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How to Romance Blackwall in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Updated on October 11, 2016
Blackwall's romance tarot card
Blackwall's romance tarot card | Source

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest masterpiece in the Dragon Age series by BioWare. This role-playing fantasy adventure features unique character design, dialogue options, endless quests and a captivating storyline.

Dragon Age is also famous for its many romance options with companions and members of the Inquisition. These romances are accessible depending on your character's gender and race.

It is only possible to romance Blackwall as a female, but you can be a human, Elf, Qunari or Dwarf.

Meeting Blackwall

You get the opportunity to meet Blackwall fairly early in the game. Leliana will approach you and tell you that there is speculation that the Grey Wardens may have had something to do with the death of the Divine. If you played Dragon Age: Origins, or indeed know anything about the game universe, you'll know about Grey Wardens. However, the Herald knows nothing about them, and therefore Leliana will give you a brief explanation.

You will then need to head to the small body of water near Upper Lake Camp (roughly in the centre of the Hinterlands) to track down Blackwall.

He is talking to some conscripts, and while you're talking to him, you are attacked by bandits. They are easy to defeat, and afterwards Blackwall will tell you he has no idea where the Wardens are; he hasn't been in contact with himself, recently. You then have some dialogue options. Choose "So what's next for us?" as this is the romantic option, the first of many in your wooing. Blackwall with then offer to join the inquisition. Accept his offer.



You must gain a high Approval rating from Blackwall in order to romance him. Chat and flirt with him in Haven, ask him about his life and his time with the Grey Wardens. You can tell him he's charming and express interest in his past. When you're out adventuring, take time to help the weak, and be fair and just in your decisions.


Blackwall's Personal Quest

Ask Blackwall about the Grey Wardens. He will confess to you that he is hoping to track down Grey Warden artifacts from all over Thedas. Make it your priority to collect these on your travels. A lot of them are easy to find by simply going to the specified place and using R3 (pressing the control pad) to track down hidden items, but some of them need some extra work.

  • You need to complete the "Trouble With Darkspawn" sidequest to access the Vial of Darkspawn Blood in the Western Approach.
  • You need to complete the sidequest "Valeska's Keep" and find the key before you can access Valeska's Watch, where you'll find both of the Emprise Du Lion artifcats, the Grey Warden Armour and the Joining Chalice.
  • To get the Grey Warden Banner in The Fallow Mire, you must have the Inquisition perk "Deft Hands, Fine Tools" to unlock the door in Hargrave Keep (where you battle the Hand of Korth to free the soldiers in the "Lost Souls" sidequest). To get this perk, you must unlock three other perks in the "Secrets" option when your Insquisition influence levels up. Get this perk as soon as you can, because it provides access to all locked doors in the future.


The second part of Blackwall's personal quest will only happen after you have completed the main quests Here Lies the Abyss and Wicked Minds and Wicked Hearts.

If you choose to flirt with Blackwall, he will initially push you away. However, upon completion of the Memories of the Grey and a high approval rating, a new quest for Blackwall will be triggered: "Explanations". Travel with him to the Storm Coast to complete this quest. As you try to romance him, he will then be further conflicted with his feelings, and soon disappear from your party. A new quest, "Revelations", will be triggered.

Follow him to Val Royeaux where Blackwall will appear and make a shocking revelation. Go to the Val Royeaux prison where you will speak to Cullen. You will have several options at the War Table to decide what will happen next. Bring Blackwall back to Skyhold to judge him.



When Blackwall is brought before you to be judged, you will be faced with three dialogue options.

  • I own you. Your life continues. (This will end the relationship with Blackwall)
  • The Wardens will decide.
  • You're free, if you atone.

Choose either of the second two. If you have successfully romanced Blackwall up to this point, he will approach you and lay down his heart about his feelings. You will be given four dialogue options, two of which will end the relationship with him and two of which will continue it.

  • Love without trust is nothing (end the relationship).
  • You overstep your bounds (end the relationship).
  • Let's start over (continue the relationship).
  • I couldn't let you go (continue the relationship).

After that, you enter a full relationship with Blackwall. Quest complete!


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