"Saints Row: The Third" Assassination: The Big Time, Baby

Updated on July 21, 2020
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Taking down hos to draw out Andre.Laying into Andre with incendiary SMG rounds for a quick kill.
Taking down hos to draw out Andre.
Taking down hos to draw out Andre. | Source
Laying into Andre with incendiary SMG rounds for a quick kill.
Laying into Andre with incendiary SMG rounds for a quick kill. | Source

This guide will cover the "The Big Time, Baby" assassination of Andre, given to the player by the contact Zimos, within the video game Saints Row: The Third, covering everything you need to know to complete this hit.

  • Target: Andre
  • Contact: Zimos
  • Subject: The Big Time, Baby
  • Location: Espina
  • Cash: $4,500
  • Respect: 750

Message: "Andre's a big-time Morningstar pimp. Half the hos in this city turn tricks for him. It's gonna take a lot to draw him out, though. Take down a whole bunch of his bitches in Espina -- any ho you find there works for him -- AND get Morningstar as mad as you can get them up there, and you'll be good."

The Big Time, Baby

Andre is one of the more slightly complex targets in the assassin activity, which is somewhat typical of Zimos's targets. The first step is to of course travel over to the district of Espina, which is best to do so with a significant supply of weaponry and ammo along with as many homies as you can take along with you.

One thing that makes this target easier than it may seem, especially if you have conquered all the territories is that the hos in this district, while the activity is active, will contribute to your Morningstar notoriety level when attacked. This will essentially allow you to get two birds with one stone, as gunning down hos is all you will need to do, however realize that as your notoriety and wanted level rise, you will have to deal with the added complications of police and gang bangers looking for your blood.

As a general rule of thumb, the fastest way to find hos is to just shoot whatever significantly scantily clad women happen to be nearby (I feel like an asshole just writing that, but that's how the game is played... so...). You'll know you're getting the right ones when your Morningstar level goes up or flashes. Once you reach a level 4 notoriety with the Morningstar, Andre should show up, armed, and looking for payback. Just stay alive under the combined gang and police attacks on you and lay into him with your strongest weapons to finish him off quickly and wrap up this assassination target for Zimos.

NOTE: If you aren't receiving Morningstar notoriety from killing hos and are doing everything else right, you can try going to Zimo's Car Wash stronghold and starting the Morningstar Snatch activity there. Kill the gang members at the first pickup and build up a notoriety of at least 3. Quit the activity, making sure you have a nice supply of the Morningstar around you when you do so, then quickly kill them after the failed activity screen finishes. Use this method to build up your wanted level then keep it going while hunting for hos and you should be in the clear.

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      Brendan Doyle his Nephew from 

      6 years ago

      wow how did u know

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      8 years ago

      awsome where is this place what are they even doing


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