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All You Need to Know About Lost Prospect Mine Within "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

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Where Is It?

Lost Prospect Mine can be found by heading east from Riften. It is not very far at all, and it is very easy to find. Even at night. I would say that you should not bother coming here unless you have a few Shouts. Shouts are skills that the Dragonborn learns while exploring. Normally they will be carved into the rock and make a strange chanting noise when you get closer.

What Will I Find Inside?

This is quite an interesting place. There are three short passages leading to rooms from the main room after walking along a passage from the entrance.

These three rooms have nothing but mushrooms. They will also have a lot of salt piles. These are quite rare and are really useful when cooking different dishes. These dishes can give you health boosts and stamina boosts. So take these salt piles. They are generally light.

One of the most annoying things here is that your companion will walk right behind you. In these small rooms and passages, they will block your exit. To say I have not hit them with a sword a few times out of frustration to push them out of the way would be a lie.

Is There Anything Hidden?

There certainly is. It is not a big deal, but it is nice to find. So let me let the cat out of the bag and spill those beans.

There is a waterfall that has a cave passage behind it. To get there, you need to jump up on the table at the side of the water and use a Shout called Whirlwind Force. This shout is a special word you can use to make yourself move forward a great distance very quickly. When you're on the table, stand on the burning open fire lamp. Face the water fall and "shout." You will be thrust forward and behind the waterfall.

Once you are there, walk along the passage behind the waterfall. You will find some gold veins to mine. There is no need to take a pickaxe as there are a few lying around.

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