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All You Need to Know About Rebel’s Cairn Within "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

I love giving tips and advice to help people in video games.

Rebel's Cairn is an odd one, but we'll get to that later. It lies southwest of both Morthal and Solitude. The angle and distance from both is different, but as you get close, the map will point you to your destination.

You can notice this location from the familiar decor used to dress the outside of the cave. Not sure why they do that. Surely it would just attract wild animals. It amazes me that Rebel's Cairn can still remain there all this time without being eaten.

What Will I Find Inside?

Well, here is the rub. There's a fair amount of stuff within Rebel's Cairn. The problem is that the stuff is pretty useless.

Inside, like any cave, you can find yourself a lot of different types of mushrooms. At least those items can be useful. You will also find a dead adventurer with very basic loot. I'm not too sure what exactly killed him as there is nothing in here to fight. Not even one single trap.

One thing that is interesting is a reverse King Arthur rock. Allow me to explain this better. There is a rock with an opening for a sword. The opening is within a stream of light that is coming through a hole within the cave. It is quite clear that something needs to be put in the opening in order to achieve something. I suspect a door or chamber would open if you put something in there. It has to be a sword; putting something else in could set off a trap.

There is a quest that must be completed where you will get the sword needed to open this ... rock-sword key. You will need to read a book called "The Legend of Red Eagle" to start the quest for the sword. After that, enter a location called Red Eagle Redoubt, which is a cave. Kill the Red Eagle himself and take his sword back to Rebel's Cairn.

Easy enough, right?

Is There Anything Hidden?

Yes and no. Without the sword, there is nothing hidden here. You will only see an entrance. I do plan on retrieving the sword, but this was just a guide on how to get to this location and what is inside. Red Eagle Redoubt is a separate location tied into another quest.

Mark this spot on the map and go find that sword!

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