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"Saints Row: The Third" Assassination: Eliminate Rogue Brute


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A few shotgun shells to Brutus' big head will help put him down quickly.

A few shotgun shells to Brutus' big head will help put him down quickly.

The "Eliminate Rogue Brute" Mission

This guide will cover the "Eliminate Rogue Brute" assassination of Brutus, given to the player by the contact Rasputin, within the video game Saints Row: The Third, covering everything you need to know to complete this hit.

Target: Brutus
Contact: Rasputin
Subject: Eliminate Rogue Brute

Location: Sunset Park
Cash: $1,500
Respect: 275

Message: "The Syndicate has produced a... sensitive brute. This defect must be removed. If you look friendly and approach with no weapons out, you can get close while he is sniffing flowers in the park downtown. I'll be in touch."

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In order to take out Rasputin's assassin target Brutus, you will need to pack some decent weaponry first off, bringing some homies with you as well. Before heading to the target's location, make sure you have your weapons put away so you are only equipped with your own fists. The next step is going to be traveling to the actual park in the Sunset Park district, which should be marked on your map upon starting this activity.

While Brutus is apparently a sensitive lug, it doesn't change the fact he is still a brute, so be prepared for a decent fight out of the chap. Walk around the park for a while, keeping your weapons put away and he should eventually spawn nearby, wandering about and looking at the scenery. Quickly run up near him and take out your strongest weapon, making sure to dodge his charge attacks and stay out of melee range. Once he spawns the "no weapons" requirement is no longer needed for this target, thus you are not reduced to fighting him with your own fists, which would be quite the challenging task.

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