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"Divinity: Original Sin 2": GeoPy Battlemage Lizard Build

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Copyright Larian Studios

Copyright Larian Studios

This is a melee staff-wielding battlemage that can deal earth, fire, and poison damage. The build is also good in crowd controlling enemies and is sturdy enough to take multiple physical damage.

Since the build specializes in geomancer and pyrokinetic, it is capable of making large area of effect damage by spreading oil/poison, then igniting it with fire. This build can certainly be a threat in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Why Lizard?

Lizards have a natural 10% resistance to fire and poison thanks to Sophisticated. This will give you better survivability whenever fire or poison surfaces are created.

Dragon’s Blaze will benefit from the build’s high investment in pyrokinetic.


  • Intelligence – Both the spells and staves rely on intelligence for increase in damage.
  • Wits – You need this once you have the Savage Sortilege talent so that your magical skills has critical chance.
  • Memory – Another important attribute because the build has a lot of skills to memorize.

Combat Abilities

  • Geomancer – One of the primary combat abilities of this build. You need to put a high amount of points here. Minimum of 8 preferably.
  • Pyrokinetic – This is the other main combat ability of this build. You need to put a high amount of points here. Minimum of 8 preferably.
  • Scoundrel – For unlocking Adrenaline and Cloak and Dagger skills. You only need a minimum of 2 points here.
  • Warfare – You got to have warfare since the build needs to unlock melee related abilities. The minimum points you need here is 3 to unlock what this build needs. But if you can get more from items, then do it until you can have the requirement for Thick of the Fight which is 5 points,
  • Aerotheurge – Aerotheurge has some useful utility skills that gives you an edge during combat. You only need 2 points here.
  • Hydrosophist – You only need one point here for Rain and Armour of Frost.
  • Necromancer – Get some necromancer ability from items in order to get some life steal capability. Melee characters are prone to taking damage.
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Pyrokinetic Skills

  • Haste – For having more AP and better movement.
  • Ignition – A convenient skill if you want to ignite the massive oil or poison surfaces that you created.
  • Peace of Mind – You will mainly use this for increasing your overall damage capability.
  • Sparking Swings – Buffs your character with Sparkstriker status. Your melee attack will get more damage in a form of fire. It will also let you hit multiple enemies.
  • Flaming Tongues – Works well with a melee build like this one. You can force your enemies to be hit with this by using Teleportation.
  • Firebrand – Add more fire damage to your weapon attack. Allies around you will be affected by the buff as well.

Geomancer Skills

  • Contamination – Works well with Rain for creating large poison surface.
  • Fortify – This will grant you physical armour for better survivability against physical damage dealer. Good for melee build like this.
  • Oily Carapace – This will give you the advantage of having the ability to produce oil surface. The skill can turn those oily surfaces into physical armour.
  • Venom Coating – One of the main buffs that you should have for increasing the damage of your attacks with staff.
  • Reactive Armor – If physical armour is high enough, this can deal huge amount of damage to enemies around you.
  • Impalement – This will prevent your enemies from moving and can also create oil surface.
  • Poison Wave – This will poison enemies around you while making your character immune to it.
  • Earthquake – A good crowd control skill. The skill can knockdown enemies around you. It also creates oil surfaces randomly. It’s a good followup skill after you stripe the enemies physical armour with Reactive Armour.
  • Siphon Poison – The bonus damage that this skill grants depends upon how large the area is cleared, This is a great buff after you create massive poison surface with Rain and Contamination.

Warfare Skills

  • Battering Ram – A good gap closer. The skill can also knockdown opponents but you won’t be able to maximize it since the build mainly damages magic armour. The best use of this skill is with Sparking Swings for dealing area of effect damage.
  • Battle Stomp – Damages everything in front of you on a straight line. It can also knockdown your opponents. But again you won’t be able to maximize it since the build mainly damages magic armour. The best use of this skill is with Sparking Swings for dealing area of effect damage.
  • Whirlwind – Use this to hit all enemies around you with your staff. The best use of this skill is with Sparking Swings for dealing area of effect damage.
  • Phoenix Dive – For gap closing and igniting surfaces.
  • Challenge – Cast this on enemies before dealing the killing blow.
  • Thick of the Fight – You can make use of this skill’s effectiveness in buffing up your damage. Don’t underestimate the damage bonus that this skill can provide.

Hydrosophist Skills

  • Rain – Cast rain for producing poison surface with the help of contamination.
  • Armour of Frost – Your only source of replenishing magic armour.

Scoundrel Skills

  • Adrenaline – Your source of emergency action points.
  • Cloak and Dagger – For instant gap closing.

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Dragon’s Blaze – For just 1AP, you can deal a reasonable amount of fire damage while burning surface as well. The skill benefits from Pyrokinetic.


  • Opportunist – The first talent any melee build should have. Even for a staff wielding battlemage.
  • Torturer – Allows you to burn and poison enemies even when they still have their magic armour.
  • Savage Sortilege – You need this talent in order for your magic skill to deal critical damage.
  • Elemental Affinity – Perfect for this build that can produce elemental surfaces.
  • Executioner – Get this talent once you have a good enough damage that dealing a killing blow won’t be an issue. Executioner and Elemental Affinity can provide you with more movement in a single turn.

How to Play?

This is a melee staff wielder. So the way it is played is by buffing your damage with either Venom Coating, Sparking Swings, and Firebrand, get close to your enemies, and hit them with your staff. For best results, strike as many enemies as possible using either Whirlwind, Battering Ram, or Battle Stomp depending upon their positions. You can also use Teleportation to get more enemies that you can hit (Why hit 3 enemies only if you’re capable to hit 4).

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