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"Saints Row: The Third" Assassination: Stop This DJ From Spinning


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Taking out one of the Enigmus decoys.

Taking out one of the Enigmus decoys.

Stop That DJ!

This guide will cover the "Stop This DJ From Spinning" assassination of DJ Enigmus, given to the player by the contact DJ Vangela, within the video game Saints Row: The Third. It will cover everything you need to know to complete this hit.

Target: DJ Enigmus
Contact: DJ Vangela
Subject: Stop This DJ From Spinning

Location: Salander
Cash: $500
Respect: 100

Message: "I can't take it anymore! That trance crap Enigmus plays is messin' with my groove! Go to Salander and blast some K12 from your radio, that'll get her out. Then end her!"

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Taking out DJ Enigmus is a relatively easy target for the assassination activity. Make sure you pick up a regular car or vehicle equipped with a radio and make your way over to the district of Salander in Steelport.

Once you are within the district you can switch your car radio over to the station K12 as the message dictates to cause Enigmus to spawn. It will take a few seconds of radio play to make her show and it still works even if your music volume is turned all the way down in the options menu.

Eventually, you will find you have 3 different targets appearing on your map, two of them are traps and one of them the real target. Although a slight twist, this added challenge is no problem to deal with as they all seem to be unarmed, simply making it take a little extra time as you hunt down all three spiky-haired copies dressed in yellow shirts and blue jeans.

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Jasmine on May 19, 2013:

Ok, what happens if K12 is not an option in my radio stations? I've checked about 10 times and even looked for the same symbol and its not listed.

SOE (author) on March 20, 2012:


SOE (author) on March 20, 2012:

The attached video is incorrect. I will have to fix this later.