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"Divinity Original Sin 2": Human Paladin Build Guide

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Copyright Larian Studios

Copyright Larian Studios

If you’ve been reading my build guides for years now, you’re well aware that Paladin is my favorite class to play in any kind of RPG, and Divinity Original Sin 2 is no exception.

In this article, I’ll share the build that I used during my first playthrough, which I found to be effective since it can take multiple opponents on its own. Just to clarify, this build is not a lone wolf type, but it’s up to you if you’re planning to make it one.

My Human Paladin build can deal a large amount of damage while being durable enough to take multiple physical and magical attacks from enemies. Not only is it tough, but it’s also difficult for enemies to take it down, thanks to its arsenal of healing capabilities that can benefit your allies as well.

Why Human Race?

Humans have an advantage in dealing damage due to Ingenious that grants critical chance and critical damage. Encourage also provides a damage buff via increased strength.


  • Strength – The primary attribute for this build. Increasing your damage will not only help you take out enemies quickly, but it will also increase your healing capability via life steal too. You’ll also get the benefit of being able to carry more items in your inventory.
  • Constitution – Place points in constitution if you're planning to use a shield.
  • Memory – Invest enough points in your memory in order for you to equip the needed skills for your character.
  • Wits – The second attribute that you’ll want to increase after strength. Combine with human race Ingenious and you’ll have lesser problems when it comes to increasing your critical chance.

Combat Abilities

  • Warfare – The primary combat ability for this build. This should be maxed out, since the build will heavily rely on warfare skills for dealing damage.
  • Hydrosophist – The secondary combat ability for this build. Hydrosophist skills are basically needed for the healing and buffs it provides, but it doesn’t stop there. Although this build relies on warfare for damage, it doesn’t mean it cannot wield Global Cooling and Ice Breaker for massive area of effect.
  • Necromancer – What I like about this ability is its passive life steal. The higher the level, the better life steal percentage you’ll get. For someone who is new to the game, the life steal will only work once you deal damage to vitality.
  • Scoundrel – Two points in this ability will be enough so that you can learn Adrenaline and Cloak and Dagger. For those who think it’s a waste of combat ability points, scoundrel ability increases movement speed and critical modifier.

Warfare Skills

  • Battering Ram – Your early gap closer and knockdown skill.
  • Battle Stomp – Your primary skills for knocking down enemies. Battle Stomp doesn’t affect allies and can clear non-cursed surfaces and clouds, like removing fire surfaces.
  • Bouncing Shield – A great choice if you’re planning to use shield. This skill deals huge damage since it’s based on your shield’s physical armour.
  • Crippling Blow – Your early skill that can deal large damage. It can also hit multiple units in a small area. Of course, the skill can set crippled status to enemies.
  • Blitz Attack – Another skill that can hit multiple enemies.
  • Deflective Barrier – Another good skill to add in your arsenal if you’re using a shield. Aside from being a good skill against archers, deflective barrier can restore armour too.
  • Phoenix Dive – The best gap closer skill in warfare’s arsenal, since it only costs 1AP and creates fire surface where it landed.
  • Whirlwind – A good area of effect skill that will hit all enemies around you. The radius is also decent.
  • Challenge – The skill cost no AP in Definitive Edition, so it’s a good skill to cast on enemy that you think you can already kill. Otherwise, don’t cast it if you’re not certain that you can kill it or you’ll regret it.
  • Guardian Angel – This is for protecting your squishy allies.
  • Onslaught – Many consider this to be the most powerful skill in warfare’s arsenal. It’s even more damaging than overpower. Of course, skills like this requires some source points to execute.
  • Thick of the Fight - The best damage buff in your arsenal as long as you have multiple enemies around you.

Hydrosophist Skills

  • Armour of Frost – Your early magic armour recovery skill. It can also cure some statuses.
  • Rain – Rain is the first skill to cast as a prerequisite to Ice Breaker, if there is no water surface for Global Cooling to freeze.
  • Restoration – An important early skill for healing a target character. Don’t forget that you can also use this skill to damage undead creatures.
  • Vampiric Hunger – This will increase your life steal capability. Just take note that it will only work when you deal damage to vitality. So don’t cast it until you think that you can deal damage to vitality.
  • Cleanse Wounds – You will mainly use this skill when restoration is not available due to cooldown. You won’t have any issues learning this skill since you already have the warfare ability as a prerequisite.
  • Global Cooling – Cast it in order to freeze water surfaces so you can execute Ice Breaker. This skill is already serving its purpose, so don’t waste points on intelligence attribute for the sake of boosting its damage.
  • Cryogenic Stasis – This can effectively save a dying character. Use it wisely since it will render the target incapacitated.
  • Healing Ritual – Can heal multiple allies but doesn’t bounce to your undead allies, or any allies that will be harmed from healing. By the way, Healing Ritual is fatal to group of undead enemies, it works like Chain Lightning on them.
  • Mass Cleanse Wounds – A more powerful version of cleanse wounds. Warfare is also required in order to learn this skill. It also costs a source point to use, so you can’t abuse this skill.
  • Steam Lance – Heals everything that it hits on its path. It costs some source points though.
  • Ice Breaker – The ultimate nuke skill for this build. Ice Breaker is already powerful on its own as long as you have high level of hydrosophist. So don’t waste attribute points on intelligence.

Necromancer Skills

  • Blood Sucker – This and Restoration are you early healing skills. You can safely give up this skill if you need more slots to memorize.
  • Bone Cage – The best skill for increasing physical armour. The more corpse around the skill’s radius, the more physical armour you’ll get.
  • Raining Blood – Not required but it can be used when you need a surface to freeze and Rain is not available, or you need an available blood surface for Blood Sucker. You can safely give up this skill if more slots is needed to memorize.

Scoundrel Skills

  • Adrenaline – For emergency purposes if you need more AP to finish the job.
  • Cloak and Dagger – For gap closing purpose. Because you’ll be needing every gap closing skill so that you’re not wasting AP when moving to far places.

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Encourage - Will increase your damage, including your allies. It won't affect Ice Breaker though. But it's still good special ability for 1AP.
  • Bless - A very important source skill for a Paladin. It can cure your character from certain statuses and grants an increase in accuracy, resistance, and dodge. And don't forget that it can make a blessed surface.


  • Opportunist – Learn this skill first. Opportunist allows melee characters to automatically attack an enemy if they leave your melee range. Recommended for any melee characters.
  • Living Armour – Recommended for self-healing builds. Living Armour provides percentage of free magic armour whenever your character receives healing. This includes the passive healing from necromancer ability and skills. So this talent perfectly works for this build.
  • Picture of Health – Recommended for any warfare focused build. This talent increases your vitality for every point in warfare.
  • Hothead – Grants bonus critical chance and accuracy when in full vitality. Works great with this build since it has no problem recovering vitality to full health.
  • Executioner – Grants 2AP after your character kills an enemy. Learn this skill once your damage is high enough that you can easily land killing blows. So this talent will be your least priority to learn.

How to Play?

You can either use a two-handed weapon for more damage or a one-handed weapon with shield for better defense and the ability to use Bouncing Shield and Deflective Barrier.

The full potential of this build can be seen when attacking multiple enemies. One basic approach is throwing Bouncing Shield first, then going close with Blitz Attack. You can use Adrenaline first to add Whirlwind to the combo as a final attack. You can also start things with Phoenix Dive since it only costs 1AP, so that you can do other things such as healing or buffing. Once you destroy enemy’s physical armour, you can use Battle Stomp to knock them down or Crippling Blow to make them stuck in place. How about Battering Ram to knockdown escaping foes. For dealing with a powerful threat, you can either use Onslaught or Overpower depending on situation.

You can also nuke opponents with a magic attack in a single turn. Use Cloak and Dagger first to position your character, create frozen surfaces with Rain then Global Cooling, and finally unleash Ice Breaker.

These are just the basic ways on how to maximize your offensive skills. It’s still up to you what skill combinations you prefer.

Survival part is no brainer. You have multiple healing skills for single target or group, as well as skills that can replenish physical or magic armour. Just be diligent to read the description of skills since they can remove specific negative statuses as well.

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