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All You Need to Know About Robber’s Cove Within "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

I love giving tips and advice to help people in video games.

Robber's Cove is located near a river. From the map, you wouldn't know it was there. There is a hint though. In order to get to Robber's Cove, you need to go through Robber's Gorge.

Robber's Gorge is a bandit stronghold. There are quite a few bandits to deal with, and there are a few traps along the way to watch out for. If you play it right, you can make those traps work for you. However, this can be tiresome. Waiting around for bandits to come to you isn't always the best option. So head to Robber's Gorge to get to Robber's Cove.

The best way to get here is to either go southwest from Morthal or south from Solitude. The former is the quickest route. The other is more scenic.

What Will I Find Inside?

If you fast travel, you will arrive on the bridge next to Robber's Gorge. It will not take long for you to be spotted. Your companion, if you brought one, will most likely run off to start a fight with any bandit they see. This will likely set off all the traps. This will certainly wreck your companion, but at least they won't die.

After you have killed all the bandits, you will want to locate the chief bandit for the key to Robber's Cove. With this key, you can access the trap door that is located in a house on the far side of the settlement. Walk through some wooden gates and up some wooden steps to get to the house. There is a trapdoor inside!

Is There Anything Hidden?

There is a chest to your immediate left; be sure to take what is in there. The main thing you need to have here is the key you took off the bandit leader and the book on the table. This book will tell you where a hidden chest is.

There is a boat and some nice clear water. If you enter the water and swim underwater to the far left location. you will find a locked chest. I hope you brought your lockpicks!

If you swim toward the location right in front of the boat, you will see a well lit channel. This will take you out of Robber's Cove and back to Skyrim. With the key you have and the book's information, you can find a chest just outside the exit. Well, near the exit. Swim out of the cove.

Once outside, head for a waterfall. In front of the waterfall, you will see a small island. On that small island, you will find a chest full of nice goodies. I am not sure if the loot is random. If the loot is different to the screenshot I have put up, you will know it is. I hope you have better lighting and weather when you find the chest. I was also being dive bombed by a dragon at the time.

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