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"Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim": Sith Build Guide for Beginners

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Copyright Bethesda Softworks LLC

Copyright Bethesda Softworks LLC

I had previously created a Jedi build for Skyrim. Now to bring balance to the force, it is also necessary to make a Sith build.

This is a Sith-inspired build from the Star Wars franchise. A Sith is a force wielder devoted to the dark side of the force because of their obsession with power. Driven by anger and hate, a Sith is also proficient in wielding lightsabers.

There are two ways to play this character. Either with one-hand weapons with spells on the other hand or by wielding spells (like force lightning) on both hands.

To create a Sith-like character in Skyrim, use these recommended spells and perks.

Spells and Shouts

I only recommend spells that will be used during the endgame.


  • Unrelenting Force: This is the closest thing to a force push.
  • Whirlwind Spirit
  • Aura Whisper: For detecting life force around you.
  • Dismay: A shout that strikes fear.


  • Bound Sword: The main weapon of the build and the closest thing to a lightsaber.


For the sake of this build, the only spells I placed here are those that I believe work like force lightning.

  • Sparks
  • Wall of Storms
  • Lightning Storms


A Sith uses mind control in a from of either fear or anger to manipulate people.

  • Invisibility
  • Frenzy Rune
  • Rout
  • Hysteria
  • Mayhem


  • Detect Life: A Sith can feel everything around them.
  • Detect Dead: This includes sensing the undead.
  • Telekinesis: A Sith can make an object move.
  • Ebony Flesh
  • Dragonhide: This provides an effect for max armor.


Here are the recommended perks you should use.


A Sith is a master manipulator that is able to use the individual's greatest fear to convert and manipulate.

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  • Novice Illusion
  • Illusion Dual Casting
  • Animage
  • Apprentice Illusion
  • Hypnotic Gaze
  • Kindred Mage
  • Adept Illusion
  • Aspect of Terror
  • Quiet Casting
  • Rage
  • Expert Illusion
  • Master of the Mind
  • Master Illusion


For increasing the damage of Bound Sword.

  • Novice Conjuration
  • Mystic Binding: This perk increases the damage of the Bound Sword spell.


This is specifically for increasing the effectiveness of shock spells that work like force lightning.

  • Novice Destruction
  • Destruction Dual Casting
  • Apprentice Destruction
  • Augmented Shock(2): Increases the damage of all shock spells.
  • Impact: Will stagger an opponent whenever you cast a spell with both hands.
  • Adept Destruction
  • Disintegrate: This will instantly kill and disintegrate enemies if their health is low.
  • Expert Destruction
  • Master Destruction


Alteration will make up for the armor rating of just wearing clothes.

  • Novice Alteration
  • Apprentice Alteration
  • Mage Armor(3): Since the character is just relying on clothes, this will make protection spells stronger.
  • Magic Resistance(3): For better resistance against magic attacks.
  • Adept Alteration
  • Alteration Dual Casting
  • Stability: This with dual casting will greatly increase the duration of protection spells. It's especially useful during longer fights.
  • Expert Alteration
  • Atronach: This is another form of protection against magic attacks.


This increases a Sith's proficiency on using a sword.

  • Armsman (5/5): Max this perk first. It's the most important perk for increasing the damage of the sword.
  • Fighting Stance
  • Bladesman (3/3)
  • Savage Strike


A Sith relies on greed to have more.

  • Haggling (5/5)
  • Allure
  • Bribery
  • Merchant
  • Persuasion
  • Investor
  • Intimidation
  • Fence
  • Master Trader


The important perk here is Snakeblood, which grants 50% resistance to all poisons. The rest are just for prerequisite.

  • Alchemist (1/5)
  • Physician
  • Benefactor
  • Experimenter (1/3)
  • Snakeblood

It's up to you where to place the remaining points.


  • Health: This is the primary attribute to survive longer in melee fights.
  • Magicka: Get 600 or more magicka. You can put more magicka if you prefer to go all out with destructive spells.
  • Stamina: Get enough for power attacks.


I will leave it up to you on what kind of race you'll be using for this build.


Any kind of enchanted clothes will do for the build. You can use something like mage clothes.

If you desire to make overpowered enchanted clothes, you may refer to this article.

© 2021 Arc Sosangyo

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