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Best Guide for Pet Champion in "Titan Quest AE"

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For me, Hardcore does not necessarily mean no gear inheritance. I simply like playing without dying, so I delete a character with all its gear right after it gets killed. But if you restrict yourself to SSF each time, you will never enjoy the whole build variety. Some builds won't work well because you will have to spend your attribute points only to be able to wear the gear that you will not need later. I have another guide that is dedicated to an SSF character. There is plenty of builds that can solo the game without any inheritance, but why have the shared stash at all if you don't use it?

Although the suggested Champion build can be made from scratch, inherited gear is advised. You will need to have Recharge Reduction as soon as possible for the build to work smoothly.


  • Strength - None. All the gear will require only Intelligence and Dexterity.
  • Dexterity - None. The amount received from the skill bars is sufficient.
  • Intelligence - For gear only.
  • Health - Almost all the attribute points go here. Yeah, you will have tons of HP.
  • Energy - None.

Nature Skills

This is the suggested skill allocation.

  • Call of the Wild: (Rank: 16 of 16) Maul: (Rank: 12 of 12) Survival Instinct: (Rank: 16 of 16) Strength of the Pack: (Rank: 12 of 12) - Our great helpers.
  • Heart of Oak: (Rank: 12 of 12) Tranquility of Water: (Rank: 6 of 6) Permanence of Stone: (Rank: 6 of 6) - An obvious choice for every build.
  • Refresh: (Rank: 1 of 12) - You can never spoil a build with this skill. Put only one point to it so you can use it in every fight.

You will have about 60 points left, so the skills below can also be used.

  • Sylvan Nymph: (Rank: 16 of 16) Overgrowth: (Rank: 12 of 12) Nature's Wrath: (Rank: 12 of 12) Sylvan Protection: (Rank: 8 of 8) - The lady can be useful. I do not use the skill only because it is not visually appealing to me, hah.
  • Briar Ward: (Rank: 1 of 16) Stinging Nettle: (Rank: 1 of 8) Sanctuary: (Rank: 8 of 8) - The skill adds survivability. It is good against Hydra.
  • Plague: (Rank: 8 of 8) Fatigue: (Rank: 8 of 8) Susceptibility: (Rank: 8 of 8) - It can be used only against bosses. Your pets will not let it propagate among regular monsters. I believe the difference in the kill speed isn't worth the haste it adds to the hotkeys if you try to use it regularly.
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Warfare Skills

This is the suggested skill allocation.

  • Dodge Attack: (Rank: 8 of 8) - Don't catch the bullet!
  • Battle Standard: (Rank: 10 of 10) Triumph: (Rank: 6 of 6) - Great in every sense.
  • Ancestral Horn: (Rank: 16 of 16) Lasting Legacy: (Rank: 6 of 6) - These guys are the biggest chunk of the damage. With enough recharge they can be used permanently.
  • War Horn: (Rank: 10 of 10) Doom Horn: (Rank: 6 of 6) - Stunning enemies is great.


Resistances and Recharge Reduction are the top priority. I try to max resistances in every build because I always play no-death. The build is based on Recharge. Without it, it won't work. However you do not need 80%. 60-70% will work perfectly well.

+Skills are also somewhat important. I have +1 to all skills, which is +2 with Battle Standard.

This is the gear that I used to beat the game. Almost all of it drops from the Gadir spheres.


I usually use 1, 2, 3, Space, Q, W, E. Auras and buffs can be assigned to any other button. The skill rotation is 2 > 3 > Space. With every monster pack or boss, you quickly press these. There won't be time to use other skills. And that is just fine.

1 - Healing Potions
2 - Battle Standard
3 - War Horn
Space - Refresh
Q - Ancestral Horn
W - For wolvetta

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