"Diablo 3" Secret Area Guide: Development Hell

Updated on July 30, 2020
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This Diablo 3 guide will cover the secret area known as Development Hell, covering how to find this location within the game along with what can be found within. This location is home to the unique Unburied mob Jay Wilson and with it the feat of strength Smash! Jay, Smash!


  1. What is Development Hell?
  2. How To Find Development Hell.
  3. What You Will Find Inside
  4. Smash! Jay, Smash! - Feat of Strength
  5. Video Guide

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Development Hell
Development Hell | Source

1. What is Development Hell?

Development Hell is a special version of the Defiled Crypt dungeons which are found in the Cemetery of the Forsaken, a hard to find location considering its rare rate of spawn, filled with various monsters typical to the area but with a light twist. Most of the monsters, with a few exceptions, are renamed with the names of the Diablo 3 development team members.

Namely the numerous Risen Dead monsters are the ones renamed, with a few Skeletons and Skeleton Summoners that retain their normal names. There is nothing else special about the monsters or the area itself, with one exception. Inside this particular location, you can find the unique mob Jay Wilson, otherwise known as the game director of Diablo 3, who takes the form of an Unburied.

The entrance spawning in the Cemetery of the Forsaken.
The entrance spawning in the Cemetery of the Forsaken. | Source

2. How To Find Development Hell

There does not seem to be much to finding this secret dungeon, besides checking the location where it can spawn and the rare chance it will appear in your game, unlike Whimsyshire which requires a specific process to enter.

To check for Development Hell in your game, just go to the Cemetery of the Forsaken in Act I via the waypoint and check the dungeon spawn points for the Defiled Crypts that always show up in this area. Typically you will find 3 dungeons in this zone, all of them with the same name, however if this secret location has spawned, you will find a fourth entrance opened and labeled Development Hell.

The designer named monsters.
The designer named monsters. | Source
A sample map of the full interior of Development Hell.
A sample map of the full interior of Development Hell. | Source

3. What You Will Find Inside

The secret area looks a lot like the other Defiled Crypts, taking a queue from the non event, no second level variant, although significantly larger. The main difference versus the two is that the Wretched Mothers, Risen and Walking Corpses have all been renamed to the various programmers and developers on the Diablo 3 design team. Each monster will have a different name, with the exception of some Tomb Kings and Skeletons which don't poses the unique names.

The most significant point of note in this dungeon, is the single unique mob, Jay Wilson, which takes the form of an Unburied. Although he drops no loot that is unique or significant in any way much like the rest of the dungeon which is basically just killing a bunch of white mobs item wise, there is a hidden feat of strength achievement with an attached banner sigil that is awarded for killing him. As a bonus it makes a potential avenue of expressed frustration for those irritated with some of the game design choices.

It does not seem as elites can or will spawn in this dungeon.

The unique unburied Jay Wilson mob in Diablo 3.
The unique unburied Jay Wilson mob in Diablo 3. | Source

4. Smash! Jay, Smash! - Feat of Strength

This is the feat of strength you will be rewarded with for downing the unique Jay Wilson unburied mob. Like the other feats, there are no achievement points for unlocking them, however the banner sigil is pretty cool along with its variant and both can make for some nice bragging rights.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Smash! Jay, Smash!The banner sigil.The banner sigil variant.
Smash! Jay, Smash!
Smash! Jay, Smash! | Source
The banner sigil.
The banner sigil. | Source
The banner sigil variant.
The banner sigil variant. | Source

5. "Development Hell" Secret Level Video Guide

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    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 

      6 years ago from Australia

      I love that they put this into the game, I love beating on the developers.


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