Fallout New Vegas Sniper Guide Build/Walkthrough Part 2

Updated on July 5, 2016

2 Down 5 To Go

The All American, Marksman Carbine, Sniper Rifle, La Longue Carabine and the Anti-Materiel Rifle are our objectives in this Part 2. Fallout New Vegas Sniper Guide Part 2 as you can probably guess follows on directly from Fallout New Vegas Sniper Guide Part 1 and will take you from where we finished up in part 1, the Sniper's Nest, on a trek to Vault 34 where we will find 3 more of the Sniper Rifles available in Fallout New Vegas and then onwards to attaining the final 2 sniper rifles.

This is a direct continuation of my character in Part 1, which again is a fairly standard character build. The level up options I have chosen have been chosen to achieve our objectives as quickly as possible. I am not claiming this is the best sniper build out there, just one of many.

So you're standing there at the Snipers Nest We have the Ratslayer, and we have just released the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle from its imprisonment. Long range is now your friend and you should be able to deal with pretty much anything coming your way, at a distance. E-DE and its Enhanced Sensors is letting you know when enemies are letting you know where enemies are long before you can see them, and of course they are usually dead before they know where you are. Sniping in New Vegas is awesome, now we have some right rifles. There are more though, more Sniper rifles to find leading to more sniping fun, lets go get em.



If Merchants are selling Rad Away, BUY IT.

Vault 34 is completely irradiated, Rad Away will help you control you radiation level while in the vault.

Vault 34 Marked, most other locations found after completing Vault 34.
Vault 34 Marked, most other locations found after completing Vault 34. | Source
188 Trading Post with marker set at Vault 34
188 Trading Post with marker set at Vault 34 | Source

188 to 34 +1

When you get to Trading Post 188 you will find a few merchants and a few NCR soldiers milling around, The Weapon Merchant there is worth taking a look at as she sells some sweet weapons, ammo, and mods, and is worth checking in on semi regularly to see what's she's got.

The main reason for stopping by 188 Trading Post is Veronica. Veronica can (and should) become a companion from here on out, she is primarily a melee fighter with her power fist. in Vault 34if you set her behaviour to aggressive she will charge around and take most of the heat off you, plus her fist is actually quite deadly so the damage she deals will help you out a lot in Vault 34. There is also no quest to be completed in order to enlist her services which suits us just fine, just don't tell her you hate the Brotherhood of Steel and she will join you.

Set your sights on Vault 34, and you should almost be able to go straight there. I hit Level 10 just before entering Vault 34 (Level up Instructions are below) which gave me the 80 in Science you will need (along with Programmers DigestScience Skill Magazine for extra +20 Science skill point bonus). There are plenty of things to kill on the way to vault 34, And even a Deathclaw nest to the southeast If you want to try your hand with them (I recommend the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle if you do).

Level Up

Following on from Part 1. The perks you choose from here are really up to you as the rest of this guide does not rely on any one perk being selected. However I will still tell you what I chose, and why.

Level 8 - 16 Skill Points, Put all points on Science taking it to 62. As I mentioned briefly in Part 1. Perk - Intense Training, I put the extra SPECIAL point on Strength to meet the optimal use requirement (Strength 6) for the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle and most of the other Sniper Rifles as well.

Level 9 - 15 Skill Points, put them all on Science taking it to 77.

Level 10 - 16 Skill Points, 3 points on Science taking it to 80. From here your skill points are yours to play with, do with them what you will or follow my suggestion. The remaining 13 points I put on Repair taking it to 45. (The reason I chose Repair is that at level 14 The Jury Rigging Perk becomes available which requires you have a repair skill of 90. Jury Rigging will let you repair your Sniper Rifles with many other weapons, making them much easier and much cheaper for you to repair, as well as being able to repair your armour with almost anything similar. ) Perk, I took Scrounger here. Scroungerincreases the amount of ammo you find in containers for looting. Snipers are pretty useless without ammo. I left Vault 34 with over 1100 10mm rounds. Good if you aren't playing hardcore.

Level 11 - 15 Skill Points, all on Repair taking it to 60.

Level 12 - 16 Skill Points, again all on Repair taking it to 76. Perk I took here was Strong Back, to carry an extra 50 pounds means I can carry more stuff to sell, even though I can fill up my 2 companions inventories as well meaning trips to the merchants are usually very profitable indeed.

Level 13 - 15 Skill Points, 14 to Repair to get it to 90, the extra 1 point is yours to play with, I started working my Guns skill toward 100.

Level 14 - 16 Skill Points for what ever you like. Perk, I took Jury Rigging. This makes keeping your Sniper Riflesmaintained much much easier. It also helps out when repairing various armours. So besides helping your weapons stay as deadly as possible it means almost any weapon or piece of apparel you sell should be in perfect or near perfect condition meaning more caps.

Remember The Radiation

Radiation is ever present in vault 34.

Monitor your radiation level throughout your time in the vault, because if the ghouls don't kill you, the radiation will.

Take Rad Away regularly to avoid advanced levels of radiation sickness. Take Rad X, any time you are taking more than 1 Rads per second.

Vault 34

Sniper Rifle - Marksman Carbine - All American

The Entrance to Vault 34 is surrounded by golden geckos, kill em all and make your wy inside. Inside the Vault you will encounter Vault Dweller and Vault Security ghouls tey can be hard to kill if you aren't prepared. In addition you will be constantly exposed to varying levels of radiation while in the vault, so make sure you have a good amount of Rad X and Rad Away. A Radiation Suit also helps, although offers minimal protection against any enemies you encounter.

Vault 34 is something of a 10mm heaven, you will find many 10mm pistols, 10mm SMGs, and plenty of 10mm ammo, as such a 10mm SMG is a handy weapon to walk around with inside the vault.

Terminals scattered around the vault give you a bit of an idea of what's gone on in the vault however my focus is getting to the armory. Here is how.

Once in the vault explore a bit you will eventually find a room with a window looking at a few ghouls, the door is INACCESSIBLE. Just around the corner from here is a flooded stairwell. I would recommend saving here. You need to do this quick or you will die. You have to do this twice on two separate staircases pretty much exactly the same.

Get in the water around the corner and slightly left, you will see a dead Vault Technician. Loot him for his password card thing, then get straight back to the stairs. Once you get back to the stairs (the first staircase only) you have the Ghouls from the formerly "Inaccessible" room to deal with. Continue until you find the second Flooded Staircase and repeat the process.

If you then follow the "Armory" signs you will come to the armory door, but just before it is the "Utility" room, this room has a Very Hard terminal that needs to be hacked. Read your Programmers Digest (you should have 1 by now, I had 5 of them) kicking your science up to 100 and get hacking. Activate the pumps draining the the flooded areas. Head back to where the second flooded staircase was, It's now a closed door. Enter and go to Security Station A, you will find some Vault 34 Security Armour which is well worth keeping, and a Overseer's Journal Fragment. activate the terminal and disengage the lock to the Overseers Office.

You now need to head back up, and follow the signs to the the Overseer's office. Once you get to the Overseers Office door stop. Move to the left side of the hallway and open the door from there. 2 Ghouls will come at you from behind you, turn around but don't move into the centre of hallway or the turrets in the overseers office will carve you up. Deal to the ghouls then back to the overseers office. Take Care of the turrets (I had a grenade launcher here so just launched a few grenades into the office which took care of the turrets) then move in on the Overseer. Take him out and access his terminal to unlock the Armory.

You can now follow the Signs back to the Armory. The armory is pretty much christmas. You will more than likelyleave fully loaded up, as well as your companions being loaded up as well. You will find the Marksman Carbine, the All American, and a couple of Sniper Rifles lying around, as well as a Riot Shotgun, Mini-gun, Missile Launcher, C4 and some Assault Carbines. You will also find a Guns n Bullets Skill Book in a room on the armory level as well.

Vault 34 is linked in with a few quests you will probably run into later in the game, I'm not going into those here, however with the passage ways now open those quests should not be too difficult at all for you to complete later on. Alternatively If you aren't to irradiated you can explore a bit more and you may not not have to come back at all.

From Vault 34 to Camp McCarran.
From Vault 34 to Camp McCarran. | Source

Vault 34 Complete

It may be a good idea to visit a doctor to have your radiation healed when you leave Vault 34. You can always fast travel back to Goodsprings and visit Doc Mitchell if you need to.

La Longue Carabine

If you wish you could probably complete this part before you go to Vault 34 if you like. I put Vault 34 first because you can get 3 Sniper Rifles at the same time and place.

La Longue Carabine is the private weapon of one Corporal Sterling of the NCR First Recon Sniper Division, based at Camp McCarran, and getting the weapon involves killing him. When you kill him you automatically fail the quest "I Don't Hurt Anymore". However if you complete that quest first his unit is sent to Camp Forlorn Hope where killing him without losing any reputation with the NCR becomes harder. The choice is yours. Me? I took him out at Camp McCarran.

First of all West of Vault 34 is the NCR Sharcropper Farms, and South West of there is Camp McCarran, you will more than likely run into some Fiends on the way, feel free to kill them.

Upon entering camp McCarran you will see a line of tents, First recon Sniper hang out in the tent 1 in from the right. Head there and you will find Corporal Sterling not too far away. you can loot a Sniper Rifle from one of the top bunks without stealing it so do that. Now to get La Longue Carabine without losing reputation with NCR you have to kill Corporal Sterling whilst remaining hidden. A lot of people say it must be done with one shot but I had to hit him twice and it worked fine. First of all take your companions to another area, either outside Camp McCarran, or into the terminal building, and tell them to wait there.

You need to find a spot somewhere where you are hidden, so crouch and make sure you are hidden. I also used a stealth boy to be doubly sure. When you can find a place where you are hidden and can get Corporal Sterling in your sights with a silenced weapon (that's the tricky bit) then take him out. Personally I used the Ratslayer and stealthboy when he was in a tent by himself, it took 2 head shots which wasn't ideal but worked none the less, and no rep was lost with NCR, Loot his body for La Longue Carabine. Pick up your companions and off you go. 1 to go.

Gun Runner's a sniper's favourite place to shop.
Gun Runner's a sniper's favourite place to shop.

Anti Materiel Rifle

The Creme de la Creme of Sniper Rifles.

There isn't much to say about the Anti Materiel Rifle. You can loot them from NCR Ranger Veterans who sometimes carry them however I generally like the NCR so avoid this method.

That leaves buying one. The thing is you can't buy one until you hit a certain level. Level 16 to be precise. Head north east from Camp Mccarran and you will find the Gun Runners, once the location is found you can fast travel back there at will. you can also purchase one from the Weapons dealer at 188 Trading Post, although its condition will be poorer than one bought from Gun Runners.

At this point with nothing much else to do, I headed back to Goodsprings and starting pumping through the quests. Of course you don't have to, you can pick up quests in many of the locations you have already visited so take your pick. For me though, I've got my Sniper Rifles and a couple of friends, it was time for me to "start the game" so to speak. Head back to Goodsprings and let the quests begin.

Anti-Materiel Rifle - Once purchased from Gun Runners Completed my collection. Bringing my Guide to an end.
Anti-Materiel Rifle - Once purchased from Gun Runners Completed my collection. Bringing my Guide to an end. | Source

And We're Done

So that's it for my Fallout New Vegas Sniper Guide. I know that it is not as detailed nor as precise as many guides/walkthroughs you may have seen before, but I truly believe that much of the fun in New Vegas is in the exploration, and I wanted to try to not take that away.

I do hope you have enjoyed, or at least found this guide useful in one way or another. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks for checking out my guide, and if you would like a little more info on the Sniper Rifles to be found Check out, Fallout new Vegas Sniper Rifles.


Fallout New Vegas Sniper Guide pt 1


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      Sam 3 years ago from Australia

      I always lean towards a sniping role in the Fallout games, you've covered a few things I hadn't considered before and I'll be sure to use them in my next playthrough!

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      Forgot I had this game on my PC. Decided to start as a sniper and looked all over for some decent builds. Yours, by far is the best. Thanks :D

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      Great guide! After going unarmed in my last play through, this was an excellent aid for a change of pace. Thanks for the help!

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      Thanks for the hub man! I haven't started this one yet, still working through the previous Fallout 3...these games have so much content in them, and you could replay them numerous time I imagine, with a different character! I have a hard enough time with one though! Too much life in the way of games!

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