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"Divinity: Original Sin 2": Physical Armour Dwarf Build



Making the Most of a Dwarf Build

Your enemies that deal physical damage will have a really hard time taking this build down.

This is a tank build that can generate a large amount of physical armour and can unleash it as damage thanks to the Reactive Armour skill. Although not its main strength, the build still has better magic armour compared to most characters in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Why Dwarf?

Dwarves has a natural high survivability thanks to the Sturdy talent. Petrifying Touch will also benefit from this build’s geomancer ability.


  • Strength – The build’s main attribute is strength, which allows it to deal reasonable weapon damage.
  • Constitution – Equipping a high-level shield requires constitution. Get enough constitution in order to equip the best shields in the game.
  • Memory – Although you won’t be needing much, you still need to assign to memorize all the needed skills.
  • Wits – Not a priority, but it’s good to get some for initiative.

Combat Abilities

  • Warfare – Max this to unlock all the skills needed for the build as well as to increase physical damage and health via Picture of Health.
  • Geomancer – Multiple skills for massively increasing your physical armour comes here.
  • Polymorph – Polymorph provides the best offensive skills for this build.
  • Scoundrel – You need this for the purpose of unlocking Adrenaline.
  • Necromancer – Getting the necromancer ability will increase your survival thanks to its life steal bonus. Also needed for unlocking Bone Cage.
  • Hydrosophist – Hydrosophist has the ability that increases magic armour.
  • Retribution – This allows you to reflect received damage to your attacker.

Warfare Skills

  • Battle Stomp – Hits multiple enemies, can clear surfaces and clouds, but more importantly, it can knockdown multiple enemies.
  • Bouncing Shield – This skill can deal massive damage as long as you have good shield and high warfare.
  • Crippling Blow – For making an enemy stay at their place.
  • Blitz Attack – Not the best but it’s a good gap closer.
  • Deflective Barrier – An anti-archer skill (works on some spells as well). This skill is seriously fatal to archers since they don’t have much defense compared to fighters and tanks. Deflective Barrier can increase physical armour as well.
  • Phoenix Dive – For gap closing. Be careful since the skill can ignite surface turning oils into a sea of flame.
  • Provoke – Get this since your character is a tank. This will protect your non-tank characters.
  • Whirlwind – A good AOE skill that deals physical weapon damage.
  • Challenge – Use it on a dying enemy before dealing that final blow.
  • Guardian Angel – Lets you protect allies by redirecting 50% of damage received to your character.
  • Thick of the Fight – Massively increases your damage based on how many enemies are around.

Polymorph Skills

  • Bull Horns – Lets you rush into your enemies multiple times and can make them bleed.
  • Chicken Claw – An overpowered skill that can turn your enemy into a helpless chicken. This is resisted by physical armour. So make sure your target doesn’t have any physical armour first before casting it.
  • Tentacle Lash – A powerful skill for strength and warfare based build. For 2AP, the damage is above average in mid-range and can set atrophy status.
  • Heart of Steel – Lets you generate physical armour each turn.

Geomancer Skills

  • Fortify – Your basic source of physical armour. You’ll get more the higher the geomancer ability is.
  • Oily Carapace – This skill will provide you massive amount of physical armour as long as you have large oil surface.
  • Turn to Oil – This will complement your oily carapace skill. Partner it with rain and you can have a bountiful source of oil surface at will.
  • Reactive Armour – The most powerful skill in your possession. It deals 25% physical damage, base on your current physical armour. You won’t have any problem dealing thousands of damage using Reactive Armour, since the build has a lot of skill for building up physical armour.

Necromancer Skills

  • Bone Cage – The more dead bodies around, the better armour that you can get.

Hydrosophist Skills

  • Rain – Complements well with the turn to oil skill from geomancer.
  • Armour of Frost – The only source of magic armour in your arsenal. Even a single point in hydrosophist provides generous amount of magical armour.

Scoundrel Skills

  • Adrenaline – You usual emergency source of AP.

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Petrifying Touch – An effective crowd control tool. Points in geomancer will increase its damage.


  • Opportunist – The usual first talent of most melee-based builds.
  • Picture of Health – Compliments well with this build since you’re going to max warfare.
  • Living Armour – May help your limited source of magic armour.
  • Five-Star Dinner – The talent’s effect is not limited to healing effects. Resistance and attribute-boosting potions will benefit from this as well. Also, this makes living armour better in replenishing magic armour.
  • Hothead – Because of the massive physical amour, enemies will find it hard to damage your vitality.

Required Equipment

This build uses strength-based weapons and armor. Don’t forget how important a shield is for this build since bouncing shield and deflective barrier won’t work without it.

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