"Saints Row: The Third" Assassination: Get This...

Updated on March 31, 2020
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Holding up the store clerk.Blaize arrives on the scene for some vigilante justice.
Holding up the store clerk.
Holding up the store clerk. | Source
Blaize arrives on the scene for some vigilante justice.
Blaize arrives on the scene for some vigilante justice. | Source

This guide will cover the "Get This Shit..." assassination of Blaize, given to the player by the contact Pierce, within the video game Saints Row: The Third, covering everything you need to know to complete this hit.

  • Target: Blaize
  • Contact: Pierce
  • Subject: Get This Shit...
  • Location: Carver Island
  • Cash: $1,500
  • Respect: 225

Message: "So there's this wanna-be superhero called Blaize who gets off beatin' up criminals, including us. The crew ain't happy about him running around. Piss him off by robbin' a store anywhere in Carver island ... that's the Southwest District, then put his ass down."

Get This Shit...

In order to make Blaize spawn for this assassin target given by Pierce, your first step entails traveling to carver Island which is the primarily Luchadores controlled set of territories that includes the districts of New Baranec and Bridgeport. Pick any one of the stores that exist on this island, regardless if you own it or not and head inside to rob the clerk.

In order to rob a store, if you have not done so already, all you must do is enter while the store is open for normal business hours, then target the clerk with a drawn gun of some kind. Zoom on the clerk with your drawn weapon so that the reticule turns red and hold it there for a few moments. Eventually, you will see a prompt explaining how robberies work before you will receive a small supply of cash and trigger the store alarm, raising your police wanted level to 3.

As soon as you successfully rob a store, Blaize should show up nearby, typically on the same city block, running along in a spandex wrestling outfit of pink and yellow, carrying a shotgun. He shouldn't be to easy to drop as long as you can avoid the police for long enough to finish him off. It helps to have some homies along for the ride to help hold back the cops while you do your business.

ProTip: If you own the store you just robbed, you can run back inside after downing Blaize, as long as you moved about a half block away from it before heading back in, to remove your wanted level and get the police off your back easily.

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