shrine located on the cliff above (Dah Hesho Shrine), and from there you can glide down to the fairy fountain for easy access.

Akkala Great Fairy Fountain
Akkala Great Fairy Fountain | Source
Gliding to the Tabantha Fairy Fountain from Tabantha Tower
Gliding to the Tabantha Fairy Fountain from Tabantha Tower | Source

Tabantha Great Fairy: Kayasa

The Tabantha region is located in the west/northwest area of the map just below Rito Village (and to the west of the large canyon). It is easy to spot the Great Fairy Fountain from Tabantha tower, which also provides easy access with your glider. Note that this is also a good location for farming luminous stones, which are important for upgrading your Radiant Armor/Skeleton Armor Set.

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Tabantha Great Fairy FountainTabantha Tower Location
Tabantha Great Fairy Fountain
Tabantha Great Fairy Fountain | Source
Tabantha Tower Location
Tabantha Tower Location | Source
Desert Fairy Fountain
Desert Fairy Fountain | Source

Gerudo Desert Great Fairy: Tera

Great Fairy Tera is easy to find on the map, but the most difficult to get to as you will need to cross the harsh desert. She is located under the Great Gerudo Skeleton in the bottom southwest corner of the desert. To get there, you will need protection from both the hot desert day and cold desert night. Make sure you have protective clothing and/or protective elixers from the heat and cold, and note that you will likely become caught in a sandstorm that will blind you from the map until you find your way through. Fortunately, once you get to the Great Skeleton, there is a shrine (Hawa Kosh Shrine) that makes future access much easier.

The Desert Fairy Fountain is at the Hawa Koth Shrine location at the bottom left-hand corner of the map.
The Desert Fairy Fountain is at the Hawa Koth Shrine location at the bottom left-hand corner of the map. | Source
Awaaaay with you!
Awaaaay with you! | Source


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    • Natalie Frank profile image

      Natalie Frank 

      20 months ago from Chicago, IL

      I've never played this game before but now I feel like I want to give it a try. Thanks for a new fun way to procrastinate!


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