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"Demon's Souls" Boss Guide

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

The bosses of Demon's Souls are no joke. Every one of them is more than capable of punishing you for daring to set foot in their lair, and they can all swiftly dispatch you if you're not careful. Worse, dying to one of these bosses will force you to repeat the area from the last Archstone, and there aren't always shortcuts available to make the trip back easier. When you step through the boss fog, you want to be as sure as you can that you'll win.

This guide will teach you how to defeat each of the bosses in Demon's Souls. Most of them aren't that tough to beat... so long as you know what you're doing.

All images copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment.

All images copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Tutorial: Vanguard Demon

The first boss you'll encounter in Demon's Souls is the Vanguard Demon, a portly foe that appears at the end of the tutorial area. The Vanguard is a deadly enemy that you're not meant to beat - though it is possible. It's just... tough.

The Vanguard Demon has three attacks:

  • A horizontal slice with its axe
  • A vertical slice with its axe
  • A leaping butt slam

Each of these has the potential to be instantly fatal, so you must avoid every attack. Fortunately, the Vanguard Demon is slow on its windup and unless you're at an awkward angle you'll see every attack coming. Roll out of the way for each.

If you're fighting with magic it's best to keep at a range, lobbing spells at the beast and backing up to avoid its slashes. When you reach one end of the room, roll around the Vanguard Demon and keep firing from a distance. It'll take a little while to get to you again. Rolling under its axe arm while the demon is winding up is safer than any other angle.

If you're fighting with a melee weapon you'll need to get up close to the Vanguard Demon. In this case you want to hug the beast and strike at its backside. Given the Vanguard Demon's size you won't need to lock on to attack, which will keep the camera from going wonky if you hit a wall. Roll back and away if you see any sign of the hop; otherwise, keep close and chip away at the Vanguard Demon until it's dead. If your starting character has heavy armor make sure to take it off before you enter the fight, as you'll want the extra mobility. (And the armor won't help you survive a hit anyway.)

Beating the Vanguard Demon will earn you a Grey Demon Soul and allow you to continue into the ruins... but not much further. Grab all the items along the way before you run into the inevitable bad end.


Boletarian Palace 1-1: Phalanx

Your first proper boss fight is the Phalanx, a roving blob-beast that haunts the entry hall of Boletarian Palace. You'll need to defeat the creature before you can earn back your humanity and level up via the Maiden in Black.

Fortunately, Phalanx is not that difficult to beat. Consisting of a massive, harmless core and a large band of protective Hoplites, Phalanx will spend the battle slowly sliding towards you, occasionally sending out Hoplites to attack. The smaller blobs will launch javelins at you at a range, or, if you're close enough, try to poke you to death. Phalanx itself can't do any damage to you, and will flee if you kill all of its protectors.

Ideally you want to approach this fight with fire on hand. If you have the Flame Toss spell you can use it to burn away the Hoplites quickly. Otherwise, you'll want to equip Firebombs - found throughout 1-1 - and lob them at large concentrations of Hoplites. Kill enough of them and you'll open a hole in Phalanx's defenses, allowing you to step in and beat its health down. Once you run out of fire to hurl you'll need to kill Hoplites by hand, which is easily done by circling around their shields and hitting them in the back.

Defeating Phalanx will earn you the Lead Demon Soul.

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Boletarian Palace 1-2: Tower Knight

The second boss of Boletarian Palace - and most likely the third you'll face in Demon's Souls - is the Tower Knight. An enormous slab of metal and menace, the Tower Knight stomps around its capacious arena, typically trying to flatten you while crossbowmen fire at you from the ramparts. The Tower Knight has a few attacks:

  • If you're far enough away it will try to stab you with its enormous lance
  • If you're close it will slam its shield onto the ground, generating a flame-filled shockwave
  • If you're very close it may try to stomp on you
  • If you're up on the ramparts it will fire magical bolts at you
  • Occasionally it will jump backward, and if you're in the way you'll get knocked back

The Tower Knight's most dangerous attacks rely on crushing you to a fine paste, in other words. This is especially troublesome since you need to be close to the Tower Knight to bring it down.

Your first order of business - unless you're trying to get a Trophy - is to take out the Tower Knight's bowmen. Run past the Tower Knight and up one of the two stairs on either side of its arena. Then make a circuit around the sides of the arena, killing all the archers you find. They're not particularly dangerous, though you'll want to take cover if you hear the Tower Knight charging up to blast you from a distance.

Once it's just you and the Tower Knight you'll have two options for bringing it down, both of which require smacking it in the head:

  • Melee fighters will need to knock the Tower Knight down. To do this, get behind the Tower Knight's legs and smack its ankles. Doing enough damage will cause blue flame to erupt from its legs, and continued damage will bring the Tower Knight down. You can then run around its body and strike its head. Go back to hitting its ankles once it gets back up.
  • Ranged fighters can hit the Tower Knight's head from a distance. If you're using a bow you can snipe the Tower Knight from the ground or the ramparts; just keep in mind that going up the stairs will trigger the Knight to try and blast you with magic. If you're using spells like Soul Arrow (which it's weak against) you can lock onto the head, though you'll need to bait the Tower Knight into moving its shield out of the way before you can open fire. Circling behind the Knight as it attacks will give you a clear target.

In either case you'll want to watch out for the Tower Knight's shield attacks more than anything. The shockwave they release can easily knock you over, and if your character is frail a single bad strike will take you out completely. Running out of the way whenever the Tower Knight brings its shield up is advisable, as rolling usually won't get you far enough away. Equip light armor (or remove armor completely) to improve your mobility.

Defeating the Tower Knight will earn you the Iron Demon Soul.


Boletarian Palace 1-3: Penetrator

Likely one of the last bosses you'll take on, the Penetrator is one of the most Dark Souls-esque opponents in Demon's Souls. A one-on-one duel to the death, the fight with the Penetrator doesn't have any tricks like other boss fights - you just need good reflexes and timing.

The Penetrator's attack patterns consist of the following:

  • Broad, sweeping, horizontal arcs with his sword
  • A leaping attack / stab to close distance quickly
  • A whirling attack with a bit of delay
  • A charged-up stab that will impale you

None of these attacks are fun to take - though the impale is particularly bad, and unless you're at full health the charged stab will likely kill you in one hit.

Fighting the Penetrator as a ranged or melee character is not that different. Lock onto him and watch his moves, either rolling under his attacks or blocking if you have a shield and good stamina. Get in a hit or two once the Penetrator misses, then move away and prepare for another volley of attacks. Give yourself space to heal in case he catches you. Despite the swiftness of his attacks the Penetrator usually waits a bit between assaults, giving you plenty of time to recuperate. Try not to trade shots with the Penetrator, as he can change to the stab attack quickly, potentially ending the fight in his favor.

If you're having trouble you can enlist an NPC, Biorr, to help fight the Penetrator. He's locked in a room right before the Tower Knight's arena. You can get the key to release him from a Fat Official in the Inner Wards area (World 1-3). He's about halfway through the area, overseeing a bunch of archers who try to snipe you from balconies. During your first playthrough Biorr can likely kill the Penetrator on his own; in later playthroughs he'll need help. Be careful if you use area of effect attacks, as hitting Biorr can turn him hostile.

Defeating the Penetrator will earn you the Silver Demon Soul.


Boletarian Palace 1-4: Old King Allant

Typically the final boss of a Demon's Souls playthrough - particularly if it's your first time through the game - fighting Old King Allant is a little similar to fighting the Penetrator. It's a duel, no bones about it, and no fancy tricks will get you through the fight.

Old King Allant fights with a combination of swordplay and wind magic, and uses the following attacks:

  • Sword-slashing combos
  • A long-range, directional shockwave
  • A quick jumping-slash that closes the distance between you
  • A rushing attack and slash that also closes the distance
  • A charged shockwave
  • A Soul Sucker that absorbs Soul Levels from you - permanently

Note that many of the smaller sword slashes will generate shockwaves in your direction. These won't do much damage, but they can stagger you long enough for Allant to swoop in and catch you in a combo.

Allant doesn't have any attacks that will instantly murder you if you mess up, so take the fight slowly and watch him. Wait for him to enter an attack, roll out of the way or block, and smack him as he finishes. Move away and repeat. If you have magic or a bow keeping at a distance will prevent Allant from hitting you with a combo, and his shockwaves are easy to avoid or block. This will also stop him from using his Soul Sucker to steal your levels, as it requires close contact. Magic and fire don't do much damage to him, though, so be prepared for a long fight if those are your primary forms of attack.

One of the more deceptive attacks is Allant's charged shockwave, which looks quite intimidating as winds begin to whip around him. You have plenty of time to move away from Allant - though this is actually the perfect opportunity to run up and beat him around. This will knock Allant out of his charge and negate the attack. Just be ready to roll away, as Allant will try to punish you for interrupting him.

Defeating Old King Allant will earn you the False King's Demon Soul.


Stonefang Tunnel 2-1: Armor Spider

One of the nastiest-looking customers you'll meet in a game full of nasty customers, the Armor Spider is another early-game boss. It looks much deadlier than it is, and once you get a sense of its pattern you can easily take this boss out.

The Armor Spider is anchored in one spot throughout the fight, and uses the following attacks:

  • Fireballs launched from its mouth, as a single projectile or as a spray of three
  • Webs that will temporarily impede your movement, fired straight at you and in a web pattern that stretches across the tunnel
  • A two-legged, sweeping melee attack
  • An overhead slam
  • Spewed oil that it sets on fire

How you approach this fight depends heavily on your weaponry. If you're attacking at a range you'll have an easier time, as you'll only have to contend with webs and fireballs. Stick to the sides of the cavern, rolling as necessary, and fire at the Armor Spider from a distance. Its bottom pincers, which serve as its vulnerable spot, will sweep out of the way occasionally as it bobs up and down, so you'll need to time your attacks for just before the Armor Spider launches something at you.

Beating Armor Spider with melee is a little more involved, but still not difficult. Get up close immediately - you'll need to dodge some webs and fireballs on the way, so heal before you get too close if you're singed - and lock onto the lower claw. Standing directly in front of the Armor Spider, wait for it to take a swing with its legs, using a shield to absorb the attack. Resist the temptation to attack and let it do this a few more times. Eventually it will wiggle and try to body slam you; roll back, then run forward and smack the Armor Spider's claw until it lurches up again. Repeat until the Armor Spider starts to spew oil, then quickly roll away and run back to the boss fog to avoid the incoming carpet of fire. Repeat this process until it's dead. So long as you're locked onto the Armor Spider and move in straight lines this should be a straightforward fight.

Defeating the Armor Spider will earn you the Hard Demon Soul.


Stonefang Tunnel 2-2: Flamelurker

A stumbling point for many players, Flamelurker is a vicious melee boss that bars you from completing Stonefang Tunnel, and is one of the harder bosses in Demon's Souls. You'll need swift reactions - and plenty of fire resistance - to take this beast down.

Flamelurker is exclusively close-range in nature, and will spend the whole fight hunting you down and trying to pound you with its fists. Its attacks consist of the following:

  • An overhead smash that creates a patch of fire on the ground
  • A larger, double-fisted smash that creates a larger patch of fire on the ground
  • Sweeping punches
  • A quick leaping attack from a long distance

In addition to the above you need to watch out for the small pools of lava in the arena, which will steadily damage your character if you step in one.

Flamelurker is too quick to fight at a range for long periods of time, so you'll spend most of this fight rolling under its attacks and getting out of the way whenever it leaves behind patches of fire. Melee fighters can block its hits, but you'll quickly run out of stamina if you try to tank too many. Wait for it to strike, get out of the way, and smack its back once before moving away. Weapons with longer reach are advised for this fight, as Flamelurker is extremely quick and will punish you badly if you spend too much time up close. Don't try for more than one or two hits or you'll get wiped out.

Flamelurker's moves do not change during the fight, though it will become faster and more aggressive the more damage it takes. If you find yourself in need of relief, make your way to the edges of the arena and use the obstacles to create a buffer. Flamelurker will get stuck on the geometry in most cases, giving you a few seconds to heal.

Defeating Flamelurker will earn you the Searing Demon Soul.


Stonefang Tunnel 2-3: Dragon God

The final boss of Stonefang Tunnel - and a familiar face, if you managed to defeat the Vanguard Demon at the beginning of the game - the Dragon God is the very definition of a puzzle boss. You can't hurt it normally, so you'll need to rely on the environment to wipe out the beast.

Below is a quick overview of the steps you'll need to take to bring the Dragon God down:

  • From the entrance, wait for the Dragon God to take a punch. Hide behind the first column on your right once it does.
  • Destroy the collapsed pillars down the right passage, then run back to the entrance before the Dragon God can take another punch.
  • Run behind the large stone partway down this passage. Stay here until the Dragon God's eyes are yellow. Once they are, run to the next obstruction, slash it out of the way quickly, and roll back to avoid the Dragon God's claw. Roll back towards the entrance before it punches.
  • Run all the way down this now-cleared passage. There's a ballista at the end. Fire it to drain a big chunk of the Dragon God's health.
  • Go down the nearby stairs. You'll find another passage clogged with more debris. Move from column to column, hiding whenever the Dragon God is looking to the left, destroying debris whenever it's looking away. If the Dragon God spots you, immediately run back to the stairs to avoid its fire breath.
  • Once you get to the last two pieces of debris, wait for the Dragon God to look to the right, destroy the debris, and run up the next set of stairs before it can hit you with its fire breath.
  • Fire the second ballista. This will bring the Dragon God down. Walk down to its chin and slash the spike jutting out, being careful of its hot breath. A few swipes and it's done.

Once you get a sense of the timing this 'fight' is pretty easy, though any foul-ups will probably lead to instant death. Fortunately the Archstone for the fight is right outside the arena, so you can practice as much as you like until you get it right.

(If you find that you can't get through the debris quickly enough, equip a heavy two-handed weapon, and strip yourself of armor so you can run and roll at full speed. Magic can also destroy debris if properly-aimed, though you'll need more shots to destroy the rubble.)

Defeating the Dragon God will earn you the Dragon Demon Soul.


Tower of Latria 3-1: Fool's Idol

Coming at the end of one of the longer, tenser levels of Demon's Souls, the Fool's Idol is not that bad a boss fight. She's a bit tricksy, however, and in order to give yourself a fighting chance you first need to do some pre-battle prep.

The runup to the boss fog is a long, wide stairway, flanked on both sides by ramparts. You can use towers near the arrow-spewing statue at the far end to get up onto these ramparts. Go up the right tower and into the church at the far end and, after a lot of running, you'll find a Dregling casting magic. He'll keep the Fool's Idol healed, so you'll have to kill him before entering the boss fight. (Fortunately, you only need to do this part once, even if you die later on.)

Fool's Idol only has a few attacks:

  • She'll cast Soul Arrow at you from a distance
  • She'll create paralyzing runes that will stop you in your tracks for a few seconds if you step on one
  • She'll create clones of herself that can also fire at you, and will distract you from the real boss

Begin the fight by getting on the side of the church and running to the altar at the front, where Fool's Idol is waiting. You'll have a few moments to beat her senseless before she teleports away. She'll do basically nothing at this point, so dish out as much damage as you can.

Now for the real fight. Fool's Idol will reappear somewhere else in the church - and so will her clones. You need to find the right one. There are a few ways to tell which is which:

  • The true Fool's Idol fires Soul Ray at you, while the clones use magic that's less flashy - and less painful.
  • When you lock onto a clone its health bar will appear over its head. You'll see no health bar above the true Fool's Idol.
  • Last, the Dreglings in the church will migrate towards - and pray to - the true Fool's Idol. For this purpose it's best to leave them alone.

If you're fighting at a range then this fight is pretty easy. Stay on the edges of the church and use one or more of the methods above to identify the true Fool's Idol. Once you've puzzled her out, fire arrows or spells at her. So long as you don't walk among the pews you shouldn't get caught by any of the paralyzing runes. Hide behind pillars to avoid magic lobbed your way. After a few hits Fool's Idol will relocate herself, as well as her clones. Repeat the process until she dies. If you're fighting with a melee weapon you'll risk walking into a rune, so try not to run out amongst the pews until you're absolutely certain that you're engaging with the boss herself.

Defeating the Fool's Idol will earn you the Doll Demon Soul.


Tower of Latria 3-2: Maneater

Quite reasonably touted as the most difficult boss fight in Demon's Souls, the Maneater is a vicious, brutal opponent... times two. Yes, you need to kill two of the things to win this battle, and one of them is bad enough on its own.

The battle against the Maneaters takes place on a walkway with a circular platform in the middle. On either side is open air, and if you fall - or get knocked off - you're dead. A torch in the middle of the platform provides a bit of cover. At first only one Maneater will be in the arena, but the second will show up once you weaken the first to twenty percent of its health, or if enough time has elapsed.

Both Maneaters use the same attacks:

  • Single- and double-handed punches. The double does more damage and is harder to block.
  • A rushing strike that brings the Maneater to the player from a great distance. The impact of this hit will send the player flying, and depending on the angle can be more than enough to knock you off the walkway.
  • A glowing-green sonic wave that does magical damage.
  • A power-up using the Maneater's snake-headed tail. If you hit the Maneater's tail enough times it will fall off, preventing the Maneater from using this attack. If allowed to finish this move will increase the Maneater's hitting power for a short while.
  • Though not an attack in and of itself, the Maneaters can both fly if they fall off the walkway, and will occasionally launch their sonic attacks from a distance. The tail can also launch Soul Arrows while the Maneater is flying, but these are a minimal threat compared to everything else.

Whether you're a melee or magic fighter the strategy is largely the same: Roll away from each Maneater's attacks and strike while there's an opening. You'll want to spend the majority of the fight in the center of the walkway, using the torch to throw off the Maneaters' attacks and give yourself time to heal. The torch is especially useful for throwing the dash attack off course. Melee fighters need to close in and knock off the tail, while magic users can back off a bit and lob spells. Get back into cover once the Maneater you're targeting turns around and prepares another attack. You can use a shield to block attacks if you're very confident in your holding power, but for most characters it's wiser to roll under or away from attacks.

Fighting one Maneater is difficult; fighting two, especially at melee range, is suicidal. Using fire magic, arrows, or melee weapons imbued with fire is highly recommended for taking out the first Maneater before the second can enter the fray. If you do wind up fighting two healthy Maneaters, stay on your toes and do what you can to separate them. If they both come at you at the same time, break off your attack and run to the other end of the walkway.

In the end the battle against the Maneaters comes down to good reflexes, patience, and timing. Heal whenever you take damage, only go for one or two hits at a time, keep your weapons fiery, and don't take victory for granted. (And if the Maneaters are still too much for you, either wait for help to appear via a Soul Sign or leave this boss battle for last. It's much, much easier if you've stripped Demon's Souls of the rest of its content first.)

Defeating the Maneaters will earn you the Mixed Demon Soul.


Tower of Latria 3-3: Old Monk

After the horrors of the Maneaters, the final boss of Latria Tower, the Old Monk, is a piece of cake. The walk up to his boss room is harder than the fight itself... assuming, of course, you don't have the poor luck of fighting another player.

The Old Monk fight consists of one of two possible opponents:

  • If you're online and someone has thrown down a Soul Sign somewhere in Latria, the Old Monk will be another player. Depending on their level of expertise this can make the fight a walk in the park or the worst time of your life. (If you're especially lucky they won't even be paying attention to their PS5 when the fight begins.)
  • If you're offline - or just lucky - the Old Monk will be a Black Phantom, wielding a pair of claws and using Soul Ray and Homing Soul Arrow once its health is low enough.

There's no real way to strategize against a player, as they will have all of their normal abilities to use against you. The NPC Black Phantom, fortunately, is not a big deal, and it will generally use weak claw attacks to lash out at you. Keep a bit of a distance, don't try to melee it too often - it can parry - and whittle its health down bit by bit. Once it pulls out its Catalyst for launching spells, move in and slice it down before it can return to fighting with its claws.

Defeating the Old Monk will earn you the Yellow Demon Soul.


Shrine of Storms 4-1: Adjudicator

One of the weirdest, foulest beasts you'll face in Demon's Souls, the Adjudicator is much more intimidating than dangerous. True, you can still die during this fight, but if you stick to one of two attack patterns it's pretty tough to bite the dust.

A slow, lumbering beast that stands in a pit far below the area's entrance, the Adjudicator's attacks depend on where you are:

  • If you're on the walkways above the Adjudicator's 'head' it will use its tongue to lash out at you. Depending on where you're standing this can rip away the floor, forcing you down to ground level.
  • If you're down on the ground with the Adjudicator it will use its massive cleaver to slice at you. You'll know the attack is coming thanks to a thin bird whistle.

In either case the Adjudicator's weak point is the golden bird that's perched atop its neck. The body itself is invulnerable, so you'll need to hit the bird to do any damage.

If you're a ranged fighter then this fight is easy peasy. Remain on the top floor and get a target lock on the bird, staying close to the fog door. The Adjudicator's tongue can reach up to you, but edging back to the door will keep you safe, and most of the floor will remain intact. Once the tongue is finished attacking, slip forward and fire magic or an arrow at the bird. Pull back as the tongue lashes out at you. Repeat this until the Adjudicator runs out of health. If you're careful you can easily avoid getting hit by the tongue.

The fight on the ground is a little more tense, but it's still easy. The Adjudicator's rotund body can't be harmed, but if you check the right side of its belly you'll find part of a meat cleaver stuck into its guts. Remain on this side of the Adjudicator, moving alongside the wound as it spins and attacking the gash. Blood should spill out of it if you're doing your job. After enough hits the Adjudicator will collapse, leaving the bird open to a handful of smacks before the body lurches back to its feet. Repeat until the boss dies. The Adjudicator's cleaver strikes while you're on the ground are incredibly painful, but they're slow, well-telegraphed, and very easy to avoid if you remain beside the wound.

Defeating the Adjudicator will earn you the Swollen Demon Soul.


Shrine of Storms 4-2: Old Hero

Blindness is not something that should pair well with wielding an enormous sword, but the Old Hero seems to get by okay. Constantly prowling his pillar-filled room, the Old Hero waits for noise - and, instantly, pounces. This can be a scary fight if you're not careful.

The Old Hero's gimmick is sound-based. He spends most of his time moving from one end of the corridor to the other, waiting for you to make noise and occasionally striking pillars. If he detects you - maybe you attacked him, maybe your armor is too heavy, maybe you're just a noisy human - the Old Hero will start to lash out, first at random, then aimed right in your direction. After a number of wild attacks he will calm down and go back to prowling.

The Old Hero uses the following attacks:

  • Standard sword slashes, both horizontally and vertically
  • A leaping chop that quickly closes the distance
  • An area of effect attack that the Old Hero telegraphs by setting his sword into the ground and kneeling

Though it's possible to go whole hog and attack the Old Hero the entire fight, you're much better off attacking and retreating. Get behind the pillars, wait for the Old Hero to skulk past or attack a pillar, and slice at him. After a few hits, just as he's roaring, get well away from him. The Old Hero will either start directing his attacks, or, if you're far enough away, he'll perform his leaping slash. With enough distance you can easily avoid the slash and get back into hiding. Wait for the Old Hero to go on the prowl again, then repeat the process until he's dead.

Keep getting caught by the Old Hero? Here are some things you can do to limit the amount of noise you're making:

  • Get into soul form. You won't make any noise walking around when you're a soul. The downside is that you'll have less health, so you really need to avoid the Old Hero's attacks.
  • Equip the Thief's Ring. This ring will make it harder for the Old Hero to detect you.
  • Unequip heavy armor. Lighter armor - or none at all - will make it harder for the Old Hero to get a bead on you, and his sword strikes are painful enough that most armor won't protect against them anyway.
  • Watch out for breakable objects. There are lots of pots here that will alert the Old Hero to your position if broken. Fortunately, most of these will be destroyed after a few volleys.
  • Walk, don't run. Sprinting at the Old Hero will get you caught for sure.

The Old Hero doesn't have many weaknesses so this fight may take a while, but it's perfectly beatable by any build. The one exception is poison, and you'll receive some accompanying drain damage if you have a way to inflict poison status on the Old Hero.

Defeating the Old Hero will earn you the Hero Demon Soul.


Shrine of Storms 4-3: Storm King

A truly majestic sight to behold, the Storm King is one of the coolest bosses in Souls history. A shame, then, that this fight is so easy, especially compared to all the leadup. This could almost be a cut scene.

The massive parent of the Storm Beasts that dog your steps throughout the Shrine of Storms, the Storm King sweeps gracefully over a rocky battlefield, launching flurries of projectile babies at you when it gets close enough. A squadron of Storm Beasts circle under it, providing more fire whenever the Storm King is too far away. You'll spend much of the fight rolling away from incoming crystals or hiding behind rocks.

The trick to this fight is to get the right weapon. Bolt across the battlefield once you gain control of your character and head for the rocky field on your right, overlooking a cliff. Sitting among these rocks, in plain sight, is the Storm Ruler. A sword without stat requirements, the Storm Ruler is a special weapon that unleashes a column of wind from the sky. Anything caught in the column is badly damaged. One hit will kill a Storm Beast; less than a dozen will kill the Storm King.

Find a safe place once you've grabbed the Storm Ruler, equip it, and lock onto one of the Storm Beasts for some practice shots. Once the Storm King is about to sweep overhead, lock on - there are plenty of lock-on points - and open fire. The Storm King will waver in the air if you hit it. You can get two to three hits in before the Storm King passes out of range. Go back to cutting down Storm Beasts until the Storm King sweeps by for another pass, healing as needed. You'll bring the Storm King down pretty quickly.

Defeating the Storm King will earn you the Storm Demon Soul. (You'll also have the Storm Ruler, but its special power of summoning the wind can only be used in the arena where you found it. On the plus side, you can come back here and keep cutting down Storm Beasts for tons of easy Souls.)


Valley of Defilement 5-1: Leechmonger

Considering how much the Valley of Defilement puts players through the wringer, its bosses are pretty tame. One of the easier boss battles in Demon's Souls, Leechmonger is a nice relief after a tense level - though at first glance this writhing monstrosity looks like it'll be a bit of a nightmare.

Situated at the bottom of a pit ringed with walkways, the Leechmonger sits in one spot and lets players come to it. It only has a few attacks, and they're less ferocious than they appear:

  • While the player is at a distance the Leechmonger will lob globs to leeches, impeding movement if they hit
  • When the player moves into melee range the Leechmonger will try to smack the player around with one-two combinations
  • Occasionally the Leechmonger will begin pounding its fists wildly, and can knock the player flying if they get caught

Whether you get up close or fire at Leechmonger with magic or arrows, your best bet by far is fire. Leechmonger can generate a glob of leeches that restore its health, and fire will quickly chew through the regeneration effect and put the hurt on the creature. Throw Pine Resin on your weapon if you don't have a fire effect normally, and roll to one side if Leechmonger attacks. Assuming you can put out enough damage quickly you should obliterate its health bar without trouble.

Defeating Leechmonger will earn you the Writhing Demon Soul.


Valley of Defilement 5-2: Dirty Colossus

The boss of perhaps the most hellish area in Demon's Souls, Dirty Colossus is a relaxing break after all that wading through swamp. Unless you're very weak or unprepared after the trip through the bog, beating this hulking whatsit should be a breeze.

The Dirty Colossus is a bit like a mobile Leechmonger, and it will slowly lumber towards you, gathering and dispersing flies as it goes. It uses the following attacks:

  • A swinging melee combo that's pretty easy to avoid
  • An area-of-effect attack that sends flies, well, flying
  • A ranged blast of flies in your direction

Regardless of your approach, taking this thing down is easy if you have any sort of fire attack. Melee will chew through its armor in no time, and magical fire demolishes its health. A continuous stream of Fire Spray will eliminate Dirty Colossus with no danger to yourself, and thanks to the Colossus' slow windup any other fire spells should leave you in a minimum amount of danger. Back up, use the arena's size to your advantage, and bring the Colossus down.

Defeating the Dirty Colossus will earn you the Eroded Demon Soul.


Valley of Defilement 5-3: Maiden Astraea

This would be the easiest boss battle in Demon's Souls if it was, well, a battle. Aside from a small, simple skirmish Maiden Astraea is just an NPC, and an easy one to kill at that.

Astraea sits at the end of a bloody bog, surrounded by rocky ledges and weird, malformed creatures that lurk in the ooze. Astraea's primary form of defense is her knight, Garl Vinland. You can reach of them by taking a left at the entrance. Vinland will block the path to Astraea, and you'll need to kill him to get at her. There are two ways to approach this situation:

  • Kill Vinland. He's little more than a normal knight with a shield, and if you can lure him out a bit backstabbing him is a piece of cake. No one else is here to stop you, so if you die... just walk back and try again. You can then speak to Astraea behind him and she'll die, or you can attack her, endure her periodic God's Wrath shockwaves, and kill her with little resistance.
  • Kill Astraea from a distance. If you have a long-range bow you can take a right from the entrance and shoot Astraea. She'll heal herself, so make sure you can outpace her healing before you commit to this plan of attack. There are several Dreglings worshipping Astraea from afar that will turn on you when you attack her, so kill them while they're still busy praying.

Defeating Astraea will earn you the Pureblood Demon Soul.

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