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"Chain Chronicle" Guide: 10 Tips to Get You Started

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CC Wiki chainchronicle

CC Wiki chainchronicle

Chain Chronicle: A Guide for Newcomers

Gumi and Sega's Chain Chronicle (Chain C or Chain ch for short) is the newest popular Japanese hit RPG app to reach the US. I must say, it’s pretty darn good. It combines character and hero building with card collecting and RPG line defense.

This Chain Chronicle guide will give new RPG players (or veterans returning to role playing apps) 10 hints and tips to get you started! These will help clarify any basics on the Chain Chronicle Japan Beginner's Newbie guide side of things too.

In-case you want to check the Gamerch Chain Chronicle jp / Japanese side of things on baidu, here are some of the common spellings for the game. 1: チェンクロ 2: チェインクロニクル 3: 鎖鏈戰記 4: 鎖鏈 5: 鎖鏈戰記吧 and 6:

For the company for CC Chain Chronicle check out 巴哈 or cc 卡片

Never be afraid to check the Chain Chronicle CC Wiki or the Chain Chronicle forum.

Note: In Chain Chronicle you don't need maxed out 3 or 5 V star cards to reach the end, nor do you need to re-roll the perfect hero. If you stick with the help here and follow the events you will be able to hold your own and succeed!

1: Obey the Weapon Triangle

Warriors (Swords) beat Knights (Shields)

Knights (Shields) beat Archers and Mages (Bows and Staves)

Archers and Mages (Bows and Staves) beat Warriors (Swords)

If you follow this general guideline, you will be able to minimize damage taken through the various NPC waves and survive until the end!

2: Attack the Attackers!

Chain Chronicle is not a tower defense, so don't play it like one. By dragging your characters to your enemies, you can dictate who will attack whom. Use this to your advantage by using the weapon triangle in tip #1. If you finish a fight early, you get a “speed bonus” which increases your gold gain for the quest.

Now, remember not to go wild with your attack! Healers can only heal those next to them and mages/healers are pretty squishy, especially early on. If you need to heal a unit, don’t hesitate to bring them back to be healed. It’s better to lose your speed bonus than to lose the entire level.

Also, if just one of the enemies passes your back line, it's game over!

ProTip: If you do happen to get game over, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fight the urge to use your Prysma (premium currency) to continue the fight. Just flee, take the AP hit, and go level up or try again in a little while. The more Prysma you spend, the less you have to roll for stronger champions.



3: Leveling up and Limit-Breaking

Using characters in battle allows them to acquire experience. You may also fuse character cards and enhancer cards to increase your card’s level.

Enhancer cards come in two flavors: All or class enhancers. Class enhancer cards give lots of experience to the class indicated on the face of the card. All enhancer cards give equal experience to all classes equally. Enhancer cards are key to leveling up your characters.

When you limit-break a card, you increase its potential max level. Limit-breaking occurs when you enhance a card with a duplicate of itself, and this can be done multiple times, as indicated on the card, during limit break.

Always make sure you select the more leveled-up card if you are going to limit-break, or else you may lose your progress! 鎖鏈戰記 修改!

4: Weapon Enhancing

Weapon enhancing is a neat little subsystem that works alongside your characters. Weapons come in various levels and sometimes have abilities of their own. They can be replaced by a better rank only when their attribute slots have been fully maxed. Weapons have three attribute slots: attack damage, critical chance, and defense.

When you enhance/fuse your character with its respective weapon enhancing card, it will add points to your weapon’s three attributes slots. You may choose to fuse multiple weapon-enhancing cards, which may give you up to a maximum of 200% enhancement rate. Enhancements can fail if they are less than 100%, so make sure that your enhance chance is at 100% or higher to avoid wasting cards.

5: Leaders and Party Formation

The character you designate to be your leader is very important and, if done right, can net you lots of friends and arcana. For both the American and Japan/Japanese version, consider the leader's ability and it's stats.

For each quest you take, you are prompted to pick a “Reinforcement” unit. This unit is the leader from a group of players that have been played recently. Ideally, you want to pick the strongest unit and friend them.

The same goes for when they are picking Reinforcements. If your hero is among the strong, then acquiring friends won’t be hard for you.

As for forming a party, try to have some balance between your units. The general rule of thumb is to carry one of each, but as long as you follow the Weapon Triangle (see tip #1), feel free to experiment.

You will want to focus on a main party. Your main party focus could be class-based. For example, 2 warriors, 1 healer, and 1 knight is a good group if you focus on rushing down the enemies and not letting them build up. Or 1 warrior, 1 healer, and 2 ranged units can also be used, but will take much more moving around and attention. You can always reinforce any holes in your lineup.

ProTip: You only get mana based on your party’s classes. For example, if you have a line-up of only warriors, you will only be able to roll for red (Warrior) mana. A party full of mages will only roll purple (Mage) mana.

From the Chain Chronicle Japanese Wiki

From the Chain Chronicle Japanese Wiki

6: Friends

Remember when we were talking about making friends? Well, there is a darn good reason for making lots of them (strong ones too, if you can)!

Whenever you choose a quest, your friends get priority in the reinforcement list if they have logged in recently. Not only that, but you make 150% more arcana picking them (as opposed to un-friended characters). Do not take this as a rule of thumb, though! If you do see someone with a really good 4 or 5 stay character, do not hesitate to take them as reinforcement and friend them after the battle.

This lets you spam quests and pretty much print arcana. Loads of arcana means loads of character cards you can draw. This allows you to unlock character quests and maybe you might even get lucky and hit a good character draw.

Remember: More arcana means more draw chances and in games like these, it's the characters that matter!

7: Characters and Character Quests

One of the more interesting aspects of the game is the character quests. When you obtain a character for the first time, their quests become unlocked. To complete these quests, you must go to their specific town locations to complete them.

Character quests tend to have decent rewards such as Prysma, unlocked abilities, upgrades, and skills for characters. Some characters really get their potential unlocked by completing their quests. Even if it’s a low 1- or 2-star character you will never keep, it is definitely worth doing their personal quest if it means a reward of Prysma!

8: Skills: Use 'Em!

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but never forget to use your skills. Some skills are relatively cheap and easy to use. Most of the early game healing spells are only one green mana! Just pop it at the start of each round and BAM, heals for everyone in position!

Feel free to spam skills as well to finish fights earlier and get that speed bonus. Mana that isn’t spent before the quest is over is wasted mana. (Beware of skills that move you similar to the hero’s first skill. Spamming them might cause you to miss if you aren’t in the right place, and chaining them together will put you in an even worse position!)

As a bonus, a well-timed skill that ends the fight will grant you a “Special Finish” bonus and increase your gold gain for the quest. Who can turn down free gold?!

Those gold costs can get pretty steep when you begin to enhance high-leveled cards.

Chain Chronicle in Google Play 구글앱스 Chain Chronicle 巴哈 Baki

Chain Chronicle in Google Play 구글앱스 Chain Chronicle 巴哈 Baki

9: Freebies, Events, and Dailies

Never turn down freebies and always be on the look-out for them. A good source of freebies would be Chain Chronicle's Facebook page, news pages, forum pages, and sometimes they have freebies on various holidays (e,g. Christmas).

Events tend to be like freebies, but with some AP (action point) attachments to them. One of the major things to be careful with is that some events may or may not be worth it (especially for newer players)!

Dailies might be hard to do at first, but as you level and increase your max AP, with some luck you may be able to begin to grind out dailies. Daily quests are themed and have a different theme for each day of the week. They have decent rewards, one of them being a fortune band upon collection of all of that daily’s drops that day.

Try to bring as many characters as possible that increase your drop rate so you have to use less AP to get them all. If you are in it for the long haul, fortune bands can be traded in for an “Ultra Rare” card that seems to change each month. The earlier you start collecting them, the better!

ProTip: Fortune bands can also be gained by selling rare cards and 3-star enhancers.

10: Rerolling

The concept of re-rolling comes from starting over and re-using the two free premium character rolls to get at least 1 good starting character. (Technically, 1 ticket and 50 Prysma could take you to any of the other cities.) Now, there are only three five-star characters you could roll from the first city. The one that everyone seems to want is called Nympha for her “increased item drop rate” ability, which makes item quests and dailies so much easier to complete.

It might be okay to just take a 3-star hero and run with it. It should get you through most of the game. The harder end-game dungeons might be completed if you reinforce with a higher-ranked character and if you strategize well. If you keep playing, events and Prysma rewards will eventually net you your 4–5-star party.

Re-roll as many times as you feel like. Sometimes you will hit something on your first try, sometimes on your third, maybe on your thirty-third try. The basic rule is to not discourage or burn yourself out by constantly rerolling.

ProTip: If you are going to re-roll, do not link your Facebook until after you are satisfied with your roll.

Although the current version of the NA app is a little behind the JP app, it is uncertain if they will follow JP updates or branch off into their own updates.

If you have any questions, tips of your own or if you spot an error, please do not hesitate to let me know in the comments below. I wish you all the best of luck and amazing rolls!

If you would like more advanced tips, try my Chain Chronicle Advanced Newbie Guide.

The Chain Chronicle APK / app for the Android can be found on its Chain Chronicle Google Play page. ADDITION: This game has since been closed to the US. If you wish to play you will need to find the jp Chain Chronicle APK for the Japanese server.

The Chain Chronicle for the iOS can be found on its iTunes Store Page.

Never be afraid to check out the Chain Chronicle Wiki.

If you have played Chain Chronicle, what sort of rating would you give it?

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help on April 26, 2015:

So I'm pretty far in the game but also have multiple 3stars and good weapons but I can never get a 4 or 5 star no matter how many times I try but I already linked my account and don't want to start all over (did it once my phone went crazy) what should I do

Shade on March 06, 2015:

It goes off of the healers attack. The higher attack power a healer has, the higher amount of health it heals.

Ezreal on February 14, 2015:

So these are good tip,but I have a technical question;how do they calculate the amount healers do (not the mana using skill)?