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“Divinity: Original Sin 2”: Physical Ranger Build Guide

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Copyright Larian Studios

Copyright Larian Studios

What’s good about being a ranger is that you can deal damage at a long distance. With enough damage, you can kill your enemies before they even have the chance to hurt your character. The best way range-based builds can be played in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is by positioning your character to the best high ground that you can find, then taking out the enemy’s damage dealers first.


There are two races that works best with this build. So it’s up to you what race you want depending on your preferred customization.

  • Human: Has bonus critical hit chance and multiplier with Ingenious. It can also buff its damage more with Encourage.
  • Elf: Its special ability, Flesh Sacrifice, provides additional 1 AP and damage amplification.


  • Finesse – The primary attribute to increase the damage of your bow or crossbow. You have to max this attribute.
  • Wits – The next priority attribute. This will increase your initiative, giving you the advantage to strike first before your enemies, as long as your initiative is higher than theirs. It will also increase your critical hit chance for multiplying damage.
  • Memory – This will let you memorize skills. Just put enough points for equipping all the skills that you need.

Combat Abilities

  • Warfare – If this is your first time playing this game, warfare is the usual main combat ability of any character that is dealing physical damage.
  • Huntsman – Put 3 points of ability here in order to unlock the necessary huntsman skills for this build. You’ll get more huntsman points from bow/crossbow-based equipment for unlocking more powerful huntsman skills.
  • Scoundrel – There should be 2 points here to unlock Adrenaline and Cloak and Dagger.
  • Polymorph – A single point here is needed as requirements for Chameleon Cloak.
  • Pyrokinetic – 1 point here is needed to unlock Peace of Mind and Haste. Don’t get more points on this ability.
  • Necromancer – Try to get some Necromancer ability points from items to get some life steal capability. The large damage that this build can deal let’s you recover good amount of health.
  • Ranged – Place the remaining of your points here to increase your range damage and critical hit chance. Minimum of 5 preferably.

Huntsman Skills

  • First Aid – This can cure different negative statuses. Please refer to the skill description for more information of the list that it can cure.
  • Ricochet – The skill lets you hit multiple enemies in range.
  • Tactical Retreat – Any range build should have this skill (it’s a must have). This will let you transport instantly to a far away location, preferably higher ground for dealing extra damage. The skill can make you hasted as well.
  • Sky Shot – Use it to gain the height advantage if you don’t have one when attacking.
  • Ballistic Shot – This skill deals more damage for every meter you are from your target. So use this when you’re really in a good high ground. In a perfect position, the damage it deals is absolutely insane.
  • Marksman’s Fang – Can hit multiple targets in straight line, ignoring their armor.
  • Arrow Storm or Arrow Spray – Basically, Arrow Storm is the way to go as your ultimate source spending skill. But alternately, you can also choose Arrow Spray instead since it deals tremendous damage in close range. So it’s up to your preference. You can choose both though if you invest a lot on memory.

Warfare Skills

  • Phoenix Dive – This will serve as your backup when Tactical Retreat or Cloak and Dagger is not available.
  • Challenge – Works well on a build like this that specializes in killing an enemy. To secure the benefit of this skill, use it when you’re sure that you can already deal the final blow.

Scoundrel Skills

  • Adrenaline – The best emergency skill when you need extra AP to finishes off a job or for saving your character.
  • Cloak and Dagger – This lets you teleport without breaking your invisibility. A good partner with Chameleon Cloak.

Polymorph Skills

  • Chameleon Cloak – This skill will let you go invisible when you need it.

Pyrokinetic Skills

  • Peace of Mind – Basically, you’ll be using this to increase your damage and wits. But this can also be used to cure certain ailments.
  • Haste – Makes your character hasted which increases movement speed and available AP per turn.

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Flesh Sacrifice or Encourage – Depending on your chosen race.


  • Executioner – The first talent you should be getting. Executioner allows your character to have 2 extra action points after dealing a killing blow per turn.
  • Elemental Ranger – This will give your attacks extra elemental damage based on the surface your target is standing in.
  • Far Out Man – Increases the range of your skills.
  • Hothead – You’ll make use of this talent since the build will rarely take damage, and it can recover its health easily.
  • Arrow Recovery – Lets you save some utility arrows.


This won’t be a ranger build if you’re not using either a bow or crossbow.

Be sure to craft different kinds of arrows. Preferably physical-based arrows that lets you do crowd control, like knockdown arrows and slowdown arrows. Smokescreen arrows are also good for defense.

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