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Deathless Archmage Build in "Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning"

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Kingdoms of Amalur is a great game. The combat mechanics are implemented very well, and character development is versatile. The only drawback is how easy the game is. Even with all the restrictions, it is not that challenging as one would want. So, if you want to try out a no-death no-consumables playthrough, this is a good opportunity.

Here we play as a pure mage. We use only staves and magic. However, the former become obsolete pretty fast. Healing with the spell is allowed. It has an animation and can be cancelled by an attack.


You can use whatever skills you want. I like maxing Detect Hidden and Mercantile. This allows you to get tons of gold, and you can respec for Blacksmithing or Sagecraft when needed.

Lockpicking is not really necessary, but Dispelling is. When you have Dispel at level 2, you can open any chest safely. Make the first attempt and reload if it didn't work. The chest will only detonate after the second failure.

Persuasion is also good to have.

Abilities and Destinies

As soon as you reach Gorhart, use the fast travel to the first location and visit the Fateweaver once again. This time he will allow you to respec. I suggest this method:

  1. Level 1. Put 2 points into Storm Bolt and 1 point into Arcane Weaponry I.
  2. Level 2. Put 2 more points into Storm Bolt and 1 point into Arcane Weaponry II. It will allow you to use the best Staff attack while holding block. You're good to go after that. It is the safest way to fight mobs early on.
  3. Level 3+. Start maxing skills: Conservative Casting > Storm Bolt > Sphere of Protection > Healing Surge > Staff Master > Chain Lightning. The rest doesn't matter. The aim is to reach Tempest. I find Tempest to be the best magic ability in the game. It has decent damage, it is an AOE spell. It has almost no cool down and looks cool.

Obviously, we take the Sorcery destinies only. They give mana regeneration, damage, and mana cost reduction. There's nothing better.


Gear is the most important part of the whole game and it can be now obtained pretty easily. Visit Gham Blur whenever you have a coin to spend. Look for the following properties:

Early Levels:

  • + Life. That's all you need and all you can get early on.


  • + Life
  • % Damage Resistance (DR). You can get an Everlasting amulet (13% DR) and an Everlasting armor (13% DR). Damage Resistance is the highest priority.
  • + Skills gear also adds up to DR increasing the effectiveness of the Sphere of Protection skill. Ensure to have it on a swap.
  • Utility sockets. You can use +20% Health gems when you have an empty socket.

After You Get 100% DR:

  • Utility sockets. All that matters is utility sockets provided you don't lower your DR. As you level up, Gham Blur will start selling higher tiers of DR gear. (Boundless, Deathless) Initially, you will want to use Mana regen gems. After you complete the School of Arcania guild, all you will need will be Damage gems. (20% Damage at Night & 20% Damage during the day)

Unique Pieces of Gear to Get:

  • Ballads Signet Ring, 5% DR (the first quest in the Ballads faction)
  • Boundless Talisman of Haven, 20% DR (for sale in Rathir)
  • Timeless gloves 13% DR (for sale in Helmgard keep)
Endgame gear.

Endgame gear.

Walkthrough Tips

  1. Do all quests in Dalentarth. Until you get Healing Surge (which will already be available in the second location) use shrines that give health regeneration or life steal.
  2. Beware of the first red troll you fight (Gnarsh). It can kill you in several hits. However, I believe it is the only difficult place in the whole game. So just take your time and use safe attacks from a distance.
  3. Run to Rathir and Helmgard keep to get the above-mentioned DR gear. By that time you should have the following DR. That will be 99%. Nothing will kill you.
    1. 16% - Sphere of Protection
    2. 16% - a Timeless amulet
    3. 16% - Timeless robes
    4. 16% - Timeless gloves
    5. 5% - the Ballads ring
    6. 20% - the Boundless Talisman of Haven
    7. 5% - improved Everlasting lining in Boots
    8. 5% - improved Everlasting lining in Helm
  4. Do some side quests to level up until you can buy a Boundless amulet or you get lucky to gamble DR robes with an Epic socket. Once you get 100%DR the game will be a breeze.
  5. Go do the House of Valor for the additional 5% DR quest reward. This way you can replace the Ballads Signet ring.
  6. Do the School of Arcania questline to get the best mage rings in the game. After that, you can use Tempest almost non-stop. However, when you get the Archmage destiny, one ring can be replaced for more damage.

That's it. Nothing will kill you and nothing will endure your damage.

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