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All The Places You Can Find Eye of Sabre Cat in "Skyrim"

I love giving tips and advice to help people in video games.


A Llttle Obvious At Times

Some of these places I am about to mention can seem obvious, but like a lot of things, the devil is in the detail. What that means is that, while the location can be easily found, the resource you seek requires a few additional steps. Is that cryptic enough? Okay then, let's begin.

Alchemy Stores

OK, let's just get this one out of the way now. This truly is the most obvious one to mention. In every town and at most traders that skulk around these settlements, you will find Eye of Sabre Cat being sold. The number will not be all that huge, but if you are that desperate, then you can buy them. If you have a lot of money and you want a lot of these items, then you should just fast travel between all these places and buy them. The respawn rate of these items is random, so you cannot just stay in one place and buy them.

Froki's Shack

Froki may be a distant relative of Frodo Baggins. In Froki's Shack, you can find one Eye of Sabre Cat. Upon entering, you will find Froki and his son sitting down for some dinner. They don't really seem all that bothered that you have walked into their house with a sword drawn. They'll just keep drinking and eating and say nothing. This is quite a relief. You can find what you seek on the shelf in the far left. Best not ask or wonder where the other eye is. Maybe Froki is planning to eat this one later? You will have to steal this eye unless you can stealth it away, so get ready for all hell to break loose if you steal the Eye of Sabre Cat. The shack is west of Riften.

Karthspire Camp

Here at Karthspire Camp, you will be glad to know that there are two Eye of Sabre Cat. You will find this location east of Markath.

You need to be careful here as there are quite a few enemies with short and long range weapons. Most are easy to dispatch, but there are two that are tough. One can take you down with one or two shots. Take a companion and a horse if you can.

The Eye of Sabre Cat is located at the far end of the camp. Get up on a high spot and you'll see a dead Giant. It is located next to this poor soul.

Valerica's Study

This location is located within Castle Volkihar, which is on an island that can be found if you head out northwest from the city of Solitude.

In order to gain access to the castle and get access to Valerica's Study, you will need to start the quest called "Chasing Echoes." To start the quest, you need to speak to Serana, who can be found at Dimhollow Cavern. She's a vampire, so that'll take you along a darker path.

If you are so desperate to get an Eye of Sabre Cat from here specifically, that's what you need to do to gain access to this castle.

From the Source

This is simpler said than done. Unless you know where to look.

Basically, you need to go Sabre Cat hunting and take their eyes once they are dead. These nice kitty cats seem to like it cool. It is quite common that they can ambush you while walking along a road in a snowy region. They can be found in the snowy mountains as well. If you are walking around and collecting things, they will show up. When they do, mark on your map where they appeared. These will be spawn points for these animals. Hunt them as often as you want by returning to these spots. They will not show up every hour on the hour, but they will return to these areas.

I see Eyes!

I see Eyes!