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All You Need to Know About Halldir’s Cairn in "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

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You can find Halldir's Cairn west of Falkreath. It's easy enough to find. Though it is a cave entrance, so it will only really appear when you get close. You shouldn't really encounter a whole lot of enemies on your way from Falkreath. Remember to bring health potions and a companion. You're going to need them.

What Will I Find Inside?

Halldir's Cairn is where Halldir has been laid to rest. Once you are in the cave and are walking about, it would appear that Halldir is not quite dead yet.

You will encounter a journal that will tell a tale. From reading it, you will assume the three people in it have died and are in deep rest. When they were alive, they were Bandits. The three dead Bandits were called Agrius, Raen, and Vidgrod. We do learn that they were part of the Knifepoint Gang, which were a band of Nord bandits.

It is safe to assume that these three fellows were possessed by the spirit of Halldir, and he made them kill themselves as a sacrifice to him and his magic.

Is There Anything Hidden?

There are quite a few traps. Some are obvious, like the circle thing on the floor. There's nothing that is going to kill you right away unless you are on death's door.

You will mostly encounter ghosts who carry gold and undead things that come out of tombs. None of them pose any real danger. Just don't ignore them and let them grow in numbers.

There is a chest or two along the way with some goodies. No lockpick will be needed.

Will It Be Easy?

This location will seem very easy... up until a point.

You will progress through the cave easily enough until you reach Halldir. Take a companion or just don't bother!

But before we meet that charming fellow, we have to solve some puzzles. They are quite easy once you know how. And you're about to learn!

The first one is easy enough if you know where to look. Behind a throne, there is a lever. Pull that lever to open the metal door. Easy peasy.

Afterwards, align the three turning stones to what is on the wall opposite them. It's that simple. However, the game likes to play a little joke on you. You will probably just pull the lever like you just did in the other room and have been shot with arrows. They don't really do any damage.

Then you will face Halldir himself. Take a companion, take as many healing potions as you can, and take regen magic potions as well.

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