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"Diablo 3" Event Guide: Carrion Farm


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This guide will cover the Carrion Farm event in Diablo 3, providing information on how to find and complete it. Events like this are essentially small mini-quests that often provide gold, experience, and sometimes item rewards for completing a short task or series of closely related ones.

Finding the Event

The Carrion Farm event is quite possibly one of the hardest events to find, at least those attached to an achievement in Act I of Diablo 3. It seems to rarely spawn in the Fields of Misery which are passed through on the quest The Broken Blade (took me about 6–7 runs to find it) although this could be just bad chance. (comments on your experience appreciated)

The Forsaken Grounds

The one thing that makes a little easier to find is that the event itself takes place on a large farm which covers a significant portion of the map. Besides that, it will be in its own sub-region named the Forsaken Grounds while finally having the Beleaguered Farmer standing beside the entrance to the farm (you can only get in from one direction, being sealed off on all other sides) with the signature yellow exclamation mark of a quest giver. Talk with him to hear about the troubles he is having on the farm and begin the event.

There is an achievement for completing this event and another specifically for doing so in co-op.

"I am undone! Demonspawn have taken root in my fields."

"This land is all my family has. I cannot leave."

— Beleaguered Farmer

Carrion Farm

Help the Beleaguered Farmer Clear His Fields

There are four Plague Nests (on Hell difficulty, potentially 3 if lower or more if Inferno) located on the farm, which will be marked with objective dots, that start spewing out constant streams of Plague Carriers as soon as the event begins. This is an excellent place to make the best use possible of any area of effect or multiple target spells, like Plague of Locusts for the Witch Doctor.

You will want to carve paths to each of the closest nests as soon as possible, to avoid getting overwhelmed by the quickly growing number of fliers that assault you. They are all relatively close to each other, however, making this task relatively simple as long as you are not already struggling with other monsters in the area. Once all four are gone and you're done with the last few carriers, the event completes, granting you an experience and gold reward, as well as some thanks:

"My land is saved! Bless you!"
- Beleaguered Farmer

"Tristram's families will not starve, thanks to the work we have done today."

— Templar Kormac

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