"Fallout 4" Build: The Nuka Cola Addict

Updated on January 4, 2019
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Ash is a total nerd who has played video games all her life. She enjoys writing about them as much as playing them.

I dunno why, but I love playing addicts in Bethesda games. It's just so . . . amusing. Especially in Fallout 4, where using chems in combat is actually really fun and you can actually get addicted.

I've been playing Fallout 4 since launch, and over the years, I've made up a few builds.

I had a Child of Atom build where I focused on Endurance and such so that my character was immune to radiation and it even made her powerful at times, like a true child of Atom. She went around wearing rags and zapping people and it was fun, especially if you join the faction in Far Harbor.

I had another build where my character was a highly intelligent robotics expert who loved tinkering and building robots because her parents worked at General Atomics. She used energy weapons exclusively.

Then I had yet another who had a cowgirl vibe. She used a shotgun and pistols exclusively and wore a cowgirl hat.

There's so much fun stuff you can do to build up a specific aesthetic and game style. Recently, I started a new game, and it occurred to me that while I'd played a Jet addict and all these other builds, I had yet to play a Nuka Cola addict!

Basically, my Nora is Sheffield but functional.

I started thinking about how to go about this. Because the game doesn't really allow you to get addicted to Nuka Cola, which is odd because other people do. With this in mind, my ideas are mostly things that the player will be roleplaying in their head, not things that are actually acknowledged by the game, like perks.

It also helps if you have the dlc Nuka World, which makes roleplaying a Nuka Cola addict pretty sweet.

Keep in mind that I'm still coming up with this build, so I'll probably be updating this as I play my new character, who hasn't even killed Kellogg yet, poor woman. So far, I have just set some rules for myself.

Rule #1 No Stimpaks

A true Nuka Cola addict will only use Nuka Cola to heal.

If you're in the middle of a fight and you get hurt, you do not get to use stimpaks. At all. Except maybe to help your companion.

This will actually make the game a little more challenging, since you'll have to go through a fight with broken limbs. I know it has for me. I was fighting some raiders and had to kill them practically blind because I had a head injury, but my character was so crazy that she refused to use her stims and would only drink Nuka Cola with a shaking hand.

It was pretty hilarious.

*Because Nuka Cola is a bit rare in the base game, feel free to get a mod that adds more to loot lists.

Rule #2 You Sleep Less

Because you are constantly high on sugar, you are pumping full of energy. You sleep a lot less, maybe one hour a day. You have problems getting shuteye.

This means camping mods are kind of useless to you, as you are constantly on the move, day or night. You spend all your time looking for more Nuka Cola to feed your addiction.

Rule #3 Morality Smorality

This means rummaging through old ruins, killing raiders, and looting constantly. You might have to kill some settlers too. Break into houses. Steal Nuka bottles that are just sitting there in the open. Nothing will stand in the way of your next fix!

I even take it a step further and don't allow myself to fast travel. That way it feels like my character is always walking around, stealing and looting Nuka from whomever she can.

She sleeps very little and mostly waits in a chair.

Rule #4 Vim is for the Weak

Just don't. A true Nuka Cola crackhead is unflinchingly loyal.

Other Things to Enhance This Build

There are other things you can do to roleplay a Nuka Cola addict that will further immerse you in the build, most of which involve the Nuka World dlc.

  • Get the Thirst Zapper, which can be modified to squirt Nuka Cola
  • Get the Nuka Nuke by doing Sierra's quest
  • Give your character a more haggard appearance as time goes on
  • Raise your immunity to radiation so you can drink all you want and remain unradiated
  • Wear Nuka Cola outfits from Nuka World
  • Wear the bottle cap glasses
  • Decorate with Nuka bottles
  • Collect all the Nuka recipes
  • And get rich from drinking all that Nuka Cola!

Also, don't forget to get Drinking Buddy, who can ice your Nuka Cola for you!

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    © 2018 Ash


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