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All You Need to Know About Chillwind Depths Within the "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

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Within Chillwind Depths, you will find a flooded cave. You can enter the cave right of the nice looking waterfall. This makes the entrance hidden unless you know where to look. You can find the location by going south from Dragon Bridge or west from Morthal.

If mushrooms make you happy, then coming down here with a companion will make you a fungi to be with. This is because this cave has the greatest concentration of Blistwort and Imp Stool in the whole Skyrim universe. Taking a companion would be wise since they can help you to collect everything this place has to offer. You can also make multiple trips here.

What Will I Find Inside?

You should be made aware that this whole cave is infested with Frostbite Spiders. They are easy enough to deal with most of the time, but if they are in large numbers, be careful!

The Frostbite Spiders themselves are useful once they have been killed. They carry Frostbite Venom, which can be used within the alchemy process, it can also be applied to weapons on the fly to deal certain types of damage. They can also be used when building armor or enchanting special weapons later in the game. Of course, spiders do not just appear from thin air. While down here, you can also find yourself plenty of Spider Eggs, which can be used in creating all sorts of things.

Spider Eggs are not the only eggs you will find here, you will also find the rare Chaurus Eggs. These eggs have a higher level of potency and effects.

Eggs, Frostbite Venom, and Mushrooms are not the only things you can collect down in Chillwind Depths. You also have some ore veins to mine, so be sure to bring a pick axe. The ore down here is both the standard and rare variety. This ore is heavy, so don't come here with anything other than empty pockets and a companion.

Is There Anything Hidden?

As you progress through the cave, there are some tunnels that will have a little water while others will have a lot. Some of these tunnels will have underwater channels where you can swim. This is why it is wise for you to bring or make some potions that allow you to breath underwater for an extended period of time. The best thing to do is save right before you dive, check out the situation, and see if you can make it without using a potion for extended breathing. If you drown, you can come back to where you last saved.

This is definitely worth doing as you can find a chest with nice loot. This is random, but it's always good. The chests are locked, so be sure to bring a decent amount of lock picks. The rule of Skyrim is to buy lock picks whenever you see them; they weigh nothing and will always be needed. If the lock is tough to open, you could burn through a high amount of picks in a short time.

What lies beneath?

What lies beneath?

Will It Be Easy?

As you progress though the caves, you will run into a good few Falmers. These Falmers are pretty tough, so be careful. There is also at least one Chaurus, which can be tough and annoying to deal with. Like the Frostbite Spider, they have venom at their disposal.

You will see a fair amount of bodies of other folk that had the same idea as you. They have some average loot, which should be taken and discarded later if you get too heavy. You will have to decide which things are worth keeping. If you have a simple bowl or plate, drop that first.

They can be tough.. so take portions to heal yourself and use magic to repair yourself

They can be tough.. so take portions to heal yourself and use magic to repair yourself

How Will It End?

The last and final chamber is like something from an Indiana Jones film. There are skeletons, a sacrificing table, and a nice looking Falmer Sword, which can be kept or sold. That is dependent on your level within the game and what other weapons you have at this exact time.

There is also a chest with some very nice loot in it. This is your final reward for fighting your way though the Falmer and their friends.


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