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"FFXIV": A Guide to Making Gil in "Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn"

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Who Am I to Talk?

I am an avid gamer, having played MMOs for about 12 years. Professionally, I teach Economics and have a vast background in economics and business. Together, this has lead me to profit in any MMO I have played. I have played FFXIV for about a year. On an average week, I can make about 5 million gil. I have all 50 Crafting and Gathering Classes and have a wealth of experience in the market psychology, sociology, and economics.

What Is Gil?

Gil is the current standardized currency of Eorzea. It can be obtained by players by completing quests and levequests, defeating certain enemies, or selling various items to NPCs or on the Market Boards. The symbol representing Gil in text appears to be a mixture of an inverted G and a P, perhaps a reference to the abbreviation "GP" that is sometimes used in the franchise. Though the appearance of gil coins can vary by mint (and likely by denomination), the face on the coin icon in the User Interface is that of Nymeia, the Spinner, Goddess of Fate.

Selling on the Market

Obviously, one of the only ways to make gil is to sell things on the market. Since selling to a vendor, or "vendoring" items is usually worthless, it is important to know how the FFXIV marketplace works. It is really complex, but if you keep a few rules in mind, you can maximize your profits.

Current Market Prices for Horn Ring (Sargatanas)

Current Market Prices for Horn Ring (Sargatanas)

Market Highs and Lows

There are many things that influence market pricing. In economics, the quickest way to describe this is supply and demand. Without turning this into an economics class, I will list some important concepts that should guide your decisions for profit maximization. Remember, these are generalizations and do not always happen with every item.

Supply is how much of an item exists. Demand is how much people want it.
Supply interacts with demand to raise and lower prices.
High demand, low supply? High prices. Low demand, high supply? Low prices.

  • Time of the DAY (real world) impacts supply and demand.
    Supply goes up the more people are on. So does demand, slightly.
    You are more likely to be undercut during the day, but transactions happen more quickly.
    Price drops during the day, and raises overnight.
  • Day of the WEEK impacts supply and demand.
    Weekends increases supply, as lots more are online.
    Demand rises, but you will be selling at (much) lower prices.
    To get the best selling prices, sell weekdays. Best buying on weekends.
    Free weekends impact supply: markets flood with long forgotten goods in old inventories.
  • Events impact supply and demand.
  • Patch cycles impact supply and demand.
    If there is a new patch/expansion coming soon: prices rise or fall.
    Demand becomes nonexistant for items that will be replaced.
    Demand becomes high for items needed in the next patch.
  • The more common the item, the more unstable the price can be.
    If it takes 1-2 components to craft, it is common. If you can get it from a vendor, it is common. If someone notices a common item on the market for a high price, it will be immediately undercut. It is not recommended to buyout a product, or mass buy a product with intent to resell if it is common.

Reselling Items on the Market From Vendors

Reselling can be a really quick way to make a lot of money. I will give a few examples of this in the following table, but be mindful that everyone reading this will now know and competition will make prices fall from when this was written.


Some people say reselling from vendors is predatory to new players. However, I would disagree. As I will cover later, demand for most items you would run to the market for is NOT high from new players, and you are essentially targeting more wealthy, multi-class players who are being lazy. You are essentially profiting from providing a quick fix for them. (They could easily look up the item, track it down, and pay for it themselves.)


  • Beast Tribe Vendors are not checked as often and easily forgotten. They sell crafting materials that can sell for a lot.
  • is a great resource for looking up what different vendors have and comparing them to the current market.
  • High demand items include: Rings, Crafting Materials, Gear, etc. Think about what you needed.

Reselling from Vendors: Examples

These prices are from Sargatanas Server and may vary depending on time and location.

Item NameItem Vendor CostItem Market Price

Coral Ring



Undyed Velveteen



Linen Yarn




Obviously, spiritbonding and assimilating Materia is a great way to make some extra cash. Materia can sell from 1000-500,000 gil. Desynthisization's Demimateria can sell from 3000-70000 gil. Sometimes you can even get components from desynth that cost more than the original item (not including demimateria). You can check out a lot of current desynth results at the gamerescape link above by searching specific items and knowing what it takes to make them.

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Weaving in FFXIV can get you tons of gil depending on what you create!

Weaving in FFXIV can get you tons of gil depending on what you create!

Make Gil Crafting and Gathering

Honestly, without crafting and gathering, you are going to take a LONG time making money. You can easily level up crafting and its corresponding gathering class to 50 if you have the patience and want a lot of money. I will go over high demand items below, so keep them in mind while you level. Prepare for lots of money!

Personal Screenshot - Vanity Item Set

Personal Screenshot - Vanity Item Set

High Demand Items

  • Rings: You need two of them. People leaving classes sell them. People spirit bond them and assimilate them. People lose them. Yet when you come back to the class, you still need two of them. Lower level rings are found in vendors, so they have a high supply and high demand, but lots of the time people don't know they are in vendors! Any jewelry above 20 is usually craft made only (Leatherworking/Goldsmithing). Lower supply, still lots of demand.
  • Leveling Gear: Most of the time people leveling already have a 50 and are looking for a quick buy. They don't care if you can buy it in the middle of the desert for cheaper, they just want it now. Crafting this gear can SOMETIMES be more expensive than buying it from a vendor. Cross reference vendor price with current market component cost. (Don't forget the crystals!)
  • Vanity Gear: People love lookin' good. What does this mean for crafters? You can farm materials for NOTHING and make 50,000-150,000 gil. Depending on how long the item has existed (was it just released? is it old as dirt?) the more or less it is worth. Taffeta is old, so is about 50k. Coeurl is newish, and can be 100-150k. Newly released items can be 300k+.
  • Crafting Materials: Don't mind tedious tasks? Have some good movies to watch? Try gathering or farming groups of creatures for crafting components! Check the market before farming, because components can sell for 1g-1000g.

Sometimes synthesizing further components can get you 1000-5000g. Leathers, nuggets, ingots, etc are needed for different quests and crafting. Again, cross reference the market for current pricing before committing resources.

FFXIV Gathering: Mining

Mining in FFXIV can give you a LOT of money, especially @ 50 with Unspoiled Nodes.

Mining in FFXIV can give you a LOT of money, especially @ 50 with Unspoiled Nodes.

In Closing

This is by no means an end all guide to making gil in FFXIV. There are numerous things that I left out because a magician never reveals (all) their tricks. There are also lots of things you can and should figure out on your own by experience. If you still need help, please message me and I will do my best to help with any questions or concerns you have making gil!

Have a great day, and many profits,
Alyx Renarth, Sargatanas


Mary Campbel on August 11, 2020:

"it is important to know how the FFXIV marketplace works. It is really complex, but if you keep a few rules in mind you can maximize your profits."

This is like the top thing an FFXIV player needs to know. Even now in 2020, the marketplace is really hard to understand.

Tanosu on November 02, 2015:


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