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"Final Fantasy VI" Walkthrough: South Figaro

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By all rights, Terra, Edgar, and Locke should be heading straight for the Returners base via Mt. Kolts. But South Figaro is right there, and in towns like these there are items to be found… might as well stop in to have a look.

A fairly large town, South Figaro is full of shops and other buildings of interest. We'll start by exploring the town's nooks and crannies on a search for items.

  • The first barrel you come across contains a Potion.
  • South of the Chocobo Stable, beside the water, is a pair of crates. The first has a Gold Needle.
  • The barrel east of here, tucked into a niche in a building, has an Antidote.
  • The crate south of this barrel has Eye Drops.
  • One of the crates on the right side of the Chocobo Stable has a Green Cherry.
  • The barrel between the Weapon & Armor Shop has a Potion.
  • If you get onto the northern wall via the stairs by these two stores you can sweep west, back towards the entrance, and find a Teleport Stone in the bottom right barrel overlooking the Chocobo Stable.

Got everything? Time to check the houses. Note that if you decide to purchase anything here, you should do it with Edgar in the lead. He'll get a considerable discount.


Chocobo Stable

You can use this stable to rent chocobos for 80 gil. There's little point, now or later, to do so.

Relic Shop and Inn

Enter the Relic Shop (the door with the picture of a jewel beside it) and you can learn all about the benefits of relics. Since Final Fantasy VI Advance has Auto-Dash, there's not much point buying the Sprint Shoes, and most of the rest of the relics similarly have little use right now. The only exception are the Star Pendants; consider buying three for Mt. Kolts.

Upstairs from here is an Inn. You can pay 80 gil to restore your health. Take the bottom door to the right of the innkeeper to enter the Pub.


The Pub is a bustling source of information, and if you check downstairs, you'll find a man who's diligent about delivering cider. Mark his home for later. The most important thing you'll find here is a shady fellow at the bar named (by default) Shadow. Shadow and his dog Interceptor want nothing to do with you now, but he'll become a potential party member shortly.


Rich Man's House

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This sprawling mansion sits in the north of South Figaro. Go through the door on the bottom floor and you'll appear outside; check the barrel here for a Phoenix Down. If you loop around the edge of the building, you'll also find a hidden door leading to a storeroom. The clock in here contains an Elixir.

Go back inside and head upstairs. The second room in the hall has a pair of kids; the first their parents. Neither seems important, though if you check behind the bookcase in the parents' room you'll find a secret staircase leading into a series of underground passages.

The first room in this small hallway currently contains nothing. The second has a save point. The third is a large store room with four chests: one has 500 gil, the second 1,000, the third 1,500, and the fourth… nothing. Sadly. Grab everything… and on your way back out, check the wall directly south of the passage back to the stairs. There's another secret room down here containing a Hyper Wrist and a Hermes Sandals. The first raises your strength, the second casts perpetual Haste on the bearer. Pretty sweet.

(As you may have guessed, the Rich Man's House is important to the story. You'll be revisiting it shortly. Might as well grab all the riches on your first visit, though.)

Weapon & Armor Shop

Located east of the Rich Man's House, the Weapon & Armor Shop is strictly for shopping. Buy the best equipment you can afford, which, after a visit to the Rich Man's House, should be everything of value. Consider grabbing three Great Swords (or two if you stole Mog's Mythril Spear for Edgar)—you'll have a use for the extra one shortly.


Old Man's House

Located south of the Weapon & Armor Shop, this little home is nothing special for the moment. Grab the Potion from the bucket in the basement.

Duncan's House

This small home sits on the southeastern edge of town. There's nothing of note here besides a save point in the basement.

Item Shop

Another general store, filled to the brim with items. The item shop is only useful for stocking up if you're short on supplies, which shouldn't be the case.


Your last stop is a boat in the south of South Figaro. This ferry can take you to another town… but not yet. The captain is reluctant to go anywhere right now.

That's all for South Figaro. You've wasted enough time lollygagging; best get Terra to the Returners on the double. Off to Mt. Kolts, northeast of South Figaro!

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