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"Diablo 3" Quest Lore Book Guide: Eavesdropper (Act II)


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This guide will cover where players can find all of the Quest Lore Books that need to be found in Act II of the video game Diablo 3 for the Eavesdropper achievement. There are 14 books to find in the group altogether, spread through various locals, which provide lore and background information on the events taking place.

**Spoiler Warning**
Some of these journal entries may give away certain plot points or secrets of the game. Proceed with caution.

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"Eavesdropper" Contents:

  1. Missive to Maghda, Part 1
  2. Guard's Orders
  3. The Feared Hero
  4. Missive to Maghda, Part 2
  5. Proclamation from the Imperial Guard
  6. Deceiver's Orders, Part 1
  7. Deceiver's Orders, Part 2
  8. Hunter's Journal, Part 1
  9. Hunter's Journal, Part 6
  10. Hunter's Journal, Part 2
  11. Hunter's Journal, Part 3
  12. Deceiver's Orders, Part 3
  13. Hunter's Journal, Part 4
  14. Hunter's Journal, Part 5

During the quest Shadows in the Desert, you will go through the Hidden Conclave to find and disrupt a ritual being performed there. Inside this small house, you will find a bunch of cultists to kill. Look in the corner of the room for the corpse of a person labeled the Tortured Cultist Courier. Search this corpse for the journal.

This journal can be found quite easily at the Khasim Outpost. There should be a box labeled Imperial Guard Supplies right next to a couple of guards standing watch (or not if you killed them already). Open up the box and claim the journal that falls out.

In the Stinging Winds region of Act II of Diablo 3, where you pass through during The Road to Alcarnus and City of Blood, there is a small coven camp which has a small chance of spawning in the same locations as the Crumbling Vault and the Chamber of the Lost Idol. It can be on either side of the area, as divided by the Khasim Outpost, so checking both will be necessary.

You can use either of the guides linked for the locations which share the same spawn to find the camp as they have more detailed information regarding running for their locations. If you find the camp, clear out the enemies within and loot the satchel for The Feared Hero journal.

Thew second of two parts in the Missive to Maghda series, which tells of Belials displeasure with the witch who serves him, can be found in the Alcarnus area, normally traveled through during the quest City of Blood. In Alcarnus, you can usually find two corpses with a special label "Tortured Coven Minion." Activate one of these corpses to drop the journal. There is nothing the second really gives other than making it easier to find at least one.

After starting the quest A Royal Audience, on your way to talking to Asheara, check the Caldeum Bazaar for an Imperial Guard's Pack, which in my case was located just upon entering the bazaar. This pack will drop the journal Proclamation from the Imperial Guard. This object cannot be found before this point in Act II.

During the quest Unexpected Allies in Act II of Diablo 3, you will go through the Sewers of Caldeum on your way to the Wretched Pit to rescue Adria. Somewhere in the sewers will be an Envoy of Belial, which is basically a useable corpse of the snake-like minions that populate the area. Use the corpse to make it disintegrate and drop this journal.

Once you've made it to the quest Betrayer of the Horadrim and have entered the Dahlgur Oasis, search around for another Envoy of Belial that looks just like before. It can be somewhat random where it will spawn, however, a sample picture is included above. When found, search its corpse for the second of three parts in this series.

This journal is found right as you enter the Forgotten Ruins dungeon, which is located in the Dahlgur Oasis. You will come here in search of the head of Zulton Kulle during the quest Betrayer of the Horadrim in Act II of Diablo 3. Look near where you enter the dungeon and there should be a satchel named Hunter's Journal laying directly nearby.

The next part of the Hunter's Journal series you find takes things a bit out of order, going to the last numerically but second in order found. At the end of your search for Kulle's head in the Forgotten Ruins, you will have to fight the Ancient Guardian unique mob which spawns once you grab the head. Finish your fight with the mini-boss and collect the journal which drops as loot from its corpse.

The third journal you can find in this series, and number two in the way it was written, can be located within the Western Channel which is traveled through during the quest Blood and Sand. Within the area, you will find another Hunter's Journal satchel, which contains part two. It may take more than one run if you are unlucky, since in my initial run of the Western Channel, a satchel for this journal did not spawn.

The fourth journal you can find in this series will be located within the Vault of the Assassin, one of the dungeons you will have to enter to retrieve Zoltun Kulle's blood during the quest Blood and Sand. Upon retrieving the item you are sent for in this dungeon, the journal will spawn right from where you took the blood from, at the same time as a unique Skeletal Summoner mob which you will have to fight. Down the chump and pick up part three. There is a second spot that can spawn this pack, right next to the entrance to Kulle's archives.

The final journal in Belial's series, you will need to search around the Desolate Sands area for another Envoy of Belial that looks just the same as the others. In my case, I found him against the western edge of the map, towards the southern end. Chances are the corpse can move around a bit, but like most objects in this region, has a convenient tendency to stand out from all the rock and mostly nothingness.

During the quest The Black Soulstone, you will have to make your way through two dungeons to unlock the Shadow Locks, which keep Zoltun Kulle's body locked away in the shadow realm. If you want the journals in order, go through the Storm Halls in the Terminus first to find part four in a Hunter's Journal pack right beside the Shadow Lock itself.

The fifth part of the journal series only seems to drop in the Unknown Depths, one of the two locations you have to travel through to unlock the Shadow Locks that keep Kulle's body locked away within his archives. It does not matter which order you go through the two dungeons with the locks, the same journals will always drop out of each, so if you go to the Unknown Depths first, you will receive part five before part four.

You will find this journal in a Hunter's Journal pack right next to the Shadow Lock itself.

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