Divine Beast Vah Naboris Walkthrough for "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild"

Updated on June 9, 2019

Many players find Divine Beast Vah Naboris to be the toughest dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This walkthrough takes you through it step-by-step, with both photo and video guides, and includes chests and the boss fight. Before proceeding, note that, while this guide does not make use of Revali’s Gale (the skill you acquire after defeating Windblight Ganon), it can be extremely helpful and give you a lot of shortcuts.

The Divine Camel Cometh!
The Divine Camel Cometh! | Source

Getting the Map

When you first enter the beast, take out the guardian and run up to the first floor (you’ll also notice an “eyeball” enemy, so take him out, too (easily done with a bow). You’ll notice a greenish-yellow glowing strip going through the center of the floor. If you run all the way across to the other side, you will see an “arm” where you can climb up to the next level (see photo). This leads to a “hole” doorway in the center of the rear wall. Climb up the right side of the “arm” and go through the round doorway. Activate the map terminal. Now, you will have the map of the beast.


On the map, you will notice that you can rotate the “three dryer drums” that make up the center section of the beast. For clarity, I will call them the “rear drum," middle drum," and “forward drum” and use these to direct you through this rather confusing dungeon.

Head up the arm in the far back to find the map terminal.
Head up the arm in the far back to find the map terminal. | Source

First Terminal

When you exit the round doorway after activating the first terminal, glide to the center bridge area, follow it to the left, and go through the left “hole” of the middle drum. Then, turn left to face a guardian. After defeating the guardian, you will notice a round doorway that you can open with a bomb. Blow through it to open this “hole”. Go through the opening, and then run straight to the other side. Here you can bomb another round doorway to open it as well. This reveals a chest. Grab the chest with magnesis (or glide over to get it).

Head through this hole/doorway to the left after exiting the map terminal.
Head through this hole/doorway to the left after exiting the map terminal. | Source

Next, follow the center bridge area back to the middle drum. This time, go through the right hole (round doorway) to find another guardian. Turn right and run after defeating the guardian, and you will be at a round doorway at the rear drum of the camel. Go to your map and rotate the rear drum until you get to an opening that reveals another terminal to activate (the glowing green strip will rotate to the top, which will turn orange on your map when it isn’t connected to the electricity). Once you go into the “cage” where the terminal is, you will need to rotate again so that it turns upright and you can activate it. Then, simply rotate back to where you can climb out.

Rotate the drum until you can enter this "cage" with the terminal.
Rotate the drum until you can enter this "cage" with the terminal. | Source

Second Terminal

Run back through the hole that leads to the center bridge area. Now, rotate the forward drum until the glowing strip reaches the bottom. Now glide down to this area, and position yourself under the bridge arm above you (left side), opposite the upside-down terminal. Rotate the drum halfway, or TWO rotation clicks on the map, so that you are “scooped up” by the rotating arm (the orange strip will rotate to the top). You will be lifted up to where you can see the next terminal across from you on the opposite arm. Run over and activate it.

Second Terminal
Second Terminal | Source

Third Terminal

Now, run to the rear drum, and rotate it a few clicks. You want the rotation to continue until a platform scoops you up and you can “ride” it toward the top. You will be able to access a bridge leading to the round doorway at the very top of the rear (there is a bridge at the top connected to this doorway). Depending on which platform you ride up, you might need to glide over to the bridge while the drum is in motion. Enter the doorway to find some metal cube-shaped things attached to a track. Use magnesis to move the bottom block away from the doorway as far as it can go, move the one above it so that they are connected. Next, move the other two (top blocks) as close as they can go to the doorway while connecting them.

Final position of metal block connections.
Final position of metal block connections. | Source

Note that you are standing on the camel’s tail. Run to the very back of the tail to an “orange light bulb”. Stand there. Go to your map and rotate the drums to where all of the glowing strips are at the top and connected to the electricity. They will turn green to show they are connected. This will channel electricity to our puzzle with the metal blocks. You will then be raised up to where you can run forward and kill and “eyeball” enemy before entering the top area of the divine beast.

When you enter the top area of the beast, you will see another “eyeball” enemy to kill and what looks like an elevator room. You are now in the back hump of the camel. Off to the right side near the eyeball you will see a mesh ladder you can climb. Once you have ascended to the next level, you should see a round lever wheel. Turn/push this until the electricity begins channeling into the room below (you will see the orange “lightbulb” turn blue and green). This will activate the elevator. Now, drop down to the bottom level (2 levels below you) where the elevator stops. Kill the “eyeball” enemy to open up a shortcut doorway in case you need it later.

Turn this wheel to channel electricity to the light bulb below.
Turn this wheel to channel electricity to the light bulb below. | Source

After opening the shortcut, take the elevator up to the second/middle level. JUST BEFORE reaching this level, you will see an electrified, glowing green ball on a shelf. Quickly grab it with magnesis or jump over to grab it. Note that there is also an optional chest you can grab on the opposite side. Once you have the ball, take it up the elevator with you to the second level.

Grab this ball!
Grab this ball! | Source

In between the two humps (center of camel), you will see a moving platform to take you to the other side. Instead of getting on the platform, fall down here to find a square hold leading into the back of the camel. Note that there are two guardians down there that you can kill before dropping down if you like. Either way, your main objective is to take your electrified ball and jump down through the square hole with it. Place the ball on one of the round pedestals to give it electricity.

Fall through this hole with your ball.
Fall through this hole with your ball. | Source

Next, you will journey into the front hump of the camel. Proceed through the door that leads here, and kill the guardian on the elevator. There are also two “eyeball” enemies to kill, after which you can take the elevator up to the second level. Here, you can activate the third terminal.

Fourth Terminal

After activating the previous terminal, take the elevator up to the third level. You will see your second electrified ball. Note that you can ride the moving platform back to the first hump for an optional chest. Once you have your second ball, drop down and make your way back to where you put the first ball. Place the second ball on the other pedestal, and a door will open to give you access to another terminal.

Fifth and Final Terminal

The final terminal will be in the head of the camel. Run into the forward hump where you killed the two “eyeball” enemies. You should see a doorway leading to the neck of the camel. Drop down where you see a round lever wheel. Turn it clockwise to see a wheel turning on the left. You will eventually see a light bulb come up. Align the left light bulb with the glowing electric strip. Then, turn the wheel counter-clockwise to rotate the right light bulb up to the electricity. The camels head will rise, and a platform elevator will drop down to you. Ride the elevator up the camel’s neck to discover the final terminal before the boss fight.

Looking down at the lever wheel for the fifth terminal from the forward hump.
Looking down at the lever wheel for the fifth terminal from the forward hump. | Source
Raising the camel's head.
Raising the camel's head. | Source

Some More Optional Chests

There are a couple of chests in the center body section of the camel (with the drums) you can grab. But before leaving this area, turn the lever wheel to break the electric connection and bring the head down (needed for a chest). Now, climb the mesh ladder up to a round doorway that is blocked. Go to your map, and rotate the forward drum until the hole opens up. You will see a couple of chests in the center bridge area that you can glide over to, and then access by rotating the center drum, and other drums if needed.

There is a round “hole” doorway at the front of this section (midway up) leading to the inside of the camel neck. Rotate the forward drum until you can climb up to it if needed (to where the strip is at the top). Once you are standing in the round doorway (blocked with bars), rotate all drums until the glowing bars are aligned at the top. This will open the door and trigger the neck to begin rotating. Run down the neck to grab a chest.

Looking down the neck of the camel.
Looking down the neck of the camel. | Source

Getting the Hanging Chest

Make your way back to the camel’s booty. You may have noticed a chest hanging from a rope. Here are two ways to grab it:

Using magnesis to get the chest swinging.
Using magnesis to get the chest swinging. | Source

Swing Method

If you do not have all of the glowing strips aligned at the top, electricity will not be provided to the tail section, and it will be in the down position. In this position, you will find the hanging chest by proceeding through the doorway at the very bottom-rear of the main room. You can get the chest swinging with magnesis. Once the chest is swinging back and forth, time an arrow strike at the rope where it will break as the chest is swinging toward you, falling onto the platform and not down to the desert floor. Note that this is the fastest, but more difficult, of the two methods here.

Grab From Above Method

If electricity is provided to the tail (and assuming the metal blocks we moved earlier are still able to channel electricity to the tail), the tail will move to its up position. But we first need it down. Follow the steps in the “Third Terminal“ section to get into the tail, activate the electricity, and ride it to the top. Once on top, look at your map. You will see a small nub sticking out of the tail. Glide around to land on this nub. Rather than gliding all the way at once, land on the section of tail on the way first to maintain enough height. Once you get to the nub, you can use magnesis to bring the chest up to you, gently set it down on the nub, and open it. You can then glide down to an opening under the tail to avoid death.

Standing on the tail nub.
Standing on the tail nub. | Source
Using magnesis to reach the chest (you will need to stand close to the corner edge).
Using magnesis to reach the chest (you will need to stand close to the corner edge). | Source
Carefully pull the chest up and rest it on the platform.  You can now open the chest.
Carefully pull the chest up and rest it on the platform. You can now open the chest. | Source

Defeating Thunderblight Ganon

Thunderblight is typically regarded as the toughest divine beast boss. Here are a few strategy tips to defeating him:

  • Acquire all pieces of the rubber armor set first; this will make you immune to electrical attacks, which becomes especially important during his third attack phase when he's electrified (see video below).
  • If you do not have or want to get the rubber armor, make a few elixers or meals that offer protection against electricity. High attack and/or defense boosts can help too.
  • For the first phase, have strong shields with you. Raise your shield whenever Thunderblight is ready to do his “speed attack” to block the attack. Have it ready when he’s at a distance and hold firm. Let him hit your shield (which stops him) before counter-attacking.
  • An alternative to the shield block above is to do a back-flip dodge to avoid his attack while triggering a “flurry rush”. The shrine in Kakariko Village has a tutorial on executing this strategy.
  • If you still struggle with blocking, use a high defense elixir or work on increasing your armor upgrades and heart upgrades outside of the beast. If you save before leaving, you can return to the divine beast where you left off. Having the Master Sword also helps (but note that you need 13 hearts first). Note that the Master Sword is stronger against these bosses than normal enemies.
  • During the second phase, use magnesis to lift a metal spike up to him (as close as possible) so that he gets struck by his own lightning.

How to Defeat Thunderblight Ganon


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