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“Dying Light 2: Stay Human” Essential Tips and Tricks

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Mark is a college lecturer from Liverpool. He has a keen interest in Japanese culture and loves video games. A proud father and grandfather.


Dying Light 2: Stay Human improves massively on the first game in every aspect. Some of the skills you learned playing Dying Light are still relevant, and there are plenty of new things to learn.

Here are some of the things I wish I had known prior to starting the game which will help you on your first playthrough. There are no story spoilers in this article as exploring and discovery are some of the highlights of the game.

1. Invest In Your Stamina First

As you explore the world, you will come across GRE containers, which contain Inhibitor Injectors. When you get three injectors, you can use them to increase either your Health or Stamina. I strongly recommend putting your points into Stamina first. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Stamina enables you to climb for longer.
  • It gives you more swings during combat.
  • It increases your Immunity when out at night.

You can upgrade your Health a bit later, but you can always heal when you need to. However, if you run out of Stamina while climbing, you will fall.


2. The Best Parkour Abilities to Get First

The most helpful Abilities to get first are the ones which help you climb faster, higher and allow you to fall further. Invest in:

  • DART, which gives you a burst of speed when you press L3 (PlayStation 5).
  • FIRM GRIP, which helps you grip onto ledges after a long jump.
  • FAST CLIMB speeds up your climbing so you can get to the top before your Stamina runs out.
  • ACTIVE LANDING. Press the roll button just before landing to prevent fall damage.
  • SAFE LANDING allows you to fall from greater heights.

3. The Best Combat Skills to Get First

As you get stronger, the combat becomes more brutal and the enemies will be stronger, too. As you invest in your Combat Skills, here are the best ones for the first few hours of gameplay.

  • PERFECT PARRY. This gives you a big advantage against human enemies. Practice the timing and it is invaluable early on in the game.
  • PERFECT DODGE. Dodging is the main way of avoiding damage from enemies' heavy attacks as they cannot be parried. Right bumper button and move the left joystick to dodge.
  • DROP KICK. Try and get to the Drop Kick as soon as you can. In the first game it was over-powered, but they have increased its effectiveness in the second game. It allows you to kick enemies off buildings and also take out a crowd when they are overwhelming you. Press the right bumper and the left bumper twice to drop kick.
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4. Use Your Binoculars

Go to a high point and use your binoculars. They pinpoint new features and activities and place a marker on your map. Do this regularly to find hidden areas. This is an exciting and invaluable new feature to take note of points of interest.


5. Don't Miss Out on the Night Time

Going out at night is nowhere near as scary as it was in the first game when you are just travelling, but the second game forces you to go out at night by making a lot of missions night time only. You get double XP for any combat and parkour you do during the night but be warned: if you die before morning, you lose all the XP you earned.

You need to get trophies from rare infected to upgrade your tools etc and the easiest way to do this is by finding an area near a safe zone and initiate a chase by getting spotted by a Howler. You can recognise these by their orange Veins. They scream when they spot you attracting the faster Virals.

How to Farm XP Fast

Jump into the back of a van and use it as a bottleneck. As the chase level increases, the number of enemies increases and the rarer ones attack you, too. Just keep swinging and healing and once the chase is over, go and sleep to get the XP and all the trophies to upgrade and buy what you need.


6. Have Fun Exploring

Try and complete as much of the side content and explore all the markers in the first area before you progress in the story. This will get you up to a decent level before you tackle the next zone.

The side missions are interesting, they have put some effort into making them all different and not just "fetch" quests. They also reward you with a decent weapon and XP.

7. Try a Barbecue to Get Loot

One of the best ways to kill zombies has been kept in the game. There are Military Convoys and Evacuation Convoys that have been abandoned but contain high-value loot.

They are usually swarmed all over by zombies including a few large zombies with huge weapons. Try standing on a ledge nearby and throw a firecracker as a distraction. As they are attracted to the firecracker, throw Molotov Cocktails. You may get one two virals climbing to attack you, but this is by far the best way to clear an area.


8. Most of All, Have Fun!

Dying Light 2: Stay Human has been designed to be played the way you want to. However you decide to play, whether you are a completionist or you are going to just complete the story, have fun. I hope these tips will help you on your journey.

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