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"Fallout 4": Settlement Guards

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Guard Duty

Settlement Guards are a very important part of the game for several reasons.

Settlement Guards are a very important part of the game for several reasons.

Settlement Guards and Their Importance!

The guards that you assign in Fallout 4 are, for lack of a better way of putting it, an extension of your character. This guide seeks out the deeper side of protection for your settlers in both a modded and a base game.

Even more so, having a mad amount of turrets is not enough to keep your settlers safe. You need to have roving patrols walking your settlement perimeters. Attacking enemies can and will attack your turrets, but having guards keeps you from having to fix the turrets on a regular basis and the people feel safer knowing they have guards around. Surprisingly, the Settlers will comment about a lack of guards or compliment you about feeling safe. Normally, you will not hear either directly, but through eavesdropping on their conversations, you will pick up on this among other things.

HINT: Ghouls make the best guards whether you are playing a No-Mod Game or Modded, Ghouls are immune to Radiation Storms because radiation has no effect on them!

When building your guard towers, make sure you protect the area North in Sanctuary. If you go across the river from this point, you will find a Raider cabin which needs to be periodically checked for new Raiders. At first, you will find a Raider and his or her's, dog. Afterward, keep checking this spot. Either way, most raider attacks seem to come from this direction.

As you begin to build more settlements, you will soon come to learn that you cannot be everywhere all at once. Fallout 4 will push your ability to multitask to its very limits. Above all else, this is the main reason Guards are so very important. Having really strong defenses will help to keep things manageable.

Safety in Numbers!

Having two guards at each post is a wise idea!

Having two guards at each post is a wise idea!


In Fallout 4, you can arm guards and give them armors to make them battle strong, including Power Armor. After trying various combinations in armor, I have found it best to arm and add armor that is the same as what your character is using.

The best place to start is in the beginning. Long before you leave sanctuary, if you are using my Settlement guide, you should start collecting and upgrading weapons and armor, not only for yourself but for your predetermined amount of guards you plan on having in Sanctuary.

Bear in mind, you will want to have at least two guards per post. Guards rotate their positions on a regular basis so, if you only have one guard post and that guard does his or her rotation, you will have an undefended post.

Obviously, start with your character's needs takes precedence but once you've taken him/her as far as you can on armor and weapons, focus on doing the same for your guards. Trudy sells random pieces of viable armor each time you go to sell off water in accordance with the following guide:

I still have way too much fun with the MODs.

I still have way too much fun with the MODs.

"Fallout 4": Settlement Building Guide

  • "Fallout 4": Settlement Building Guide
    Please note: This guide starts from the moment you step onto the elevator at Vault 111. Make sure you save before stepping onto the elevator and you will ALWAYS want to keep that save for restarting.

Weapons of All Kinds

Weapons range from useless to amazing in "Fallout 4."

Weapons range from useless to amazing in "Fallout 4."

Weapons . . . and That's Putting it Mildly!

Fallout 4 has such a vast array of character types for you to pick and choose from. This also follows suit with the multitude of weapons for you to make for you and your guards. From the scrapped together .38 caliber makeshift Pipe pistols to the highly coveted Alien Blaster, Fallout 4 takes weapons to a whole new level.

When giving weapons to your guards, make sure you give them weapons that are powerful, have really good range along with plenty of ammo, and try mixing it up a little. One of the things I try to do is give each of my guards a sniper rifle and a handgun with matching ammo. Believe it or not, the artificial intelligence of Guards will allow them to pick which is best for the situation at hand.

One of the more awesome aspects of the game, is that you can rename your weapons and your armor. That's right! When you work on either, you can rename them anything you want. Believe it or not, when you start making variations of the 10mm, for example, you will find this ability more than just awesome but downright necessary. BY being able to rename weapons and armor, you can make sure you do not accidentally give your stuff to a settler or worse, sell off your things.

Bear in mind, just like with turrets, a weapon's range is limited by any objects between you and your target unless you have the "Penetrator Perk," which ignores body parts blocked by cover such as walls. At this time, I am not sure if having this Perk affects your settlers as it is kind of hard to tell but If I do discover the truth about this unanswered question, I will post an update here.

Guard Armor

Yeah, I really hook my guards up with armor!

Yeah, I really hook my guards up with armor!

Armor and Power Armor

Getting back to my original statement; it's a really great idea to arm your guards with the same armor you prefer using. The only enemies I have noticed attacking Sanctuary are bugs and Raiders, so far. However, later on when you start working on Settlements further south . . . even as close as Abernathy Farms, you will find Super Mutants attacking on occasion.

Without Mods, combat armor is not available but Metal Armor will be so, make sure you buy and hang onto this armor for you and your Guards. The best way to play Fallout 4 is to take your time. Rushing through the game will leave much of your settlements improperly protected. Even with Mods, if you race through the game, you will soon find yourself missing out on a lot of fun to be had from taking your time. Not to mention, you will quickly find your settlements constantly having problems that will have you fast traveling all over the map versus being able to focus on your next mission or quest.

Having really well-armed and armored guards will cut back on how often you have to run around and deal with various crises during the course of a game and I cannot stress enough . . . take your time and handle each settlement one at a time before moving on to the next.

As for Power Armor; there does not seem to be a way to assign guards to Power Armor. However, I have read that the guards will use unattended Power Armor should the need arise.

Guard Posts

You cannot assign guards without having guard posts!

You cannot assign guards without having guard posts!

Guards and Guard Stations

Although Guards in Fallout 4 will roam a perimeter, they can also be assigned to Guard Posts you will have to build. In other words, you have to build a Guard Post for each Guard you intend on having.

NOTE: Garvey will start out as a Guard, and although he will automatically assign himself to the post, if you assign someone else to his post, he will simply keep patrolling but you WILL lose the defense points from having him unassigned.

Regardless of the size of a settlement, the guards will still do roving patrols from post to post. For this reason alone, this is why Guards are so very important and why having at least six of them in each settlement is so important.

Turrets are great at protection but they do not move and can only cover the area within their line of sight. However, Guards can move around and are able to chase down and confront attackers. This provides better protection, not only for your Settlers but also for the Turrets, themselves. Although you can repair turrets while in, "Build Mode"; once you have several settlements, you will soon find yourself having a heck of a time trying to keep up on repairs.

When you build guard posts, make sure you give your guards somewhere to sit down, close by. The same can be said about farmers and merchants. Although you will rarely ever see any of them sitting down, you will hear them complain about being tired all the time if you do not.

Holding Down the Fort!

A guard keeps watch over the Main Entrance to Sanctuary

A guard keeps watch over the Main Entrance to Sanctuary

Guards to Be Continued

Initially, this guide covers the Sanctuary Settlement. However, as my settlements continue to expand, I will be adding strategic Guard Post placements for each additional settlement.

Guards are extremely important for keeping your Settlements safe. Always bear in mind that they are there when you cannot. Although this might be questionable to some players, consider this: I tried building a settlement without guards and often found myself having to run back to those settlements to deal with emergencies and turret repairs. Just because you are not in a settlement does not mean your settlers will not come under attack.

Also, when you do return to a settlement, look for dead enemies along the perimeter of your settlements. On occasion, you will find where your defenses did their job.

HINT: Sometimes, you can pick up loot from an enemy corpse! You can also pick up dead enemies by holding down the action button on your controller. By doing so, you can clean up any messes left behind in the aftermath of an attack.

Also, make sure you give Radaway and Stimpaks to your guards with the exception of any Guards that are ghouls and will only need Stimpaks.


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