"Final Fantasy 7 Remake" - How to Beat the Hell House Boss on Hard Mode

Updated on April 26, 2020
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The Hell House boss in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a strange and tough boss battle. The boss is encountered in the coliseum during chapter 9 when you're with Aerith. While the Hell House is challenging on normal, the boss is even more difficult on hard because additional enemies attack you. The boss will spawn deadly Tonberry enemies during the battle. A Tonberry appears meek, but don't underestimate them, for they can knock you out in a single hit! Near the end of the battle, the boss sends a Cutter and Sweeper after you. They are those large mechanical enemies.

Conserve as much MP as possible during chapter 9 in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Without MP, the Hell House boss will be virtually impossible to beat. Physical attacks will not be very effective.

Recommended Materia to Equip Before Battle

  • Healing, Revival, and Prayer to maintain health of Cloud and Aerith
  • Equip all four elements to deal damage
  • Equip at least one Bio and one Barricade
  • HP Up and MP Up for Cloud and Aerith
  • Fat Chocobo Summon because it is non-elemental
  • Time Materia to increase ATB bars

The "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" Hell House

Physical attacks will barely damage the Hell House. Attack it a few times to build ATB at the start, then use Triple Slash on the Tonberry enemies. It is extremely important to eliminate Tonberries as soon as they emerge from the boss. With two ATB bars, Cloud Strife can utilize Triple Slash twice! Aerith's Sorcerous Storm is effective for dealing with them too.

After the Tonberries are defeated, immediately cast Bio on the boss. Bio does not deal massive damage initially, but the poison will damage the Hell House over time. You'll know it's working because purple damage numbers will appear over the boss. Bio is a useful spell in Final Fantasy 7.

The Hell House has an ability called Barrier Shift that allows it to change to a different element. Red is fire, white is ice, green is wind, and blue is lightning. You must attack with the opposite element to deal significant damage. For instance, cast Ice Materia when the Hell House windows are red and on fire. Casting the wrong spell will cause the boss to absorb the element. Hit the touchpad to see what element the boss is weak to, assuming you used the Assess Materia previously.

To maintain the HP of Cloud and Aerith, use Regen and Barricade when needed. To save MP, use Prayer to recover HP. Prayer does cost 2 ATB bars, but it conserves MP, making it indispensable in some circumstances.

Cast Haste on Aerith to charge her ATB faster. She can use Arcane Ward to cast two elemental spells in a row, dealing more damage overall. Make sure Cloud distracts the boss because Aerith might be interrupted when casting spells.

Avoiding Attacks

Dodging the devastating attacks from Hell House in Final Fantasy 7 is fundamental if you want to survive this battle! The boss utilizes House Call to jump from one spot to another. And it will charge at you with the Double Rocket Charge. Avoid those attacks by keeping your distance and rolling out of the way. Cloud is faster than Aerith, so you might want to switch to him if Aerith is in trouble. Hell House will generally target whatever character you're controlling.

Avoid the projectiles that are thrown at you by running in circles in the coliseum. Rolling and changing directions makes it easier to dodge the fiery chairs.

Sometimes Hell House flaps his arms and chases you with haste. It is actually possible to avoid this attack by pressing the dodge button repeatably. Alternatively, guard first, then roll to the side.

If a character is sucked into the boss by the Hospitality attack, switch to the character who is safe. Cast Cura or Curaga to heal the character that is in danger and immobilized. The Hospitality attack is frustrating to deal with because the person that is trapped will not be able to attack or cast spells.

In phase 2, Hell House will enter God Mode, making it nearly invincible to physical attacks. The arms will be vulnerable, though. Use Cloud if you want to damage the arms. Aerith should continue to use offensive magic on the boss itself.

The Fat Chocobo Materia in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake does not deal elemental damage, making it ideal to use against Hell House. Before the Fat Chocobo leaves the battle, it will unleash a final attack that will hurt Hell House.

In phase 3, Hell House will be flying in circles around the coliseum. The boss will use a dangerous attack called Hellbound. It is possible to cancel this attack by using the opposing element after Hell House uses Barrier Shift.

Near the end of the battle, a Cutter and Sweeper enemy will appear. Use Thundaga on them to get rid of them quickly. If you're low on MP, ignore them and defeat the boss before they pose any danger.

The Revival Materia can be a lifesaver, especially near the end of the battle. The Arise version can revive Cloud or Aerith with full HP if they are knocked unconscious.

The entire battle is challenging, but the poisoning the boss with Bio and having Aerith cast two spells with Arcane Ward should make it much easier. Lastly, defeating the Tonberry enemies quickly and dodging the boss will help drastically. You'll obtain a manuscript for defeating the Hell House on hard mode in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


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