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Best Destruction Mage Build in "Skyrim"

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Underlying Concepts

This build is based on two things.

  • Auto leveling. When playing Skyrim, you should keep in mind the following: you get 1k HP, the enemy gets 1k HP as well. The spell damage is pretty much fixed, so the lower your level is, the higher damage you deal relative to the enemy's HP. With this build, we get level 31 as our maximum level.
  • Fortify Destruction potions are... enormously tedious to make. Everyone I saw on the YouTube says, "Make a strong potion." I tried that. It sucks. 10-20 potions take hours to make, but they get consumed in 10-20 minutes. Gathering ingredients is not an easy thing and refreshing the store inventory is not a quick way for finding those four ingredients either. Believe me, I really did this. I wish I hadn't. You may say, "I need potions for bosses only". Now think carefully. 98% of the time your damage will be lower only to get higher during episodic boss fights. Do you really need this?



Stats and Skills

Health Mana Stamina. All goes to Health. You don't need anything else.

Enchanting 100. We need to get 0 mana cost on 3 pieces of gear.

Destruction 100. You can keep it at 60 or 70 with staves if you want to.

Heavy armor 100.

Everything else 0.

Distributed Perks can be found here.

Endgame Gear

You will need the following enchantments without the Unofficial Patch.

  • Head - Zahkriisos
  • Amulet - Fortify Destruction/Resist Magic
  • Ring - Fortify Destruction/Fortify Health
  • Chest - Fortify Destruction/Fortify Destruction and Magicka Regen
  • Hands - Fortify Heavy Armor
  • Feet - Resist Fire/Resist Frost

With the Unofficial Patch, you can do this, provided you have Seeker of Sorcery, Enchanter's Elixir, and Ahzidal's Set to boost the skill.

  • Chest - Fortify Destruction/Fortify Health

This will give us 246 points of damage with a dual cast Thunderbolt spell.

Initial Walkthrough

Follow these steps to make it work:

  1. Get 770 gold. Chop wood or do some quests. It will be needed to hire Teldryn. (20 to get to Windhelm + 250 to get to Solstheim + 500 for the guy) He is the best mercenary you can get for now.
  2. Complete the Book of Love quest and take the Lord Stone. This will make you a bit more tanky.
  3. Do the Mages guild. Make sure to get Firebolt when you enter it. In Mzulft, Dwarven Spheres can drop Greater Soul Gems that you will need to craft an Atronach staff. Save/reload before the fight if none dropped. One is a must to progress further. Collect all the filled soul gems and pieces of clothing on the way.
  4. Start the Dawnguard DLC. Get Serana and keep her as a second follower for a while. Every time you level enchanting, don't forget to switch to the Mage Stone and sleep in an inn to get 30% boost to skill growth.
  5. Farm Mzinchaleft, Nchuand Zel, and Alftand to get 120-130 filled soul gems. Maybe 2 times each. You will also need 4 Grand Soul Gems. It should not be an issue, provided that 1 can be taken from the Arch-Mage's quarters or even 2 if 30 days pass.
  6. Level Enchanting to 80. Enchant 4 pieces to get 0 mana cost.
  7. Progress with the Dawnguard DLC. There is a Falmer in the Inner Sanctum that can have any Expert level spell book. Save/reload before the entrance to roll the one you need.
  8. Level Enchanting to 100 and get Seeker of Sorcery and Ahzidal's Set to boost your enchantments.
  9. Use the Enchanter's Elixir from the place where you fought Durnehviir and craft your endgame gear.

Some miscellaneous tips:

  1. I usually get 5000 gold ASAP to marry someone. This is the best income you can get without trading.
  2. Atronach scrolls are very useful before you get a staff.
  3. Spend all the gold after purchasing a house to level the Heavy Armor skill.

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