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All You Need to Know About Reachwater Rock Within "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

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Where Is It?

Reachwater Rock is a picturesque location. The entrance is hiding behind a waterfall. To enter, you simply need to walk into the waterfall. You can find Reachwater Rock east of Markath. You can get a taxi cart to Markarth from Whiterun or any other major settlement.

You can also go south from Karthwesten. This a place you have to discover, so it would be best to stick to Markarth as a starting point. Unless you like going on long walks in the countryside.

Karthspire is another place you could fast travel to. However, this location has a lot of enemies. If you have been here before and dealt with them, this would be the place to start from. You would head west from here to reach Reachwater Rock.

What Will I Find Inside?

Inside the first room, you will find a nice pool of water, which has a huge opening in the roof. There are plenty of mushrooms around to pick if you wish. The only path is up, and there is a rock surface that stretches up. As you progress, you will take in the awesome view from above. When your view drops, you will see a door. When you progress further, you will find yourself on a large ledge with a dead adventurer. Be sure to loot him and take anything of value—the health portions give you a clue on what is to come. The game always gives things away, but the amount of health potions is alarming.

Next to the dead adventurer, you will see a stone plinth of sorts. On the plinth, you will see a claw and a note. If you read the note, a quest will be activated. It's called Lost Legends.

If you carry on up the path and to its top, you will be in front of a door. Don't try to open it yet. You will need to enter the right combination and then use the claw you picked up just a few moments ago to open it.

What's the code? Well, here it is. Starting from the outside and working in, select bear, whale, and snake.

Once the door has opened, walk through the rooms. You could use a shout to speed things up if you wish. You will find another door which requires another three picture code to open the door. Without a few other things, this is as far as you can go.

You will need to have the Ivory Dragon Claw and all three Gauldur Amulet Fragments to progress further.

Is There Anything Hidden?

There is a chest on a ledge opposite the plinth you found the claw on. There is no way to get to the chest without using your Whirlwind Sprint shout. If you don't want to use this, that's okay. There is nothing major in this chest.

Other than a skeleton in the water with a little gold and bone meal, there is not a lot more hidden here. There are some mining opportunities, but what you can mine is not very rare. You'd be better off selling average loot to a trader and buying the ore from them.

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