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The Cats of the Pokémon Series

Updated on August 09, 2015

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Pokemon and Meowth, one of the many cat characters from the Pokemon series.
Pokemon and Meowth, one of the many cat characters from the Pokemon series. | Source

Two of the most beloved things on the Internet are cats and Pokémon. As of October 2013, the Pokémon series has more than 700 monsters. I am a boomerang fan: I started with the original game and went on a fifteen year hiatus, only to pick up the newest versions of X and Y recently. The original game had only 151, which I memorized in chronological order. As fun as the new games are, I am past the point of even trying to memorize their names.

Having so many creatures has its disadvantages. Some designs suggest that GameFreak hired a third grade classroom to come up with original designs and paid them in extra homework. But there are a lot of neat Pokémon, too, and with monsters reminiscent of dragons, rodents, and kitchen appliances, there is something for everyone.

If, like me, you love the kitties, don't worry about sorting through hundreds and hundreds of monsters to find the felines. Here is a list, so you can truly "cat-ch" them all. (Anyone? No?)

Meowth (#52) / Persian (#53)


Meowth is one of the most famous and beloved Pokémon, thanks to the anime in which it is one of the two main non-human characters (the other being Pikachu itself). It also has the advantage of being in the original games, though it was exclusive to the Blue version, making it desirable and valuable as a trade. Meowth is a normal type Pokémon, based off of a "Maneki Neko," a Japanese cat charm usually pictured with coins and associated with good financial luck. Living up to these roots, Meowth and its evolution Persian have a signature move called "Pay Day." They hurl coins at their opponent and, if the battle is won, the trainer is free to net the spoils. Meowth has also been seen in most spin-off games and merchandise, making it truly the Pokémon series' top cat. Persian takes on a sleeker, more beautiful form, with a name that says spoiled, high class kitty. Like Meowth, Persian is associated with Pay Day, and the gold coin on Meowth's head has been switched out for a jewel. Persian is a normal type, but like Meowth it learns many dark type moves. In the anime, Persian was the beloved pet of Giovanni, the lead antagonist and head of the mafia group Team Rocket.

Mewtwo (#150) / Mew (#151)


This pair of legendary Pokémon cats is also extremely popular and has been around since the original games. Mewtwo could only be found, battled, and (hopefully) captured after the player had beaten the game. Mew was a "hidden" Pokémon—not available during normal gameplay at all and only officially given out at special Nintendo events. They might not look like cats at first sight, but official sources have confirmed that both are "feline." Mew's name even refers to the sound a kitten makes, and Mewtwo, being a clone of Mew, carries the namesake. Both are psychic types, and as legendary Pokémon have base stats so powerful they are banned from use in Pokémon tournaments. Mew has remained a fan favorite among legendaries and Mewtwo has even more of a reputation, appearing in side games and spinoffs including an appearance as a playable character in the Super Smash Bros series. Mewtwo also showed up as a catchable Pokémon in several games, including the most recent generation of X and Y. Mewtwo saw two possible battle-only "Mega Evolutions" in X and Y. Mew remains enigmatic, though fans frequently summon it for capture through cheats and hacking.


Espeon (#196)

Espeon is cat-like, if not officially confirmed to be a cat. Espeon is one of the many possible evolutions for Eevee, a popular mammalian creature whose name comes from the word "evolution." Eevee's Generation 1 possible evolutions were Flareon (Fire type), Jolteon (Electric type), and Vaporeon (Water type). Generation 2 expanded the roster to include Umbreon (the newly introduced Dark type) and Espeon, a Psychic. Over the generations, additional "eeveelutions" have been added, such as Leafeon (guess which type that is?), Glaceon (Ice type) and the newest Sylveon (Fairy type). Eevee and most of its evolutions are generally fox-like or ambiguous mammals, though many have feline features. Espeon certainly falls into that category more than its cousins. To get an Espeon, get an Eevee to have high friendship with you and let it evolve naturally during the day (be sure to cancel the evolution if it tries to evolve at night, as that earns you an Umbreon instead).

Raikou (#243)

Raikou is a member of the legendary beast trio from the second generation, along with Entei and Suicune. Interestingly, there is fan debate about whether the "legendary beast trio" are cats or dogs, and some refer to them as either the "legendary dogs" or "cats". All three are mammalian with some ambiguous features, though Raikou is the only one who seems feline beyond doubt, specifically representing a sabertooth tiger. Raikou is an electric type Pokémon and game lore has it that Raikou appears during thunder storms and is able to ride storm clouds. Raikou also appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee as both a Pokéball attack and a trophy.

Skitty (#300) / Delcatty (#301)


Generation III offered a new kitty Pokémon, with names coming from "kitty" and "cat." No ambiguity here. Though many of the cats in the game are dark type, or associated with mischievous or fickle personalities, as a smiling pink kitten with needles protruding from its balloon-like tail, Skitty is all cute. It loves moving objects and will even chase its own tail until it gets dizzy. How adorable is that? Skitty is a normal type, though it is also a part of the Fairy egg group starting from Generation VI and evolves into Delcatty with the aid of a magical Moonstone. Delcatty, though more grown up and dignified, is no less sweet than Skitty. The pair are known for the move Assist, which lets them use the moves of opponents. Their Pokedéx entries claims that they are particularly popular with female trainers, but a million cute cat memes on the Internet might suggest that the popularity is more gender neutral. If you want more happiness in your life and are designing your team for aesthetics more than power level, Skitty or Delcatty are strong candidates for feline representation.


Zangoose (#335)

Generation III introduced Zangoose, a Normal-type Pokémon officially listed as a "cat ferret", with the appearance and namesake of a mongoose. The animal mongoose, it should be noted, is not directly related to cats, but does share the same species group with them (as well as hyenas and civets). As a bipedal, white and red, thick-clawed mammal, I'm not sure "cat ferret" is my first thought when I look at Zangoose, but if you squint, you can see a few feline qualities in the face. It is perhaps best known for having an in-universe rivalry with the snake Pokémon Seviper. In fact, in horde encounters - where the player runs into a group of Pokémon instead of a single one - Zangoose and Seviper can be found together, and will even attack one another instead of the player. Zangoose has a few great attacks, including Crush Claw, which used to be exclusive to it.


Absol (#359)

Though Absol is not confirmed to be a feline (many Pokémon are simply mammalian with ambiguous or mixed features), it does have a cat-like face, almond eyes, a sharp chin, and a battle cry that sounds just like the trill of a housecat. Absol, with a heavy name that probably comes from the word "absolution," is often associated with disasters by the people of the Pokémon world, as it tends to show itself just before bad things happen. Some even believe that Absol causes disasters. The anime offers Absol an olive branch in an episode that subverts this negative image by claiming that Absol was simply trying to warn the people of bad events. Absol is a Dark type Pokémon and the sixth generation established "Mega Absol"—a battle-only evolution in which Absol grows wings and insanely good stats.

Shinx (#403) / Luxio (#404) / Luxray (#405)


Finally, another cat that isn't Normal or Dark! This three-evolutions family introduced in Generation IV are all Electric type and resemble wild cats. Shinx is a cute little star-tailed guy with a name that probably comes from Lynx or Sphinx, plus a word that could be "shine" or "shock" both of which allude to its elemental type. It doesn't look particularly ferocious, but cubs of wild cats rarely do. Shinx makes its jump through Darwinism at level 15 and becomes the less cuddly Luxio. Luxio, with a name coming from the Latin word for "light" as well as "leo" is in its adolescence, and as such is no house kitty. Its mane has started to form and its smile has withered into a "Look how tough I am!" face. At level 30, Luxio grows into adulthood as Luxray and no longer looks even remotely domestic. It retains its star tail but grows a thick black mane. More than that, its Pokédex data is somewhat frightening. Apparently, Luxray has the power to see through anything, be it walls, or... we'll leave it at that. This also is probably what its name refers to, combining the previous Latin prefix with X-ray. Many of its data entries say that Luxio is a fierce hunter. It has high base stats and a high damage move set. Luxio also features a slight appearance difference between the genders, with male Luxio having a longer mane than female Luxio. It's definitely a strong addition to any cat lover's team, and with the exception of the aforementioned legendary Raikou, is the only Electric-type cat to date.

Glameow (#431) / Purugly (#432)


Generation IV's Glameow is another Normal type cat, and one of the many noted to have a surplus of attitude, but Glameow will also purr affectionately when happy. The joke with Glameow and its evolution Purugly is obvious without even seeing a picture of the cats in question. "Glameow" is a portmanteau of "glamorous" and "meow," so this is supposed to be one classy kitty. "Purugly" is "purr" and, well, "ugly." This evolution is a fat and much less good looking critter. Ha, ha? As a cat lover, I'm not much moved by a Pokémon with an insult worked right into the name, but it's not a bad addition to the team, either (and I wouldn't say its as ugly as it is weird looking). The Pokédex suggests Purugly attempts to make itself look bigger and fiercer to intimidate opponents. If Purugly is not for you, never fear. With a press of the B button during an evolution attempt, trainers can cancel and keep Glameow instead. The pair learn a standard set of normal and dark moves, as well as the useful sleep inducing Psychic attack, Hypnosis.

Purrloin (#509) / Liepard (#510)


Generation V introduced more dark and feisty kitties: Purrloin and its evolution Liepard. As its name suggests, Purrloin loves to steal though is capable of putting on a cute act that charms both people and Pokémon and instantly earns it forgiveness. Devious, manipulative, and too cute to have enemies, Purrloin is a master thief. The cute act can be witnessed in X and Y's "Pokémon Amie" program where it giggles and poses when stroked. Purrloin has a relatively early evolution to Liepard at level 20, who is noted for its stealth and beautiful fur. Liepard is a favorite among X and Y's villain group, Team Flare. Purrloin and Liepard learn a variety of Dark type moves, such as the powerful Night Slash and Sucker Punch. As of Generation VI, they also learn the Fairy type attack move "Play Rough." Despite the association with stealing and money, "Pay Day" remains a Meowth move, though the technique can be learned as an "egg" move by offspring if they are bred with Meowth. Both are decent Pokémon and can be excellent additions to a cat team. The only downside is that they are yet another Dark type and many trainers prefer not to have more than one of each type in order to balance their team's elements.

Litleo (#667) / Pyroar (#668)


Generation VI gave cat fans the first real lion Pokémon, and a fire type cat at that! Litleo is a big-eyed cub with a scruffy mohawk of fiery fur. Don't try to pet that in Pokémon Amie, because your hand will burn! According to data entries, these Pokémon live in prides like real lions. Litleo will go off to start its own group when it becomes strong enough. Litleo takes until level 35 to level up into the majestic Pyroar, which is among a handful of Pokémon that have significant differences in appearance depending on the gender. A male Pyroar, as one might expect, has a full mane of hair around his face, whereas the female has a long blaze of hair falling back behind her head. Both Litleo and Pyroar learn ferocious Attack moves, like Hyper Beam, Incinerate, and Overheat. Though they are Fire type, they are also strangely Normal—the only Pokémon with that particular combination. They still join most of the cats as Normal or Dark types. Lions are absolutely a welcome addition to Team Cats and powerful fire staples for any team.

Espurr (#677) / Meowstic (#678)


Along with Normal and Dark types, the Pokémon designers seem to see cats as psychic - a connection that has, to be fair, made by people throughout the ages. Generation VI introduced the incredibly adorable Espurr, a wide-eyed Scottish Fold kitty with folded ears and an "I see dead people" expression. Its cute-but-creepy persona is cemented by its Pokédex entry, which claims that it can blast everything within a 300 foot radius and has no control over that power. It seems to be a darling of the games. In X and Y, Espurr are frequently seen roaming around houses and cities. Espurr's name is a play on "ESP" and "purr." At level 25, things get interesting. Like Pyroar, the male and female Meowstic look completely different (though they are not considered separate Pokémon like Nidoran and its evolutions). Both are a little bigger, with folded ears that flare up like a rabbit's when they attack. The female is white and the male is dark blue. Another distinction is that the techniques they learn are different. The female Meowstic learns more attack moves, whereas the male learns more support and "trick" moves. Its name comes from a combination of "meow" and "mystic".

Favorite Cat Pokémon?

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A Few Final Thoughts

This completes this list of definite or implied cats in the series as of Pokémon X and Y. There are honorable mentions as well, with a variety of monsters some fans consider or believe to be cat-inspired. Some of these include the other "Legendary Beasts", Abra and its evolutions, Sneasel, the Therian Forme of Landorus, and even Snorlax. Undoubtedly, new installments in the series will introduce new cats, and maybe one day an all-feline team will be a feasible, full-time team possibility!

Got any more suggestions for cat type Pokémon, or want to object to anyone currently on the list? Tell us in the comments!

And if you are a dog lover, be sure to check out Dogs of the Pokémon Series!


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    • PEREOMNGP 7 days ago

      you forgot litten ^^

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 11 days ago from Louisiana

      Got a laugh from this article just for the cat-ch pun lol. Thanks for this quick look at the felines of Pokemon

    • Cats4life 3 weeks ago

      Espurr.... Purrrr purr

    • zeb 3 weeks ago

      hay I love it. love this list the olnly complaint is that you should include shiny forms pics on it as well. other then that full stars. and the reson why I love purloin and leapired is case they resemble cat noir. he is the most awesome cat super hero ever.

    • me 3 weeks ago

      I think Espeon is so frakin cute i luv him

    • Clayton 4 weeks ago

      I say torracat since it resembles an adolescent tiger and they're my favorite animal.

    • Skitty 4 weeks ago

      Hows skitty so low in da votes

    • Nekochan 4 weeks ago

      Although it is from 7th gen, Litten is a really cute and awesome kitten! And me, like a cat lover, love Litten so sooo much!! Litten is just purrrfect! #TeamLitten

    • Torracat 5 weeks ago

      I looooooooooove torrat he is so awesome!!!!! and mew is definitly a cat. anyone who thinks he is not is stupid and he is also my second-favourite cat pokemon after torracat.Buy the way,always remember that...............................

      CATS RULE DOGS DROOL!!!!!!!!! yay kitty club! thats my motto.

    • kitty cat 5 weeks ago

      my fav is team rocket's meowth.

    • Malachi 5 weeks ago


    • litten 6 weeks ago

      i lv litten more than any other cat pokemon, it is cute and become strong and brave in its evolution, pls make litten into the list

    • Animaljamtohailto 7 weeks ago

      Please put mew and liepard together! No, actually put mew and delcatty together! Please? Also, MEW IS A CAT! They called him mew because cats mew, and he even has a cats' posture! NEVER EVER CHANGING MY MIND, HE LOOKS JUST LIKE MY CUTE FAT CAT PONYO WHO GOT LOST!

    • Animaljamtohailto 7 weeks ago

      How come there's no Absol in the choices? You put Absol up there, but not for the choices. Also, can you group mew with Absol? Thanks!

    • Alexis 7 weeks ago

      Well. Litten Came Out. So, Shiny Litten!

    • Beetch ath 7 weeks ago

      How are shinx, Mew and Mewtwo, and one of the legendary DOGS, AKA Raikou, cats?

    • GreenTeens 8 weeks ago

      I know that this is before Sun and Moon, but if you're still adding Pokémon, you should add Litten and its evolutions.

    • Kitty 2 months ago


    • badboy 16 2 months ago

      the legondary trio

    • Lunala is awesome 3 months ago

      How about sogaleo, new legendary in the alola( Pokemon sun and moon) reigon. He is a lion because he kinda looks like an ultra-mega pyroar.

    • The Living Pokedex 3 months ago

      add in eevee please!!!! he is a cat with a scarf

    • Delilah 3 months ago

      can you add litten??? he looks like a cat!

    • Delilah 3 months ago

      ESPURR AND MEOWSTIC RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rainier 3 months ago

      You can add the one from sun and moon

    • ... 3 months ago

      Eeveevoltions are foxes not cats. Espeon based off the nekomata and stucture like the bat eared fox.

    • Eeveelover 3 months ago

      I love all the Eevee evolutions!!!

    • Serenity 3 months ago

      My favorite two Poke'mon are Skitty and Meowth

    • Kenzie 3 months ago

      Maybe she does not have other cat pokemons like Litten beacause she wrote this before they came out.Please tell me if I'm right asap.Well maybe not asap but soon.So yeah maybe it's just because they have not came out.Or maybe there was some changes like as you guys say,Mew is a rodent,well maybe it is,but maybe before that it was a cat but they just changed it around.Who knows....

    • Kikachu 3 months ago

      purugly is so fat it made me laugh

    • Steelion 4 months ago

      A new eevee evoloshion is steelion the cat pokemon steelion can melt anything in it way these are very rare and hard to catch in the wild

    • ฃท้ทิ้ อ เ อคเอ้ ค ค อ้ อุอคึเถุเเถดือัเเ 4 months ago

      รืรร ร รืคร่ร่ร่ร่เ เ เถเอเถ ะเเอึ่อัดะดุเ

    • Clefashadow 4 months ago

      Doesn't Mienshao count as a cat? It looks more feline-like than absol

    • Kennethkitten profile image

      Kennethkitten 4 months ago

      What about litten? Litten is a cat you know

    • Babs Bunny 4 months ago

      Mew is based of the hairless Sphynx cats.

    • ..... 5 months ago

      A few of you (era..) fail at reading comprehension. The author mentioned most of the misgivings you had, aside from your personal observations. You come across as someone who has serious issues being wrong and the guy your friends all secretly wanna punch in the face. Why not stop pretending to be the one and only Pokemon authority and let the rest of the internet have fun?

    • Era 5 months ago

      A lot of your ''cats'' are not actually cat based or are daubted to be by many people. Somtimes the english pokemon translaters screw up and fail epicly. The actual animals the japanese team based the pokemon off get lost in bad translations sometimes. Take everything the english pokedex says with a grain of salt. The only canon that counts is the japanese canon. Zangoose is a mongoose, and this is a classic case of bad translation. It fights with snakes like real mongooses do, It's life style confirm enough so off the list it goes. Mew is not a cat (but some still claim it to be, no official sources however, anything wikipedia is not official), it's more likely based on a rodent, as well as an embryo. (Mew being the ancestor of pokemon)It's pink and hairless and resembels an embryo and some type of rodents (who where one of the first mammals which also fits mews overal story). It's mew name is not based on the sound of a baby cats alone. Many baby animals make mewling sounds. (if the name is even based on a sound at all) Mew can also come from the Japanese word unique (myō), or the English word mutant (myūtanto). Mewto is even less like a cat then Mew (like not at all..his face is more rabbit like, and the rest fits some other types of rodents as well). Absol is also a debated case. Both team dog and team cat claim Absol. There are no clear indications nor conformations that it would belong on either list. This means it should not be added to a clear dog or cat list. Any of the 3 legendary beasts should not be added, as either of those 3 can pass as dog like or cat like. Many many people have debated these 3, and point remains they are called legendary BEASTS not cats nor dogs. Lets just asume they are balanced mixes of both. For safety it's best to add none of them on either list. Espeon is debatable, it looks like a cat. But we can not ignore the fact that it evolves from a fox based pokemon, nor that all the other evolutions are as well. It would make no sense for it to be the only one to evolve into a cat form. Also those ears do excist among foxes. It's safer to asume Espeon is like all it's siblings, fox based. As for your dog list, the ones who don't fit there are Suicune, as like mentiond before it could safely fit in either, therefore should be in neither. And Mightyena as it's based on a Hyena which is not dog related at all. Everything else on your dog and cat list fits. Adding any of the 3 legendary beasts to either list is understandable, but for the most fair list, and not including your own viewpoint on pokemons who fans have good argumented (and also less good) wars over (Mew/Legendary beasts/Absol) And also to not include pokemons who are clearly based on non dog/cat pokemon like Mightyena and Zangoose). As for the people who debate Growlithe..thats just sad. It acts like a dog, looks like a dog, is treated like a dog in games and anime alike, is trained like a dog. Dogs can have stripes in their fur btw. Some breeds have them. It's a freaking dog. you can't debate a pokemon when the evidence is in your face every time it appears in the anime (or even the game). (One of them being James his very own Growly, who has a DOG house) If Absol shows up and starts playing with a ball of yarn and spinning when it's pettet and hunt fish it will be safe to call it cat like. Untill then it's in camp both. Together with the legendary trio. Sorry for the rant, it's just annoying when so many people put pokemon in camp dog or camp cat when they either are obviously not, or could be either/neither. Lists like these should only include the dogs and cats that can simply not be debated over.

    • lily 5 months ago

      top 5 are meowth , mewtwo, mew espeon and espurr

    • jjjjjj 5 months ago


    • Pacat 5 months ago


    • Jakedeegan 5 months ago

      What about evee he evolves into espeon

    • Litten Lover 6 months ago

      Litten!!! It hasn't officially come out yet, but Litten from the new Sun & Moon version gets my vote for seeming (so far) both adorable and powerful!

    • boss 6 months ago

      i dont think mew is a cat

    • Cattastic 6 months ago

      You should have put something that said all of them

    • Ray 6 months ago

      Mew is a mouse not a cat

    • Firefly 6 months ago

      What about Leafeon? Looks pretty feline to me!

    • ArcanineGirl8 7 months ago

      Honestly, Im a dog and cat person in pokemon, both of my most FAVORITE pokemon are based off of normal house pets! Well, Arcanine isnt a normal dog, its a legendary-god dog thing. Its not a cat at all, Its a dog-lion, well, I dont know if a Lion is actually in the cat family, but Arcanine is more dog.

      Espeon is based off a big-eared house cat, adorable!!

    • Juju 7 months ago

      What about Stunky? It's face sort of resembles a feline, such as Garfield.

    • will 8 months ago

      what about arcanine? while it plays liek a dog in show its 1005 inspired off the gaurdian cat mythology (hence name being legendary pokemon) and is a freaking tiger.

      its the original big cat pokemon :D

    • Xeogran 8 months ago


    • leakeem profile image

      leakeem 10 months ago from Earth

      All I knew about cat Pokemons are Meowth, mewtwo, and Shinx (and its evolutions). Nice to know there are more!

    • Sereimadoshi 10 months ago

      Mongoose in Japanese translates to "Cat Ferret". So Zangoose, despite being labelled a cat ferret, is actually a mongoose.

    • kimber 11 months ago

      i need help finding all dog pokemon

      can you help mme find all dog pokemon

    • AwesomeCat 12 months ago

      Yea well I caught Mewtwo it was a pain but it is still awesome its move set is awesome Flamethrower, Thunder, Energy Ball, and Recover. Fennekin is like the starter of the year all of my friends picked Fennekin and I was the only one who picked Chespin! Those fire types are just sooooooooooooo popular ILIKEICEType cuz that's my Articuno(Annoyingcuno) Here is something funny Die potato! Potato: I like trains No no this isn't part of the script Train totally wrecks potato and person

    • martin_t 13 months ago

      I love them all

    • FennekinFreek 15 months ago

      I like skitty delcatty meowstic and (this is a fox type tho)fennekin

    • TristanDoes profile image

      Tristan 16 months ago from Indiana

      You had already done cats, so you can totally disregard my comment on your "Dogs of..." hub.

    • aliasis profile image

      aliasis 17 months ago from United States

      Good catch with Zangoose, for all who said it! You're all right, the Pokedex DOES label it a "Cat Ferret" Pokemon. I always thought of it as a mongoose, but we'll let the Pokedex have the last say on that one. When I get a chance, I'll definitely add it to the list!

      Some great other suggestions, too, though from the comments I can tell a lot of these are controversial! It's interesting how we can all look at the same Pokemon, and some of us will see certain animals while others don't at all. I knew that mentioning any of the Eevee family would get some opinions, especially! Entei also seems like one people are seeing as a lion type Pokemon, though I didn't include him on the original list (personally, I agree though, he kind of resembles a griffin to me!)

    • Swain4Days profile image

      Swain4Days 17 months ago from Texas, USA

      All three of the legendary beasts should be included. While Raikou is the most obvious, each has feline characteristics. Can be taken as the trio is based on big cats via lion, tiger, leopard.

    • Kiersten 18 months ago

      I vote Zangoose should be in this list! Yes its name is based on "mongoose," but in the ORAS Pokedex, it says it's a "Cat Ferret Pokemon."

    • adevwriting profile image

      Arun Dev 18 months ago from United Countries of the World

      Persian, Mew, Mewtwo, Raikou, Delcatty, Absol, Luxray, Pyroar are good! Thanks for the list! Voted up

    • Mary 18 months ago

      Oh.....zangoose is based off a mongoose.....which is not a rodent...just so you know

    • NagNeso 20 months ago

      Espeon is a Cat not a Fox. Gengar is also based on a Cat.

    • Mister 21 months ago

      Nice list!

      Regarding the Gengar discussion, doesn't he somewhere resemble the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland - specifically when the Cheshire Cat disappears with a lingering big smile?

    • James Eckert profile image

      James Eckert 21 months ago

      Personally Entei is definitely a lion, and Raikou is definitely a tiger, but Suicune has always looked like a wolf to me. Also, Absol if anything should go in your "maybe" list, and Snorlax is almost certainly a bear. Also Espeon should drop into the maybe section as well, as it is probably based off the cape fox (since Eevee and all its other evolutions are vulpine) but could be based on the nekomata, which are fork-tailed goblin cats, as bulbapedia puts it. It is a widely accepted theory that Gengar is the shadow of Clefable, considering it is the shadow pokémon and normal (which clefable was in generation 1) and ghost types were considered counterparts of each other since neither could hit the other. I don't see how Electabuzz is a cat at all.

    • blanie carran 22 months ago

      you forgot yttik and chechat lol

    • YO 23 months ago

      Zangoose is based of the mongoose (a rodent). Which is why Zangoose and Seviper (a snake) are mortal enemies in the game, because in real life mongooses hunt and eat snakes in the wild and are always fighting each other. SCIENCE! :D

    • Olivia vester 24 months ago

      You forgot sneasle and weavle, they are NINJA CATS!!!

    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 2 years ago from Alberta

      Wow! I forgot there were so many cute cat Pokemon.

    • Kachupi 2 years ago

      Zangoose should be on here, in my 2006 pokedex book he is described as a feline pokemon xxx

    • Charmy 2 years ago

      *cough*MOUNTAIN LIONS*cough*

    • 2 years ago

      You're missing poochyena. Hyenas are cats.

    • PokeTyphlosion 2 years ago

      Absol is a goat-pokemon- it is found mostly in mountain regions and only shows up right before a disaster is about to strike. (taking from movies, manga, anime, AND Poke Index

    • Sam 2 years ago

      Eevee evolutions are all foxes. Including eevee and espeon. lol

    • jef 2 years ago

      no sneasel?

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 2 years ago from Australia

      They've really been ramping up the number of cat type Pokémon since the first few games, I think mostly because drawing from cats (and other real life animals) makes it much easier to design Pokemon!

    • villyvacker profile image

      Billy Turnock 2 years ago from Manchester England

      i love stuff like this

    • yowut 2 years ago

      How does Gengar even remotely resemble a cat? It doesn't belong in the "maybe" section. Also eevee has been confirmed to be a fox as well as the evolutions. I believe Suicune looks more like a dog than a cat unlike the other two. Absol I don't believe is a .

    • aliasis profile image

      aliasis 2 years ago from United States

      Growlithe (and its evolution, Arcanine) are dogs. Hence "canine" in Arcanine's name. :)

      Entei is mentioned under the section about Raikou, as is Suicune. I didn't include them all individually because they are not confirmed to be cats, and many people consider them to be dogs instead. Raikou, to me, is the only one that is pretty blatantly based off a cat (a saber tooth tiger). It's not confirmed, again, but I tried to be strict in this list by using only confirmed cats and unconfirmed ones that I was reasonably confident were cats.

    • Jeni 2 years ago

      What about Entei?

      It's a lion.

    • justin 2 years ago

      uh, where is growlithe? the fiery tiger from the original.

    • tommylop profile image

      Tommy 2 years ago from Colorado.

      It's possible but those ears are more cat then bear. And a Panda bear Pokémon would be like Pancham

    • tadhg 2 years ago

      I was always under the impression that snorlax was a fast lazy panda bear only blue instead of black

    • aliasis profile image

      aliasis 2 years ago from United States

      Snorlax might be! Personally, I always imagined him as a fat bear or something. But a lot of the Pokémon are very generic "mammal" so it's hard to say.

    • tommylop profile image

      Tommy 2 years ago from Colorado.

      Snorlax I thought he was a fat cat pokemon

    • tommylop profile image

      Tommy 2 years ago from Colorado.

      Señor lax is a maybe I always thought he was a fat cat

    • aliasis profile image

      aliasis 2 years ago from United States

      I wasn't sure about Electabuzz, personally it doesn't strike me particularly feline besides maybe its fur. But if it is confirmed as a feline I will definitely add it to the list! I guess it falls under the category of "maybes": Snorlax, Gengar, Eevee, etc.

    • labmix 2 years ago

      What about Electabuzz? Looks pretty feline...!

    • tommylop profile image

      Tommy 2 years ago from Colorado.

      It was a. Cute list thanks

    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 2 years ago from Australia

      I didn't realise that there was this many cat type Pokémon (I haven't really played since the very first generation).

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