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"Saints Row: The Third" Assassination: Taking a Permanent Drive


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Almonzo makes a show after sufficiently pissing of the Luchadores gang in The Grove.

Almonzo makes a show after sufficiently pissing of the Luchadores gang in The Grove.

This guide will cover the "Taking a Permanent Dive" assassination of Almonzo, given to the player by the contact Mr. Roller, within the video game Saints Row: The Third, with everything you need to know to complete this hit.

Target: Almonzo

Contact: Mr. Roller

Subject: Taking A Permanent Drive

Location: The Grove

Cash: $500

Respect: 75

Message: "I represent the Concerned Professional Gamblers of Steelport, and we're unhappy Almonzo didn't take a dive when he was supposed to. Make him take a permanent dive. Harass his Luchador buddies in The Grove to get him to show."

How to Make Almonzo Show Up

In order to get Almonzo to show up for this assassination activity, you will have to go to The Grove area in Steelport of Saints Row the Third and find the Luchadores gang members wandering about the town. All you need to do is to start gunning them down left and right in decent numbers until you have about 3 stars of gang notoriety with the Luchadores. Once you have gotten enough of their attention, your target should promptly show up wielding a GL G20.

While it is definitely easier to do this target before you have taken significant control of the city, you can always gain notoriety in another district and run to The Grove while Luchadores chase you and continue to kill them in that area once you make it there. A second option if there is not enough territory owned by Luchadores for you to find any is to start an activity that gives you notoriety with their gang like a nearby snatch activity, then quit out once you have a nice handful of them in your vicinity. After leaving the activity failed screen, quickly gun down the gang bangers that should still be hanging around before they dip out, as quitting the activity will drop your notoriety to none, until you down some of them afterward.

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