"Fallout 4" (2015): Why Curie Is My Favorite Fallout Romance

Updated on July 17, 2020
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Ash loves science fiction and pretty much any video game with aliens, mutants, and robots.

One of the cuter Curie mods out there.
One of the cuter Curie mods out there. | Source

I played Fallout 4 when it came out, and Curie was one of the only romances I didn't know about ahead of time. I went into the game thinking I was going to like Piper and wound up falling for this adorable robot lady.

And I think that's part of what makes Curie my favorite: I discovered her on my own. I did the quest in Vault 81, and when I recruited her, it was a pleasant surprise to have her later become a synth.


You see, I tend to play characters who join the Railroad. I tried all the factions, but the Railroad is my favorite. I love taking a codename, becoming a spy, and lying to Father's face while stabbing him in the back.

Of course, my character loves her son, so she regrets having to betray him in order to do what she believes to be right. That conversation on the rooftop after Bunker Hill is probably the best—and only?—roleplay moment of the game. Especially if you've opted to betray Shaun.

I'm not going to go into a rant about why I think it's right to save the synths. Just know that I love this route the best. For me, the roleplay aspect of being a spy and betraying your own son is pretty great.

If only more characters had taken an interest in your relationship with Shaun. It's a little jarring that your romance, for example, never asks if you're okay about killing your own son when they comment on everything else! Just one small convo would have been enough. Not asking for something huge here.

Taking Jet while using this gun is so awesome.
Taking Jet while using this gun is so awesome. | Source

Aside from the sweet roleplay, there's also the fact that you get Deliverer, one of the best pistols in the base game, aside from Kellogg's pistol.

The Railroad also has pretty awesome characters, like Deacon, Tinker Tom, PAM, and Glory. Hell, this faction has the best characters.

Glory has special dialogue regarding Curie, which makes joining the Railroad and working with her a little tense. If I recall correctly, Glory is actually pissed that you used her friend's body to make Curie a synth. Basically saying it makes playing a Railroad agent interesting.

And the part where you plant a bomb on the Prydwen and Deacon is like, "Are we really getting away with this?" That entire sequence is hilarious.

Hell, at the end of the main quest, you even get to tell Dr. Carrington what an asshole he is! Courtenay Taylor's voice acting is on-point here enough to make you laugh out loud. You can really hear Jack screaming out of her when she growls, "You are such an asshole!!!" (That's a huge compliment from me. I hated Jack in Mass Effect 2.)

So given all the gleeful goodness that comes with joining the Railroad, it's like a cherry on the roleplay cake that your character, the savior of the synths, is romancing a synth.

What do we want? A girl worth fighting for!!!

Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Sorry. Couldn't resist. | Source
My screenshot of Curie and Codsworth.
My screenshot of Curie and Codsworth.

Aside from the fact that she can become a hot synth, I love Curie's innocent personality. When you bring her to the surface, she is shocked by all the violence. She constantly talks about the world as if the pre-war rules still apply, which makes NPCs laugh at her or else react in confusion.

Curie's inability to adjust to the new world is relatable to the Sole Survivor, who—like Curie—has spent two hundred years locked in a vault and went through a period of shock and adjustment upon emerging.

The Sole Survivor has spent more time in the post-war world, so she can guide Curie through the process of adjustment, and this is how they bond.

My screenshot of Curie in the Railroad headquarters.
My screenshot of Curie in the Railroad headquarters.

One of the cutest things about Curie is her struggle to adjust to being in a synth body. She doesn't know how to react to sexual attention or the sexual feelings the Sole Survivor causes in her. She cutely refers to you as "distracting" and the more you talk to her, the clearer it is that she's falling in love with you.

I did one playthrough where I gently rejected Curie's flirting and the heartbreak on her face . . . It was enough that I never rejected her again. Out of all the romanceable followers in the game, I truly believe that she's the only one who falls in love with you whether or not you initiate a romance.

Well, there's Preston. But we won't talk about him.

My screenshot of Curie making her love confession . . . in the middle of the Glowing Sea.
My screenshot of Curie making her love confession . . . in the middle of the Glowing Sea.

One thing people don't realize about Curie is that the Sole Survivor is not her first love. If you look at the terminal in the room where you first find Curie, there are several hints that she was in love with one of the scientists who became trapped in the vault with her during the war.

The scientist was Dr. Burrow—who she first mentions upon becoming a synth. She is quick to shut down the Sole Survivor when they mention him because she doesn't want to talk about her first heartbreak. But if you read Curie's terminal entries, it's pretty clear she was in love with Dr. Burrow and that she was heartbroken when he died. She likely completed her work just for his sake, so that his research would have meaning (and not simply because she was programmed to).

In other words, Curie had the capacity to love before she ever became a synth! I'm glad she became a synth, though. Loving her as a Nanny Bot would have been . . . weird. But kinda cool too. (I dunno. Robots are cool.)

The Ebony Curie mod.
The Ebony Curie mod. | Source

I'll admit, it used to bother me that so many mod authors made Curie white and blond when creating their replacers. It's because these people were equating white-blondeness with innocence, and Curie's shtick is that she's so innocent and confused.

In reality, Curie's body could have been any race. Her body is not her own. She has a French voice because she was given it in honor of the real Curie. The body she later inhabits, however, could be Asian, black, Latin, whatever. And someone's race, hair texture, and hair color have nothing to do with how innocent they actually are.

Sadly, a lot of people think it does. There are an endless amount of Curie mods on the Nexus that turn her into a doe-eyed, blonde-haired, waifu.

There's nothing wrong with liking blonde chicks (I love them!) but try to understand the point I'm making here.

Another beautiful black Curie from Immersive Wastelanders.
Another beautiful black Curie from Immersive Wastelanders. | Source

I played with black Curie mods for years until I recently decided that I didn't care and that vanilla Curie is adorable.

To be honest, I always thought her vanilla look was too boring. She didn't stand out from other NPCs enough, and that's why I sought out a replacer. The game had the same problem with Hancock.

The Sexy Hancock mod.
The Sexy Hancock mod. | Source

Luckily for Hancock fans, a modder came to their rescue.

It's like Bethesda put a lot of effort into the individual stories of the game's companions but spent about two seconds on their appearance.

In the end, I embrace that Curie is beautiful just the way she is, no replacer needed. She gives me the best roleplay experience, her romance is adorable, and she gives me free stimpaks!

Honestly, I don't need anything else.

© 2019 Ash


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