"Diablo 3" Event Location Guide: Eternal War

Updated on February 24, 2020
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The Nephalem Monument that activates the event.As mentioned, Eternal War usually spawns pretty close to the waypoint.
The Nephalem Monument that activates the event.
The Nephalem Monument that activates the event.
As mentioned, Eternal War usually spawns pretty close to the waypoint.
As mentioned, Eternal War usually spawns pretty close to the waypoint.

Finding the Event

The Eternal War event in Diablo 3 is found within the region of the Festering Woods, an area traveled through during the quest The Broken Blade, but can just as easily be accessed via waypoint later in Act I.

Finding the event can be a little difficult, as the marker is a small square rock, named the Nephalem Monument, which looks like one of the many stone columns found throughout the woods, except lowered into the ground. The event itself seems to spawn only every so often, but common enough to find it about every other run or so.

Finally, it seems to be best to search in the immediate vicinity of the waypoint for the Festering Woods, as the Nephalem Monument appears frequently within a small radius around it. It is entirely possible and common for both this and Last Stand of the Ancients to be present in this map at the same time. Check the pictures to the top right for a sample map location and the monument itself.

There is an achievement for completing this event and another specifically for doing so in co-op.

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Apparitions appearing at the start.Fighting off the horde.
Apparitions appearing at the start.
Apparitions appearing at the start.
Fighting off the horde.
Fighting off the horde.

Eternal War

"We're cut off! They'll be upon us at any moment! Stand firm, brothers, and they will sing of our valor through the ages. The enemy is here! For glory!"

- Apparition

"Skewer the nephalem curs!

- Returned

1. Defeat the enemies of the Nephalem spirits.

Activate the monument and it will rise from the ground, starting the event with a group of Nephalem apparitions that circle about the stone, reenacting a battle from the past it seems. They will soon disappear, right as waves of enemies begin to spawn and attack you.

The first wave will consist of Ghouls and Returned. Once you've down most or all of them, wave 2 comes with nothing but Ghouls, followed in turn by the final wave of Enraged Phantoms and Ghouls mixed together. Once the final wave is down you'll receive the typical experience and gold event completion reward. There is no extra item reward and no elites or champions, so the main challenge here just comes in fighting a larger group of enemies, a good time to make use of AOE or multiple target type spells and attacks.

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