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Updated on February 23, 2019
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Wearing a full suit of the Ebony Armor
Wearing a full suit of the Ebony Armor | Source

This crafting guide serves to cover the Ebony Armor set of items created with the Smithing skill and the utilization of a Forge or Anvil in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In this guide you will find the profit margins associated with crafting each item along with all their base stats, value to weight ration and an ingredients list.

Ebony defensive equipment is considered to be heavy armor, deriving armor ratings from your skill and perks in that tree. It takes 80 levels in the Smithing skill to unlock the perk which allows you to craft all Ebony items, including the Ebony Weapons which are covered separately. Definitely on the high end of damage protection, they are outpaced by Daedric Armor which is the next group of craftable items up the tree.

The items in this crafting group are hard to find in the wild until you get past level 48 or so, becoming more commonplace after 50. Since you can utilize this armor before then, it is highly suggested those looking for a full suit go the Smithing route since it will take you a long time to accrue one otherwise. Occasionally they are also sold by merchants, but are expensive to purchase.

Finally it takes a single Ebony Ingot to improve the quality of these armors at a Workbench.

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Ebony Armor
Ebony Armor | Source

Ebony Armor

Chest Piece Heavy Armor

The Ebony Armor chest piece, like other armors of its type is the most profitable piece to craft in the set. Curved and spiral designs serve as highlights around the bottom of the shoulder pad pieces, the collar, arm pits, waist and wrists. The section of armor shown covering the chest in the piece in the bottom right, overlapping the rest, is actually one of the two thigh pads that actually cover the lower sides of your character.

Armor Stats

  • Weight: 38
  • Gold Value: 1500
  • Gold per pound: 39.47
  • Base Armor Rating: 43
  • Form ID: 00013961

Ebony Armor Ingredients List:

  • Ebony Ingot x5
  • Leather Strips x3

Value of Crafting Materials: 759 Gold
Profit Margin: +741 Gold (+97.6%)

Ebony Boots
Ebony Boots | Source

Ebony Boots

Foot Piece Heavy Armor

The Ebony Boots are made of several sheets of ebony metal, finely crafted to serve as protection for your feet and legs, with panels that fan out above the shins. Fitted with similar curving designs as the rest of the set, the pattern on the central front actually seems to make a heart.

Armor Stats

  • Weight: 7
  • Gold Value: 275
  • Gold per pound: 39.29
  • Base Armor Rating: 16
  • Form ID: 00013960

Ebony Boots Ingredients List:

  • Ebony Ingot x3
  • Leather Strips x2

Value of Crafting Materials: 456 Gold
Profit Margin: -181 Gold (-39.7%)

Ebony Gauntlets
Ebony Gauntlets | Source

Ebony Gauntlets

Hand Piece Heavy Armor

Typically gauntlets, while being on the low scale of the profit margin, are not made for a loss. However the Ebony Gauntlets do, being the second least profitable item to craft. On the other side however, they have a high armor rating like the rest of the set and feature one of the most intricate design patterns as well, covering a majority of the piece. Punching a Hagraven in the face with these would probably make the creature look better.

Armor Stats

  • Weight: 7
  • Gold Value: 275
  • Gold per pound: 39.29
  • Base Armor Rating: 16
  • Form ID: 00013962

Ebony Gauntlets Ingredients List:

  • Ebony Ingot x2
  • Leather Strips x2

Value of Crafting Materials: 306 Gold
Profit Margin: -31 Gold (-10.1%)

Ebony Helmet
Ebony Helmet | Source

Ebony Helmet

Head Piece Heavy Armor

The Ebony Helmet covers almost the entire face with the exception of an eye slit, not that you would generally notice it since light is blocked from shining off the wearer's face. The sides of the helmet feature pieces that extend out to the left and right over the ears giving a look of having face wings. Curving runic designs cover the majority of the lower front portion.

Armor Stats

  • Weight: 10
  • Gold Value: 750
  • Gold per pound: 75
  • Base Armor Rating: 21
  • Form ID: 00013963

Ebony Helmet Ingredients List:

  • Ebony Ingot x3
  • Leather Strips x2

Value of Crafting Materials: 456 Gold
Profit Margin: +294 Gold (+64.5%)

Ebony Shield
Ebony Shield | Source

Ebony Shield

Heavy Armor Shield

The Ebony Shield consists of any oval shaped piece of ebony metal sculpted with many varying ridges and sections cut into its surface, putting it in the more elegant categories of shields. Besides being among the best craftable shields, this piece of equipment is decorated with some of the same runic designs that are shared by the rest of the set.

Armor Stats

  • Weight: 14
  • Gold Value: 750
  • Gold per pound: 53.57
  • Base Armor Rating: 32
  • Form ID: 00013964

Ebony Shield Ingredients List:

  • Ebony Ingot x4
  • Leather Strips x1

Value of Crafting Materials: 603 Gold
Profit Margin: +147 Gold (+24.4%)


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