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All the Places You Can Find a Daedra Heart in "Skyrim"

I love giving tips and advice to help people in video games.


What Is a Daedra Heart?

A Daedra Heart is something that has many uses. It can offer a huge bonus or it can be wasted. Daedra Hearts are relatively hard to come by.

You do not want to use a DH for something that can be done by an item that is more common. You mainly want to use a DH in alchemy and for making potions. You want to make the rarest and most potent potions. DH can also be used to make other things such as more powerful armor.

Let's see now where we can find some Daedra Hearts within Skyrim!

Hall of the Vigilant

This is a nice enough place to visit if you arrive at the right time. That is before the vampires attack it. I am not too sure when they attack, but when I arrived, the hall had already been attacked. So the whole purpose of the visit was not fulfilled. However, there is a lot of other goodies in this burned out building. I thought I would start with this place as it is the first place to visit for your Daedra Heart.

Before the vampire attack, you can find the heart simply sitting on the table in the main room. You will have to steal it though. The Hall of the Vigilant is south of Dawnstar.


This location is the main base of The Companions. This can be found in Whiterun, which is the nearest city to where you start. Once you have found Whiterun and you have had a look around the town, you will want to find Jorrvaskr—I have put a screenshot of the location below.

Once inside the building, don't talk to anyone. Just head down the stairs to the right of the entrance and start looking around in the rooms. Annoyingly, the rooms are not listed via their ownership—it is Kodlak's room you're looking for. So simply find a room where two people are talking and plotting in—they'll just ignore you. In this room, you will find your Daedra Heart on a plate. You will have to steal it. And if those people sitting do not leave, you'll have a fight on your hands.

Valerica's Study

This location is located within Castle Volkihar, which is on a island that can be found if you head out northwest from the city of Solitude.

You can only access this location via starting a mission.

I would chalk this one up to a bonus for a mission you are doing. I am quite sure you need the Dawnguard DLC. It comes with most versions of Skyrim now, so you should have it.


This pointy-eared fellow is a sorcerer at the College of Winterhold. This one is a tad of a cheat as well. He always has two Daedra Hearts on him to sell. As well as many other things. I am not totally sure when his inventory resets, but when it does, he always has two hearts for sale. So, if you have the coin, he has the hearts.

The inventory will reset while you are busy earning the money to buy from him. You can also level up your barter skills and obtain things that will get you better prices.

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon

Inside is the DH you are looking for, but you must kill a person called Silus Vesuius first and take a key off of them. That is the only way to enter the cave.

Silus lives in Dawnstar, which is not too far from Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. He lives on the north of Dawnstar, next to the coastline. He's a tough cookie, but he has some good gear on him, including the key you'll need to enter the shine to get the Daedra Heart.

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