"Dragon Age Origins" (2009): The Dark Ritual Pros and Cons

Updated on February 15, 2020
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Ash has a fanatical love of "Dragon Age: Origins." It is her favorite in the series.

How Morrigan appears in the Concept Morrigan mod.
How Morrigan appears in the Concept Morrigan mod.

Dragon Age: Origins is a 2009 classic role-playing game, but if you're reading this article, chances are you already knew that.

For people who need a refresher, however, the Dark Ritual in "Origins" was a "major" plot choice that was played up as huge and serious business. By Dragon Age Inquisition, however—like so many other choices in Dragon Age—it turned out to be not much of a big deal.

Not to attack Bioware, but Dragon Age—unlike the Mass Effect franchise—is pretty famous for backing out of plot decisions. A lot of fans were angry and disappointed about this over the years, but it kept happening because Dragon Age: Origins was never meant to be a series. It was created with the assumption that it would never be that popular (bisexual characters probably being a huge part of that), and so, without them having planned ahead of time, it was hard to follow up on those plot choices.

I say Mass Effect was different because we were told in the first game that Cerberus was evil, the geth were victims, and the genophage was wrong—and Bioware stuck to that for three games.

Unfortunately, the people writing for the Dragon Age franchise took the liberty of rewriting the lore multiple times. So, after playing "Origins" again for the first time in years, I asked myself if the Dark Ritual even mattered.

Like everything else in a classic RPG, in the end, it comes down to your specific character and how you role play them.

Kieran was so cute, though.
Kieran was so cute, though. | Source

Pros and Cons

In this article, we will not be taking Kieran (Morrigan's son in Inquisition) into consideration because the Warden can't see into the future (that's called metagaming!). Instead, we will weigh the pros and cons at the time that the Warden is propositioned.


  • You don't know what Morrigan intends to do with the Old God soul.
  • You're being asked to participate in blood magic, which has been expressed throughout the game as dangerous and "bad." Depending on your character, they could be against it.
  • It's possible Flemeth will get the Old God soul and do something awful with it. Even if you "killed" Flemeth, Morrigan will tell you that what you did didn't really kill her, just bought Morrigan time.
  • You are forcing an unborn child to become an abomination. Morrigan is correct to say the fetus isn't really a "child" yet—more like a seed—but that fetus will eventually grow into a child that must share its body with an ancient being's soul—and all without the consent of the child. That's . . . pretty messed up. And it's ironic, considering Morrigan wanted you to kill Flemeth so that she wouldn't be forced to host Mythal.
  • You don't know if the Dark Ritual will really work. Morrigan might be feeding you a line just so she can capture an Old God's soul for nefarious purposes. It doesn't mean your life will be protected. But then, whether your Warden believes Morrigan or not depends on her relationship with your Warden.
  • If you didn't romance Morrigan, you have to sleep with her yourself or get someone else to sleep with her. Whether you love or hate Morrigan, that kinda sucks.
  • You might force Alistair to father a bastard, even though he himself hated that life and will hate himself for behaving just like his father—having a bastard child through casual sex with a woman he didn't care for (Alistair doesn't know about Fiona, his real mother).


  • The Warden lives.
  • If it's Alistair's baby, there's an heir to the throne.

The cons outweigh the pros, huh?

But what does it look like from the prospective of each Warden?

Morrigan heads through the mirror.
Morrigan heads through the mirror. | Source

Male Warden Who Romanced Morrigan

If you're playing a male Warden who romanced Morrigan, the choice regarding the Dark Ritual should be pretty damn easy.

Bioware wrote this game with a bunch of horny young male gamers in mind, so why wouldn't the majority of them have gone immediately for the side-boob witch who tries to have sex with them before even reaching Lothering?

Because this game was catered to them, Morrigan easily has the Happily Ever After romance. Do the Dark Ritual, and you not only get to have a family with the woman you love—you also get to go through a mirror into a magical elven world and live in domestic bliss with her! What's more, you get to meet your kid and see your "wife" again in Dragon Age: Inquisition!

All this catering to one demographic, who will still turn around and swear Bioware is ignoring them in favor of "duh gays."

All that being said, what are the cons in this situation? The Warden survives the Blight by sleeping with the woman he loves!

Granted, you could role-play a male Warden who is hurt that Morrigan lied from day one. I romanced Morrigan as a male, and it's obvious through a great deal of her dialogue that she's worried you'll be angry when she tells you the truth of why she's there and why she kept sleeping with you.

She just wanted your "demon baby" the whole time. She didn't know she would fall in love with you and come to care about you. If you pay attention, it's obvious she's afraid that when the time comes, you'll react in anger and will refuse to allow her to save your life.

A male Warden who romanced Morrigan can refuse the Dark Ritual—in fact, it would make for some awesome role-play—but let's be honest: most gamers won't. It's more fun to survive and chase Morrigan through Witch Hunt using the ring she gave you.

I mean, who doesn't love a happy ending?

Zevran kisses an elven male Warden.
Zevran kisses an elven male Warden. | Source

Male Warden Who Romanced Leliana or Zevran

If you play a male Warden who romances Leliana or Zevran, you basically have to cheat on your lover with someone else in order to save your own skin.

It would have been much better if you were allowed to talk to Zevran and Leliana about it the way female Warden can talk to Alistair. Instead, you are left to feel as if you went behind your lover's back like a creep, all to avoid doing your duty and saving your own ass.

I don't know how anyone can do it and not feel scummy. I guess if you have the immature view that sex is something casual that you just toss around to any old person. If that were the case, absolutely no one would care about cheating.

Yes, your life is more important than the fact that you cheated. I'm sure Zevran and Leliana would understand that. What makes it all seem terrible is the fact that you don't include them in this decision, even though it affects them as well. It's like you make the decision for them.

Imagine if your husband or wife went off to get pregnant/get someone pregnant without discussing it with you!

And what are your other options? To make Alistair do it? To make Loghain do it?

I could see asking Loghain to do it. He doesn't seem to mind at all. But Alistair? Alistair hates Morrigan. Making him have sex with Morrigan is all levels of rapey.

So in the end, it seems the best thing to do is to either a) not do the ritual or b) cheat on your partner and do it yourself. If you're going to do something morally questionable, at least do it your damn self and don't drag someone else into it!

Forcing Alistair/Loghain to do what you're perfectly capable of doing is pretty cowardly.

Fan art of the dwarven Warden princess and Leliana. So cute. ^^
Fan art of the dwarven Warden princess and Leliana. So cute. ^^ | Source

Female Warden Who Romanced Zevran or Leliana

Which brings us to the female Warden.

Obviously, the female Warden can't knock Morrigan up herself, so she is forced to either a) decline the offer or b) ask her male Warden companion to do it.

Again, asking Alistair to sleep with someone he hates in order to save your life is pretty shitty. And why in God's name does Alistair have to sleep with Morrigan in order to make a baby? He doesn't. All Morrigan requires is his seed, which could be inseminated without sex.

They wanted the Dark Ritual to be an emotional, loving night of intimacy for the Wardens who romanced Morrigan, while screwing over the ones who did not.

Once again, I always feel better about asking Loghain to do it. While I don't condone casual sex, he's not only doing it to save the Warden's life—he's saving his own life as well!

And what's more, he doesn't seem to mind. He doesn't hate Morrigan like Alistair and is fairly indifferent toward her. Meanwhile, Morrigan seems to be mildly attracted to Loghain, if you listen to their party banters.

The entire thing is less scummy if Loghain does it versus Alistair, who is clearly uncomfortable with what's happening and doesn't want it at all.

With the female Warden, she's not the one sleeping with Morrigan, so there's no reason for her run and get Leliana's or Zevran's opinion or approval. It would be good for her to tell them about it later, though. And according to Inquisition, the Warden informs Leliana.

Alistair and elven female Warden.
Alistair and elven female Warden. | Source

Female Warden Who Romanced Alistair

God help any straight female gamer who played a female Warden and romanced Alistair.

When I romanced Alistair, I didn't care about the Dark Ritual or have a huge attachment to Alistair because I'm a lesbian (those mods that make Morrigan and Leliana sleep together piss me off, though). If anything, I thought Alistair's reaction to being asked to sleep with Morrigan was hilarious—not that I didn't feel bad about making him sleep with someone he hated, but I digress.

If you romanced Alistair, then chances are you didn't conscript Loghain, Alistair is still in your party, and thus, Alistair is the only option for the Dark Ritual.

The Warden can't even ask Riordan to do it. Alistair is purposely set up to be the only one who can impregnate Morrigan. This is pretty shitty for female gamers who allowed themselves to get emotionally invested in these characters. Shitty but not surprising. Most female protagonists in Bioware games have crappy romances full of angsty drama like this (Blackwall, Solas, Thane, and Kaidan to name a few), while male gamers get to tip-toe through tulips with their love interest.

The female Warden is pretty much boxed into a corner. If she wants to live, she has to let her boyfriend bang someone she might hate. And even if Morrigan is the female Warden's sister at heart, the entire thing is still pretty messed up.

A lot of people will cry "It's just sex!" but there's no such thing as "just sex." And I'm pretty certain they wouldn't feel that way if they were forced to watch their girlfriend bang someone else—which is exactly what happens with the creepy Alistair/Morrigan scene in the game.

When I played a female Warden who romanced Alistair, I tried both options. With my Dalish, she chose to die. With my elven mage, she talked Alistair into sleeping with Morrigan. I always thought both outcomes were pretty great, but the choice of sacrifice was my favorite for a long time—not because I didn't want to rent out Alistair but because I loved the ending and the Warden's funeral.

And again, making Alistair sleep with someone he doesn't want to sleep with is pretty rapey. Doesn't matter if you're romancing him. You're asking him to impregnate someone and become a father and have sex with someone he hates.

That's not a little thing you're asking there.

Thankfully, my ideal ending is to marry Alistair to Anora, romance Leliana, and have Loghain father Kieran.

Less gross rapey-ness all around!

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