An Introduction to the Fallout Series

Updated on July 23, 2018

Welcome to the world of Fallout - an ongoing series we have been playing religiously since the third installment was released in 2008.

Fallout is set in and around the near future of the year 2077 in the US of A. The country is now an apocalyptic wasteland where next to everything has been destroyed in nuclear war. In anticipation for the bombs dropping, underground vaults were built to house a number of people lucky enough to obtain entry. Playing as the lone wanderer in Fallout 3, you'll escape the vault you were born in to go and find your father who abandoned you without a trace and left you to fend for yourself. As the courier in Fallout New Vegas, you'll track Benny Hill across the Mojave Wasteland , a scheming greaser that shot you point blank and left you for dead, to get what was inside a mysterious package you were supposed to deliver. And as the sole survivor in Fallout 4, you'll witness the peace before the nuclear holocaust and escape the vault that left you frozen in time as your infant son, Shaun, was kidnapped by shadowy figures.

Fallout games consistently feature strong, captivating storylines - taking place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland means that the player character is always bound to run into strange, strong, eccentric characters, but also the opposite - weak and helpless characters too. This is where player choices really come into play, as you make your own character at the beginning of the game and from there design their entire personality through situations and the decisions you make regarding them. You can be kind-hearted, mean-spirited, relentless, a total junkie, a lone wolf, or all of the above and more. The deeds you accomplish in the wasteland are often referred to by new characters you meet, as you're always causing or solving problems for all sorts of people - each game has a main storyline that relates back to the player characters backstory, but there are also hundreds of side quests to pick up and complete for resources like money or weapons, fame, or just out of the goodness of your heart. You get to decide how you play, where to go, what to do, and ultimately shape the entire future of the wasteland.

These games include a massively in-depth character creation and levelling system, really letting you get the most of out of them by playing them exactly as you want to. The stat and levelling system is based off of something called the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system which stands for strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck. For example, strength would enable to you to carry more equipment and be more effective with melee weapons whereas intelligence enables you to hack terminals and turrets. There are also certain perks that will require you to have a certain amount of points in the skill to use them.
The Fallout series all feature absolutely HUGE maps for you to explore, giving it huge replay value. We’ve played through these games multiple times and we are still finding new items, locations and quests. On top of all of the content the developers Bethesda have packed into these games, there are also multiple DLC packs available which include an abundance of new equipment, quests and areas to explore.

In the Fallout series you have a futuristic electronic device called the ‘Pip-Boy’ on your wrist. Using this device is how you control some features of the game, such as changing your clothes/armour and also choosing which radio station you would like to tune into. This brings us to a HUGE selling point of Fallout - The soundtrack! The soundtrack welcomes you back to the 1930s era of music, which you will more than likely instantly fall in love with. The quirky combination of blowing off apocalyptic raiders’ heads with a shotgun while listening to The Andrews Sisters is strangely satisfying, and is something you really do have to experience yourself. If the juxtaposition of apocalpyse and swing music is a bit much for you, you can tune out from the radio stations and tune into the true ambience of Fallout. Truely beautiful and often haunting, the ambient score is the real sound of the wastelands. Not to be mistaken for a horror score, the light chimes and distant, chilling strings will really immerse you in this fightful yet marvelous universe.

This game is perfect for fans of Mad Max, Bioshock, Skyrim and Borderlands.

The wasteland in all of it's glory

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