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"Divinity: Original Sin 2" - Storm Paladin Build Guide

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Copyright Larian Studios

Copyright Larian Studios

Eternal Stormblade is one of the coolest looking swords in the game (the name is so cool as well). But the challenge many players encounter is how to effectively create a build based on this sword. If you’re one of those players, then you’re in the right article. This build will maximize the bonus critical hit chance and critical hit damage from Eternal Stormblade.

This Eternal Storm Knight build is designed with versatility in mind. It can deal a high amount of air and water damage with the aid of critical damage. It has good crowd controlling capabilities due to a combination of aerotheurge and hydrosophist offensive skills. The survivability of this build is also outstanding due to its wide range of available healing and support skills, plus it has a balanced amount of physical and magic armour. This build will certainly be effective in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Why Human Race?

I chose the human race for its Ingenious talent that passively grants 5% critical hit chance and 10% extra critical multiplier. The build relies heavily on critical hit in order to deal a tremendous amount of damage.


  • Intelligence – The primary attribute in order for the build to deal a large amount of magical based damage.
  • Wits – For increasing your critical hit chance and initiative.
  • Memory – Put enough points on memory for your skills.
  • Strength – You’ll put points on this attribute for the requirements of strength-based equipment.
  • Constitution – Put enough points here in order to equip the best shield the game has to offer.

Combat Abilities

  • Aerotheurge – The main combat ability of this build. Max this in order to deal the highest amount of air damage that you can.
  • Hydrosophist – The secondary combat ability of this build. Combine Hydrosophist attack skills and Aerotheurge attack skills to have a more effective crowd control capability. Also, the list of support skills in Hydrosophist proves excellent for survivability.
  • Necromancer – What’s good about this combat ability is the life steal when you deal damage to your enemy’s vitality. You’ll be needing a minimum of two points here in order to unlock Bone Cage.
  • Pyrokinetic – You just need a single point here to unlock Peace of Mind and Haste.
  • Scoundrel – You’ll be needing points here in order for you to unlock Adrenaline and Cloak and Dagger.

Aerotheurge Skills

  • Blinding Radiance – Your first area of effect skill that is also great for survivability. Just make sure to deplete your enemy’s magic armor first in order to maximize the effectiveness of this skill.
  • Electric Discharge – Your initial long range air damage dealing skill that can shock enemies.
  • Shocking Touch – Your initial melee air damage dealing skill that deals better damage than Electric Discharge and can also shock enemies. The scroll version of this skill only costs 1AP.
  • Vacuum Touch – A great 1AP skill that can either suffocate or silence the target based on if they have a magic armour.
  • Teleportation – The most tactically useful skill in your arsenal. Use it for positioning allies or enemies to your advantage.
  • Dazing Bolt – For hitting multiple targets with shocked air damage.
  • Nether Swap – Another skill for tactically positioning allies or enemies to your advantage. Alternatively, you can also use Nether Swap to instantly move your character instead of wasting a lot of AP for movement.
  • Uncanny Evasion – One of the best life saver skills if you’re in a difficult position.
  • Superconductor – A good area of effect skill that deals air damage and can cause shock.
  • Closed Circuit – Deals powerful damage that can instantly stun opponents with no magic armour.
  • Thunderstorm (Optional) – This is the most overpowered skill in your arsenal, but it comes at great cost (4 AP, 3 Source, and not to mention that it fills up 3 memory).

Hydrosophist Skills

  • Armour of Frost – The cheapest and the most effective way to restore your magic armour.
  • Rain – This utility skills works like a Swiss army knife. It produces massive wet surfaces that can decrease water resistance and air resistance, stun shocked characters and freeze chilled ones, reveals invisible enemies, increases fire resistance, douses burning surfaces, etc... Rain has the most number of uses among all the skills. Oftentimes you will use Rain in preparation for Ice Breaker with the help of Global Cooling.
  • Restoration – The primary source of healing. Restoration also cures some status effects. You can also use this to deal a reasonable amount of damage to undead with just 1AP.
  • Hail Strike – A good area of effect skill for freezing enemies.
  • Cleanse Wounds – A more powerful healing skill in your arsenal. By the way, one of the negative statuses that this skill can remove is decay. So you have an emergency heal for a decaying character.
  • Winter Blast – For just 2 AP, this skill can deal decent damage with chilled effect.
  • Global Cooling – Mass crowd control skill as it turns wet surface into frozen one (frozen surface can knockdown moving unit). Works best after casting Rain to spread massive wet surface first.
  • Ice Breaker – This skill deals tremendous amount of damage with only 1 AP. The only condition is that it needs a frozen surface in order for it to work. The combo here is to use Rain first, Global Cooling to freeze the surface, then Ice Breaker. That’s dealing 450% (as per wiki) to a lot of enemies for just 3 AP. Just be careful on how you use this skill since it will also damage you and your allies that is standing on frozen surface.
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Necromancer Skills

  • Bone Cage – The build’s main source of physical armour. But it requires some corpses around. The skill has really wide radius, and in case you’re at full physical armour, this raises its maximum.

Pyrokinetic Skills

  • Peace of Mind – The best general buff that you can have for only 1 AP.
  • Haste – Another good buff for 1 AP. It provides a bonus of 1 AP per turn and can cure slowed and crippled status.

Scoundrel Skills

  • Adrenaline – This will give you extra 2 AP when you badly need it.
  • Cloak and Dagger – This is your only convenient movement skill. So use it wisely.

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Encourage – A great party buffing skill that only cost 1 AP.
  • Shields Up – For recovering physical and magic armour.
  • Bless – You’re a Paladin, so you should have this skill. Bless has many uses, such us removing curse and providing some buffs.


  • Savage Sortilege – The first talent that you need to learn in order for your magical skills to deal critical damage.
  • Hothead – The talent that will greatly increase your critical hit chance. You won’t have any problem when it comes to availability of this talent due to range of healing capabilities that this build has.
  • Elemental Affinity – You’ll be standing on your own element on many situations since the play style of this build is melee to mid range.
  • Living Armour – Allows you to recover a percentage of magic armour when you heal your character.
  • Mnemonic – This is needed by this build since it relies on many skills.


  • Eternal Stormblade – Eternal Stormblade is only obtainable during Act 3. You can equip any one-handed weapon that increases critical hit chance for the meantime.
  • Shield – If you can find a shield that gives critical hit chance, use it.
  • Scrolls – This build may also rely on scrolls in case your skills are on cooldown.

It’s up to you what kind of armour and accessories you want to equip. Just balance both strength and intelligence based armour in order to have a good enough balance of physical and magic armour.

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How to Play?

At the beginning of combat, buff your character with Peace of Mind, Haste, and Encourage. When your next turn comes, nuke as many enemies as you can with Rain, Global Cooling, then Ice Breaker. Ice Breaker is powerful enough to destroy most of your enemy’s magic armour, making them vulnerable to shocked, stunned, chilled, and frozen. Unleash your arsenal of Aerotheurge skills the following turn, which will deal large damage and can also crowd control, making your enemies helpless. If all your Aerotheurge attack skills are on cooldown, you still have some Hydrosophist attack skills as backup. You can also use Aerotheurge-based magic scrolls.

If you need to play defensively, the build has multiple support skills for recovering physical and magic armour, healing, and evading enemy’s attack.

© 2020 Arc Sosangyo

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