Fast Leveling Your Elder Scrolls Skyrim Character

Updated on April 16, 2018
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Learn the Secrets to Fast Leveling in Skyrim

Even though the game levels your character with you as you play, fast leveling is a tactic some players prefer to use to level certain skills faster than others.

While this is not the way to level incredibly quickly using the Oghma Infinium (which you can see here), this list does show you the quickest way to spam level skills by using them repeatedly in the game.

The Oghma Infinium
The Oghma Infinium | Source

How to Fast Level Your One-Handed, Two-Handed, Destruction and Archery Skills

All offensive skills can be leveled on Shadowmere, the horse you receive from the Dark Brotherhood Quest – The Cure for Madness.

Shadowmere has such a high regeneration rate that it is nearly impossible to kill her unless you use very high-level spells, which isn’t recommended for leveling quickly.

While leveling a certain skill, wear anything you own that ups the regeneration rate of your own Magicka or stamina in order to get more bang for your buck.

If you do happen to kill Shadowmere (good job), wait at the area she died for approximately 15 days and she should resurrect.

Skyrim Video: Leveling Up Using Shadowmere

How to Fast Level Your Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Block and Restoration Skills

One method to fast level your armor, block, and restoration skills all at the same time is to make a large group of enemies (such as the city guard) angry and have them attack you while using healing spells. You have to be cautious and vigilant doing this since it is easy to run out of health or Magicka if you are not paying attention.

Another method uses a frost thrall (a permanent frost atronach) to attack you while the player also uses healing spells and equilibrium. This method also levels alteration as well.

The biggest thing to remember is that the larger the damage is that you take, the faster your armor and block skills will level. If you have the health to get beaten up by a giant and not die, their powerful hits will level your skills more quickly than going toe-to-toe with a lowly mud crab.

Skyrim Video: How to Level up Your Heavy/Light Armor, Blocking and Restoration

How to Fast Level Your Smithing and Enchanting Skills

Smithing and enchanting can be done at the same time if you know how to do it. You must have about 2000 gold to start and a large collection of petty or common soul gems to use at your enchanting alter.

The city of Markarth is best because of the availability of an enchanting altar in your home and the location of the merchant in the blacksmith area. If you spend some time using soul trap on any enemies you come across and occasionally finding and buying empty soul gems from merchants, you can save yourself a lot of money instead of buying filled ones in shops for high prices.

  1. Buy as many iron ingots and iron ore you can, along with any leather and leather strips, from the local merchant(s). Head over to the blacksmith station of your town and make as many leather strips and iron ingots as possible, then smith them into iron daggers. You will notice pretty quickly how few leather strips you need, so you will need to stock up on them less frequently than the ingots.
  2. After making as many iron daggers as you can, head up to your enchanting alter and enchant whatever spell you can on each weapon with petty and common soul gems. Absorb health or Magicka generally fetches the most money at market.
  3. Sell whatever enchanted daggers you have to a merchant, wait three days for their inventories to refill with more iron ingots and leather strips, then restart the process. It should only take one or two hours to max out both skills this way.

Skyrim Video: How to Level up Enchanting/Smithing Easily

How to Fast Level Your Lockpicking Skills

  • Join the Thieves Guild by finishing the Thieves Guild Quest – A Chance Arrangement for Brynjolf.
  • Visit Tonilla in the Ragged Flagon and buy lockpicks from her. Spend some time collecting lockpicks by either waiting for 3 days for Tonilla to refill her inventory or use the method below.
  • Head into the training room and begin breaking lockpicks on the Master chest nearby, or find any chest you want. The higher the chest difficulty, the faster the level up. Continue doing this until you run out of lockpicks or max your level.

Note that you have to actually break the lockpicks to gain experience this way, so using the Skeleton Key does not work.

Skyrim Video: Best Way to Level Up Your Lockpicking Skill

How to Fast Level Your Alchemy Skills

Alchemy can take a long time to level, but the trick is finding two ingredients that mix together to create expensive potions but are also readily available in the world.

First, receive the Thieves blessing from the Guardian Stone by Riverwood to raise experience gained in alchemy by 20%, and also create and wear armor that ups your alchemy creation rate.

Your alchemy level raises depending on the price of the potion made.

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. Head to whatever towns you want and clear out any merchants who sell ingredients. Make whatever potions you want.
  2. Find your own potion mixture and mass create your own. Just remember the more expensive the potion, the quicker the process.

The video below recommends using Giant’s Toes and Wheat, which can both be found at merchant areas.

Skyrim Video: How to Level Your Alchemy to 100 FAST

How to Fast Level Your Speech and Pickpocket Skills

Method One: If you are a member of the Thieves Guild and have the Amulet of Articulation after completing the Thieves Guild Quest – Under New Management, you can begin stealing everything possible from everyone in the town of your choice. Once you are inevitably caught, you can persuade the guards to overlook your crimes and raise your speech skill. Once you are unable to talk your way out of it, pay off bounties for half price and start stealing again.

Method Two: (Speech): Head to Riften and the Black-Briar Meadery. Speak with the keep and select “Tell me about Maven Black Briar” and then continue to use the persuade option.

Skyrim Video: Level Speech Skill to 100 in no Time

How to Fast Level Your Sneak Skills

Find a person (the video below uses the kid from the beginning of the Dark Brotherhood Questline) and sneak close to them without them seeing you. Continue walking into a wall and the skill will level.

Skyrim Video: Level up Your Sneak Skill Quickly

How to Fast Level Your Alteration Skills

Buy the spell Telekinesis and continually use it on any movable object, as seen below.

Skyrim Video: How to Quickly Level Alteration

How to Fast Level Your Conjuration Skills

Duel wield the spell soul trap and cast it repeatedly on a person, alive or dead. You can use followers if you want, but they are likely to turn on you if you do it too quickly. Dead bodies work just as well.

Skyrim Video: Level 100 Conjuration Skill in Under 1 Hour

How to Fast Level Your Illusion Skills

Duel cast the spell Muffle repeatedly.

Skyrim Video: Level Up Illusion Skill to 100 Fast

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