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How to Kill the Cleric Beast in “Bloodborne”

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Mark is a college lecturer from Liverpool. He has a keen interest in Japanese culture and loves video games. A proud father and grandfather.

Bloodborne is another fantastic action RPG by the Japanese game developer FromSoftware. For me, it is one of the best games ever made. It is notoriously difficult like its predecessor, Dark Souls. It was first released on the PlayStation 4 in 2015. The game features many difficult enemies as well as many brutal boss fights.

The Cleric Beast

The Cleric Beast

This is a short and concise guide to killing the Cleric Beast. You are probably frustrated as this is the point where a lot of new players give up, at least for a while. But please don't give up!

Follow these easy steps and you should be able to beat this monstrosity in under three minutes. It may take a few tries, but this is the easiest and best way to take this tricky monster down.

Essential Items For This Fight

The items you will need to take down the Cleric Beast are:

  • Max Blood Vials (as many as you can carry)
  • Max quicksilver bullets
  • 2-3 Oil Urns (optional, but it makes the job easier)
  • 10 molotov cocktails

All of these items can be either found in the environment or dropped by vanquished enemies. If you run out, you can buy them from the Messengers at the Hunter's Dream (to the left of the Doll).

If you have run out of Blood Echoes, re-do the level again to gather Echoes, then return to the Messengers to buy more.

Step One

The first step is to get up close and personal. The goal is to cripple his limbs with charged attacks. These are performed by pressing R2.

Do not lock on and try to circle around the side and the back to target his legs. If you get two charged attacks on a limb, you will see it is bloodied up. He will have to pause to try and heal himself.

Keep an eye on what his arms are doing as his side swipe doesn't do a lot of damage. You can easily dodge his strong attacks. Keep attacking his legs with R2 until his health bar gets to halfway.

Step Two

Back away from the Cleric Beast and lock on to his upper body. Fire your gun a few times until it staggers him. As he puts his hand up to his face, run in and perform a critical attack with R1 on his head.

You cannot stagger him again until he heals himself. You can see he is healing because there is a red glow around the limb he is healing. While he is healing, you can get in some more damage in as he will not attack you while he is healing.
Repeat until his health is down to a third left.



Step Three

Now for the coup de grace, move away and target him. Select your Oil Urn and fire one with the square button. While he is covered in oil, select the Molotov Cocktails and fire with the square button. These do a lot of damage, and you should be able to finish him off easily with fire as beasts are susceptible to fire in Bloodborne.

Prey Slaughtered

Prey Slaughtered

Prey Slaughtered!

If you follow this guide, you should be able to finish of the Cleric Beast. Don't get frustrated if you don't beat it straight away, the game teaches you through trial and error.

Don't be scared to try new things, and definitely don't give up. Bloodborne is one of the best games ever made. Persevere and find out why.

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