Easy levelling in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Updated on January 3, 2013

Levelling in any RPG can be a pain, and Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are no exception. Indeed, the latest generation of games is made somewhat harder than the previous thanks to the ousting of the Vs. Seeker as a useable item. Re-battling old trainers is not what it once was.

Fortunately, there's another way to level up your pokémon. A sneaky, simple, easy-to-miss way - and it's all thanks to this critter.



Audinos are the Chanseys of Pokémon Black and White. They don't hit hard and crumble easily to physical attacks, but are quite resistant to special attacks. With their normal-type status they are incredibly easy prey for fighting-type pokémon, and aren't much harder when faced by any pokémon with a physical move. Even low-level pokémon can typically beat an Audino... so long as it's not being used by a halfway competent trainer, anyway.

There is one big difference that sets Audinos apart from Chanseys, however: unlike their eggy counterparts, Audinos are easy to find in the wild. You just need to know where to look - and when you do, you'll be raking in the experience.


Audinos are only found in grass, which means they're only found outside, and the grass has to be rustling. This adds up to a lot of walking. Stand outside a grassy patch and walk around until there's movement in the grass. Rush over to that bush and you'll find an Audino waiting. Beat it up and enjoy a massive amount of experience points - even more if your pokémon is of a low level, and is carrying a Lucky Egg.

Because you're doing this outside, you can expedite the process by hopping on your bike whenever you want to level. Just be careful not to accidentally overshoot the rustling bush, as a fight with a different pokémon in the grass will send you back to square one. Consider using a Repel in large grassy areas.

Where can you do this?

Anywhere. Absolutely anywhere. If you find an outdoor patch of grass and it's shaking, you're about to face an Audino. They provide abnormally large amounts of experience no matter when you fight them, so Audinos can easily constitute your primary source of experience regardless of when in the game you fight them -

- though once you get to the end you may as well fight the highest level Audinos available. Those are found in the Giant Chasm in the far north of Unova. Once you've gained access to Giant Chasm, there's little point to levelling anywhere else... save, perhaps, the Pokémon League.


The average Pokémon player may not care a whit about Effort Points, or EVs. More experienced players, on the other hand, probably don't want to waste their precious points on Audinos. They provide 2 HP EVs with each battle, so unless you really want a pokémon with a massive HP, avoid Audino hunting until you know you've maxed our your EVs in other areas.


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