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All You Need to Know About White River Watch Within "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

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Where Is It?

White River Watch is a pretty easy place to find. You can simply head out of Whiterun and go east. You should be able to find the location quite easily. You will most likely find Chillfurrow Farm on your way.

You can also go south from Greywinter Watch or north from Riverwood. It is not exactly a straight journey; you will surely have to make a few minor detours. It's best to set a custom marker on your map so you don't get lost.

What Will I Find Inside?

When I went inside, I found dead bandits. There is a wolf running about, but there is nothing to worry about. It's no different than the ones you find randomly in the wild.

Is There Anything Hidden?

Not really. There are plenty of mushrooms like every other cave. They can be tricky to pick sometimes. The path forward is quite easy to follow, and everything is easy to find. The darkness was a little annoying, but you can take a torch or use magic to make more light.

Once you have cleared the rooms and move on and up, you will enter into White River Overlook through a blue passage. On the other side you will find a lone Hajvarr hanging out, outside in the snow and cold. He is the toughest enemy you'll find here, but he isn't really much to worry about. You can loot him and a chest. Now, you can either make your way down the rock face in front of you or go back the way you came. I went down the rocks and nearly died. It was dark, so I thought it wasn't very far, but it was.

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